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How safe is it for vulnerable folk? + Is Fright Nights going ahead?


Heya! I was just wondering from those who have visited since Thorpe reopened with additional safety measures, how safe it actually is? 


On paper, what Merlin are doing at their parks sounds great, but in practice, I'm imagining things aren't so smooth. Where I live, people aren't even wearing masks in the supermarket half the time, and people are acting as though social distancing isn't even a thing anymore. So I guess what I'm really trying to gauge is, on average, how responsible are guests acting while in the park in terms of observing the safety measures? And are staff enforcing rules, or turning a blind eye? 


My partner suffers from severe asthma and other breathing complications, so I have to be very careful with where I go at the moment. 


Also, I saw AT announced Scarefest details. Is Thorpe planning to run Fright Nights too? I received an email from Tulleys regarding Shocktober cancellation for 2020... if they and others are not running scare attractions this year due to safety concerns, how come Merlin think they can pull theirs off? >.<


I'm on a Merlin pay monthly pass at the moment, but only used it for Fright Nights last year. Was planning to return for opening in March. My extension covers the October period, but right now, I've been too worried about my partner to go since they opened again. It sucks that those who paid for their passes in full can get pro-rata refunds, but those on pay monthly passes must pay out for the full 12 months contract no matter what. 


Thanks for any help you guys can give! 

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It’s quite a mixed bag - as you mention the parks all have measures in place to try ensure the social distancing is happening and there’s plenty of sanitiser etc around the park but sadly not everyone follows it - especially in queues.


Staff do try by making PA announcements, some are stricter than others for example refusing to send rides until people are distancing. I will say mask wearing has been pretty good, especially on rides where I’ve seen very few not wearing them.


No idea about fright nights - will be interesting to see what they try and do with that especially with mazes. 

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I went yesterday and I would say that it's like anywhere - don't trust anyone to stay safe. The staff are reliant on the compliance of the guests and you have to take control on if you don't trust your fellow guests. If worried then you should not be there.

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