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... and it still comes back s hit.Side point, could an admin perhaps move these posts to the Thorpe Park Samurai topic? Come on, do ya jobs guys, wouldn't have got this in my day! :D

But then in your day you'd be telling people off for swearing, not actually swearing yourself. :D
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Was the ride any different than the current Samurai at THORPE PARK?It only seems different in theming.

It was intense, it was fast, it was worth the 45 minute queue. That is a fundamental difference when you add basically the most thrilling flat ride conceived.
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I never had the balls to go on Samurai when it was at Chessington (only being 8 or 9 didn't help), but I remember thinking how badass it looked (while on Roger the Dodger's dodgems). I have had a couple of pretty intense rides on it while it's been at Thorpe, but then I have nothing to compare against - although I will admit that I have had some rides on it that have been complete cack!Oh and also, I know massive bump for this quote, but:

Indeed, samurai is run slower at thorpe, out of thorpes control but it is run slower.

Why is it out of Thorpe's control?
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Bring samurai back chessie needs all the rides it can get, they should as well because it doesn't fit in with saw and shouldn't have to go through another refurbishment!

Samurai was too much of an issue to Engineering at Chessington, hence why the offloaded it to Thorpe. It wouldn't fit into Mystic now as it would need a total repaint, and the whole are would have to be reconfigured, and they would have to get ride of Peeking Heights, which of course is an amazing, exhilarating and thrilling ride.As much as everyone would love it to happen, unfortunately it won't.
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