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Guessing Covid really impacted the interest and priorities of this place. Almost in the time-frame Iron Gwazi was build and eventually opened maybe?


Veloci-coaster certainly looks sublime and having enjoyed Taron & Maverick (not sorry), I truly look forward to experiencing this (hopefully October). Most of the new additions there certainly look to catch the eye and it’s been a firm Bucket-list park for me for too long now. More so since The Wizarding World area has been open. I did my waiting, twelve years of it. In Azkaban!




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I’ll digress to being quite shocked at just how drastically IOA’s coaster lineup has seemingly improved since my last visit in 2016. I didn’t think it was by any means bad back then, but I’d say coasters were one of the park’s weaker links (certainly compared to dark rides and water rides, anyway); I liked Hulk, but didn’t love it, and I found both Dragon Challenges quite average. I also found Hulk, bizarrely, to not be that smooth for a B&M coaster that had just reopened from a huge retrack, but that might just be me.


However, the 2 new rides built since then look quite mesmerising; Hagrid’s looks like a stunning family thrill coaster with phenomenal theming, and VelociCoaster… what else really needs to be said there?


These rides look to have strengthened IOA’s lineup quite considerably, and given it’s already my favourite theme park in the world as of right now, that bodes well for when I next visit!


Glad you enjoyed VelociCoaster @Mark9; I envy those who are able to get out there and ride it, as it looks stunning! It’s a shame you didn’t particularly rate Hagrid’s, though; it was always reviewed very well in a lot of previous reviews I’ve read. I guess it is (or looks to be, at least) more of a family ride intensity-wise, though, which might not be for everyone.



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