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Jungle Escape


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So it opens Friday, you have to hunt to find it on the website, tickets aren't available yet and the only big piece of advertising we've had is this illogical 'puzzle'...


All clues so far point to this being a flop, which is a shame as something like this really does have potential.

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19 hours ago, JoshC. said:

And this has quietly been pushed back to May 13th...


The question is: a typo or a delay?

Yes I noticed! Especially since it says 3rd still and then you click the link and it suddenly becomes 13th....I think they decided to quietly change this to not make it obvious it had been pushed back! I plan on visiting on the 17th to give it a go and see what it’s like.

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Still interested to know how much this will cost and how large group sizes will be. Has anyone heard anything further on this at all. I know that it’s the press night for it this Sunday, but tickets to yet to be released for the supposed Monday opening which seems quite late!

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20 hours ago, JoshC. said:

I'd hazard a guess that this hasn't been as popular as the park had liked, since it has now seen a £3 price reduction: https://www.thorpepark.com/events/jungle-escape


Pay on the day: £7

Book in advance: £6

Passholders: £5

It's odd isn't it - it's almost as if people come to a theme park, and expect to pay an entrance fee and everything is covered other than food and drink. Strange.

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I did this last week. And yeah, it's meh.


There are two rooms you tackle, and they contain 2-3 puzzles. From what I can gather, the puzzles are simple or require silly logic to solve; no in-between. 


Almost half the experience time is faff with actors / pre show which doesn't really fit given its an escape room. I'm normally pretty positive to seeing actors in the attractions and think that, despite the obvious costs involved and the criticism Merlin come under for actor-led experiences, they normally do a decent job. This is not one of those experiences sadly.


The idea of pitting two teams against each other is good, but falls flat given how unpopular that attraction is at the mo. 


So yeah, a shame this. It had potential, it still has potential, but there's not enough puzzles or escaping for it to feel like a good escape room experience.

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