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TPM Awards 2019 - The Winners

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The votes have been counted and verified. Thanks to everyone who voted. Now time for the results...



Best UK Park

1. Alton Towers (9)

2. Paultons Park (4)

3. Blackpool Pleasure Beach (3)


Best UK Coaster

1. Nemesis (6)

2. Wicker Man (4)

3. Nemesis Inferno (3)


Best UK Flat

1. Rush (5)

2. Detonator (4)

3. Rameses Revenge (3)


Best Water Ride

1. Valhalla (7)

No other rides received more than 1 vote


Best Dark Ride

1. Hex (6)

2. Haunted House Monster Party (2)

3. Duel (2)


Worst UK Ride

1. Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon (9)

2. Infusion (3)

3. Hero (2)


Best International Park

1. Europa Park (5)

2. Cedar Point (4)

3. Phantasialand (3)


Best International Coaster

1. Steel Vengeance (5)

2. Taron (3)

3. Helix (2)


Best New-for-2019 Attraction

=1. Zadra (3)

=1. Bouncezilla (3)

=1. Creek Freak Massacre (3)


Most Disappointed Merlin Moment 2019

1. Thorpe Park (in general) (6)

2. Existing (4)

3. Loggers Leap announcement (3)


Best-Looking New Attraction for 2020

1. Rookburgh / FLY (4)

2. Iron Gwazi (3)

3. Pantheon (2)


Best Manufacturer

1. RMC (5)

=2. Intamin (4)

=2. B&M (4)




Best Member

1. @JoshC.

2. @Benin

3. @Mattgwise


Best Team Member

1. @Mattgwise

2. @Marc

3. @JoshC.


Best Quality Posts

=1. @SteveJ

=1. @Mark9

=1. @JoshC.


Most Knowledgable Member

=1. @SteveJ

=1. @JoshC.

3. @Benin


Most Dedicated Member

1. @Marc

2. @JoshC.

3. @Mattgwise


Most Sarcastic Member

1. @Benin

2. @MattyMoo

3. @Mark9


Most Likely to be Banned in 2020

1. @MarkC

2. @Marhelorpe

3. @Martin Doyle


Funniest Member

1. @MattyMoo

2. @Martin Doyle

3. @Kerfuffle


Biggest Fan

=1. @Wicker Matt

=1. @Glitch 

3. @JoshC.


Sexiest Male

1. @Wicker Matt

2. @Mr. Fish

3. @Mark9


Sexiest Female

1. @jessica2

2. @Wicker Matt

3. @Mer


Storm Surge Award

1. @Glitch

2. @08newmanb

3. @Wicker Matt


Member You’d like to see More of!

1. @SteveJ

2. @Coaster

3. @P J


A close year of results all round (Benin almost had to share his sarcasm award...)! But congratulations to all the winners!


It won't surprise people that Thorpe didn't receive a single vote for Best UK Park - good going Thorpe Park Mania! ;) And yet people think that, across the world, Bouncezilla was the best new attraction this year? The shame. I wonder what on earth will happen to Best UK Water Ride if Valhalla closes for refurbishment next year? 

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Feeling chuffed about the results guys. Thanks for everyone who voted me as the biggest park fanboy, sexiest male and second sexiest female. Maybe I should grow a beard and wear a dress 😛 


Park rewards are as espectre really. Nice to see Bouncezilla won something, considering it seems to be the only thing going for the park now. 

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15 hours ago, Benin said:

The sarcasm award is mine and no one else is allowed it!


At this point you're allowed to sponsor it I'm sure...

(All for the low, low price of £49.99!!)

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