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Fright Nights 2021 - Spoilers


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On 10/15/2021 at 7:45 PM, ChessingtonSam said:

Just saw Legacy. I'll leave spoilers out, but it's a nice little show. One thing I can say is it has Jack Silkstone and Co's fingerprints all over it, and is absolutely lost on anyone who isn't a fan.  Lots of very confused faces. But it's a decent show and a nice extra.


On 10/15/2021 at 10:47 PM, Marc said:

They tweaked it throughout the evening it seems - I like it I think the ending is weak, people don’t seem to realise it’s finished, think the ending needs more umph to finish it off.

It’s sh*t. There was so much potential, but once again, it was over promise and under deliver. 

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4 hours ago, StevenVig said:


It’s sh*t. There was so much potential, but once again, it was over promise and under deliver. 

Tbf though arnt most Thorpe fright nights attractions crap in the first year, excluding the past 2 mazes Ofc.

I think the warning signs of it not being available in previews show that it was a rushed project however hopefully they will have more time to program and prepare next year.

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It’s difficult though isn’t it.  I bet a lot of people wanted a “throwback” show of some sort, because it sounds fantastic - and that’s exactly what they’ve done. 

The thing is, a lot of Thorpe’s audience were toddlers (or not even born) when FN started, and I’d like to bet that most people at the park on a given night have only visited FN once or twice, maybe even never before. (I’m pretty sure even Mr Silkstone himself has said he only started going to FN in the last few years, and didn’t get to do Asylum)


A lot of guests simply don’t care about the details either - for example I drag Mrs Inferno to all sorts of scare events, and she enjoys them but I don’t think she could name many past mazes or place the theme tunes tbh. Most people aren’t all that bothered, they just want to enjoy it for what it is at the time.

I think this sort of show was really only going to appeal to a few hardcore fans, and mean nothing at all to everyone else.


I love that Thorpe have put it on to be honest, and from what I’ve seen online it looks like a great effort. Given a “throwback light show” brief, I couldn’t have done any better! I’d have probably added a big screen and had a defined ending of some sort, but really I think they have done a good job, especially if they (I assume) had a tight budget and short timeframe.

If it’s not well received, it was worth a go. They tried something.


Looking forward to seeing it in person this week 

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There is now an announcement at the end of the show, said by a plain woman's voice, saying that the show has now ended, thank you for watching, please exit the Beach.


It's very bland and a testament to the weak ending of the show.


I stand by my statement - it's one of the weakest fire and light shows I've watched. But it's still a fire and light show, and they're always good. Hopefully the park carry on with it in future years.

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I attended the passholder preview event a couple weeks back and I must admit I was slightly disappointed.

It was my first Fright Nights event so held high expectations, but can't help but feel a little let down.


Trailers, as incredibly themed as it was, I felt lackluster in scares. As the scenes themselves were so very small, I found the majority of the scares to be massively predictable and probably didn't jump any more than once or twice. Granted it's a new maze, and is inevitably going to return year on year judging by the amount of investment that clearly went on in there judging by the external and internal scenery, so fingers crossed it's a maze that only gets better with age.


I must say, though, I was pleasantly surprised by Creek Freak Massacre and even Platform 15 after seeing it being slated by the majority of people that have visited it over the years 😂


Hoping to get at least one more visit in before the end of the season to re-evaluate my thoughts, but ultimately felt like the things that were being hyped up the most this year (Trailers & Legacy, Legacy mostly because it has only just started so I never got the chance to see it) turned out to be quite the disappointment - certainly glad I only paid £5 per maze, I definitely don't think either of the three are worth the £10 price point.

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