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Premium season passes


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1 hour ago, Project LC said:

The introduction of a premium season pass is a good move and I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. Personally when I still visited the park I would have preferred to buy the premium thorpe park pass. 


Not sure why the website has a tick next to the exclusion dates. On first glance it comes across as misleading. 

Not sure the website is fully updated for it yet - pretty good deal Tbf especially with the inclusion of a Thorpe digi pass too

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  • 2 months later...

I only found out yesterday using my new Thorpe season pass that you now longer get any discount on the park, the 20% off food drink and merch and booze has disappeared! I'm really annoyed!


My mates old style annual pass which runs out in June still gets the discounts, so not only now do you not get the new season pass for a full year you also don’t get your annual pass discounts!



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4 hours ago, Marc said:

Yeah that’s always been one of the differences between an “annual” pass and a “season” one since they were introduced I believe.

It definitely was there at the start, used it on two separate days with mine since the start of the season. Although having checked on the 'wayback machine', it was never actually advertised as a perk.

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