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Over the past few years, China has very much burst onto the theme park scene, with many parks being built from the ground up and seeing substantial coasters added. It's probably fair to say that some of B&M's, Intamin's and GCI's best-looking coasters over the past few years have ended up in China. And that investment doesn't seem to be slowing down, so here's the thread to discuss all things China! 


I'll start with a few good looking things...

(All images sourced from VHCoasters on Facebook/Twitter unless said otherwise)


Daxing East / Great Xingdong Tourist World

Guizhou, south-west China


Opening in 2018, this park features a tilt coaster, SLC, spinning coaster and dive coaster all from Golden Horse, along with a few other smaller coasters...



Tilt coaster



Dive coaster


On top of that, they've got an 11 inversion coaster (basically same as the standard 10 inversion coaster, but with an extra vertical loop) that will be opening soon...



Guangzhou Wanda

Guangzhou, south China (near Hong Kong)

For those that don't know, the Wanda name is one of the biggest in Chinese theme parks, and indeed in Chinese entertainment in general. They're a massive thing in cinema, hotels, shopping centres, etc - if you visit China, chances are you'll come across / use something owned by the Wanda group.


Fun fact though - Wanda sold all 7 of their open theme parks, plus 5 others under construction / development, to another Chinese group - Sunac - in October last year. So there could be some name changes afoot soon..


Anyways, the thing that makes Guangzhou Wanda so special is their duelling Intamin semi-shuttle launch coasters, Dual Dragons. One track is inverted, the other a standard sit down, and they share the same vertical loop...





Definitely one of the crazier coasters out there!


Wanda City

Jiangsu, east China (just next to Shanghai)

Another Wanda park, also scheduled to open this year. This includes a crazy themed B&M wingrider which is almost 200ft tall..






And some concept art, for comparison..



This park will also feature a Mack Blue Fire clone and a family thrill coaster too.



I think that's enough to whet the Chinese whistle now, but there's plenty out there which I've probably forgotten about, missed or don't know about.. Look forward to seeing what else comes from the east over the coming years..

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9 hours ago, pluk said:

What I really want to know is what is Golden Horse's safety record like?!

Interesting of you to bring up safety actually...


Wanda City have sent back a total of 124 pieces of track back to Mack for the Blue Fire clone, due to it failing an inspection they performed to satisfy their own safety checks..



A reasonably good translation, provided by roomraider on CF:


From October 2016 to January 2018, Wuxi Wanda City Investment Co., Ltd. imported a set of launched roller coaster tracks from Germany in six batches, valued at 2,382,300 euros.
Wuxi Customs carried out safety performance inspection according to law and found that there are many problems of safety performance quality of linear defects in the local base metal of the track. After re-inspection and after treatment by German technology, it still found that there were many safety performance quality problems in the local base material of the track. Wuxi Customs determined that the quality of 124 tracks of the launched roller coaster was unqualified.


Obviously a very unusual story, and something which I don't think should be taken at face value. There are of course plenty of incidents of Chinese built rides failing inspections or worse. And it's not the first time that non-Chinese manufacturers have had issues, though admittedly nothing to this scale.


Maybe it's a case of China becoming stricter with coasters and rides as a result of the recent boom, and number of accidents, and perhaps going a bit over the top. 


To go onto Golden Horse in particular though, they actually have a good safety record, especially in recent years. Golden Horse have built coasters outside of China too and are becoming like an early Vekoma with their rides. I guess with western manufacturers becoming more accessible to Chinese parks, Golden Horse have to up their game to remain competitive, and safe!

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World's Tallest B&M Wingrider (60m)

(Ride set in engineering mode - hosts not present - which is why it kept stopping through the block brakes at the end I guess)

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The duelling Intamin coasters at Guangzhou Sunac (Wanda) are slowing beginning to test, with the sit down now in full swing (inverted yet to)...



That hang time is crazy right now... 

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The green side of the crazy Intamin duel is now testing:



I still don't think it's confirmed these coasters will run at the same time, though one would certainly hope so..

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