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TPM Thorpe Park Opening Weekend Meet Sat 28th March 2020

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Hello TPM peeps,


The THORPE PARK opening weekend meet will take place on a set date due to commitments. That date is Saturday 28th March!


Plan for the day is pretty simple


  • Gates opening to 10:15 - Meet in the dome outside Fin's
  • 10:15 onwards - Rides
  • 1ish - lunch (People can go off to different eateries)
  • 2pm - close - more rides


Are people interested in going for a meal in Staines after the park closes???? Please post below if you are interested and I will update this at a later stage if there is to be a meal!


The TPM meets are always great fun and the idea is to go round as a group getting to know each other, have fun and spend time with people who share the same interests. If you have never been to a meet before don't feel put off, we were all there once (myself not that long ago!). Once you get there you'll feel a part of the group straight away. We are all friendly people. If you have any queries drop me a message or comment below.


Also comment below if you are attending



David B







Wicker Matt

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A little bit gutted to say that I can't make this - forgot how late opening was this year, cos of Easter innit. I'll be flying back from New York on the 28th, and get back to the UK Sunday 29th in the morning. First opening meet I've missed in a while I think.

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I would like to attend opening weekend this year. Ial have to let you know a bit closer to the date but I'm tempted to attend. Can you add me as a maybe for now and I will confirm closer to the date.

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22 minutes ago, Glitch said:

28th mann I remeber the good old days of opening on Wednesday 16th 

I shall interpret that as "Put me down, I am coming"

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