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David Martin

David Martin

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I'm not sure what happened, but this isn't necessarily the right place to ask.


If you think that security were using their powers incorrectly, the best port of call in the first instance would be to contact the park, providing as much detail and evidence as possible so that an investigation can occur. 

However, also keep in mind that every story has at least two sides, and what you saw may not give the full picture (and it's hard to say any more given you have posted very limited details here).

Security likely wouldn't give any details to anyone who was not directly part of any incident, if one did occur. 


In any case, we are simply a fan site with no connections to the security operation of the park. No one here will be able to give any further insight into what happened. 

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On the face of it that's quite worrying.  I assume you know for a fact that these individuals had done nothing wrong throughout the day, in which case I think you should absolutely contact the park and maybe even consider reporting it to the Police on 101 if you think a crime has taken place.


I think however that it's become quite 'cool' to go against the Police and people in a position of power like Security - it's very easy to come online and state things like this, when you may not have seen the entire story. Keep in mind that it’s possible the incident you saw may have been a response to an incident they’ve been investigating for an hour or more, reviewing cctv etc. We / you as bystanders may not know enough to make a judgement, and security aren’t obliged to share any information with you about it.



During my visit to Fright Nights this year I saw evidence of drug misuse in the form of discarded syringes in the Nemesis Inferno queue, NOS canisters elsewhere, as well as some abusive behaviour towards staff during the evening. There was also a very serious stabbing on the park not long ago. If you were a victim one day, you'd want/expect a robust response and prevention measures wouldn't you?


I think the role of security (and policing in general) has become nearly impossible, and it isn't helped by unconfirmed rumours and tabloid-style shock headlines like this with no evidence or backup.

Sometimes they will get it wrong, and not everyone in their position is "good" as we are seeing publicised recently, but we need robust security now arguably more than ever, especially with all the recent trouble at Thorpe and the news about an increase in spiking and drug misuse among young people etc.


I'm absolutely not saying that the individuals involved here have done anything wrong, or that security are angels, but I think let's deal with this properly and not spread hate online anonymously :) 

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