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29 minutes ago, Mattgwise said:

Seems odd that all the signage referencing fish and chips was stripped and it now simply states Ben & Jerry's. Does the new Ben & Jerry's addition look temporary?


It's half and half. 


Personally I don't like the new look. 


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Can see Fish and Chips closing come next season, or at least be sparsely operated which is already happening (was closed yesterday).


Remarking parks seem to be restructuring F&B once again some beans re-emerging and others disappearing altogether. Chessington’s Fish & Chips still remains closed and Towers have not had them for years so it’s possible.



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lly does make me cringe how many people come to the local area just to get a glimpse of Nemesis inferno, fine if your in the local area and can walk there but if your driving I think you should reevaluate where you do your daily exercise. 

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