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I remember when Chessington had one of the best dark rides in Europe then they decided they didn't want to anymore and completely wrecked it. 


Good times.



Go to Universal Studios, and you can ride the movies. Go to Chessington, and you can ride the adverts.

Chessington’ new Bubbleworks is like a 15-minute commercial break without the luxury of a remote control. Like most adverts, it is monotonous, pretentious, charmless and at best, highly irritating.

Let’s not mince our words here – the Bubbleworks is simply the worst thing Tussauds have ever done.

It is an utter, utter abortion of a revamp, well over and above any other sponsored rethemes such as The Flume and Rumba Rapids. It proves beyond all reasonable doubt that Chessington is Where the Shareholder Comes First™ and that they have even given up trying to entertain people in the quest for profit.

Professor Burp must be spinning in his grave.

To understand just how bad the new Bubbleworks is, you first must cast your mind back to 1990 when the original ride opened. It was the result of the creative partnership of Keith Sparks and John Wardley and became something of an institution, even into its dying days.

Guided by head honcho Professor Burp, guests were taken on a tour of a Transylvanian fizzy pop factory with a cast of hundreds of loveable animatronic characters.

In 2006, Tussauds saw that there was absolutely no need to dazzle visitors with a magical attraction. They could tile the walls, add some bubbles, ducks and company sponsorship and make money instead.


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