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Thorpe Park Easter eggs / hidden secrets


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Thorpe is full of hidden secrets and Easter eggs, and the internet is full of videos and websites listing them (this is one of the better ones).


I used to consider myself a bit of an expert on Thorpe Park - I knew every little detail, in ever corner of the island, but my attendance dropped a little in recent years and now I'm not sure I'm quite the nerd I once was!

I learned of a few new ones from that article!


I thought It'd be interesting to hear if you know of any little-known hidden details (Easter eggs) at Thorpe Park?


My favourite one is probably the high water line on the KFC building from the tidal wave!



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One which came to mind is the grabber machines round by Ghost Train, which has loads of 'Easter Eggs', including the forward reference to Exodus:


All listed here: https://justanotherthemeparkblog.wordpress.com/2021/07/02/every-easter-egg-on-thorpes-graffiti-machines/ (courtesy of yours truly ;))


A fun one from the link @Inferno posted: Stealth's sign being 'wrong'. Yep, in 2006 it was advertised as going from 0-80mph in 2.3 seconds, and then in 2007 it was "upgraded" to go 0-80mph in 1.9 seconds. I don't think anything happened, so was just either marketing spiel, or a change in the way they measure it.


As another plug, every year on social media, TPM do an advent calendar, which usually mentions loads of these fun Easter eggs too! ;)


Now I'll rattle off some I can remember which haven't been mentioned...



-The helicopter had its last flight approx 2 weeks before arriving at the park

-On the toilet block, there's Roman numerals written above the entrance: LCXII. As Roman numerals, that's nonsense, but it's actually saying LC12, which was the codename


Black Mirror

-In the section after the bright tunnel (with the screens where your avatar is being drained), there are codes above each screen, such as JB1, KH2, etc. These are initials of people who were involved in the project.

-The screen before the mirror maze has letters "BML X:\NWO" written on it; a nod to X:\No Way Out


Walking Dead: The Ride

-There's a 'workforce board' in the pre-show room (on the left as you go in). This has names of everyone involved in the project, in one way or another

-There's lots of replica props dotted between the pre show room and load room. 



The whole maze is an Easter egg to old stuff


Derren Brown

-When you exit the train the first time (onto the tube platform), the information boards are set to the time 06:05:16. That was the original advertised open date for the ride.

-On the exterior of the building, the year 1871 is written. This is 100 years before Derren Brown's birthday, to reference the supposed Victorian-era theme..

-Also in the tube platforms, along with the fracking posters, is a poster resembling Derren Brown's trick or treat cards from one of his old TV shows

-I believe that the old second VR scene (where you were stopped on a bridge above a street) was designed to mimic a road in Action, though I'm not certain of this.

-The station building is modelled off a Victorian-era built, train depot near Willesden Junction

-The floating carriage is modelled off a real carriage:


Consulting my notes, it's a North Eastern railway clerestory bogie composite coach no.3071, first built in 1903


To be continued...

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I remember the days of passing the train depot at Willesden junction after a long day working at the park. Could definitely see the strong similarities and inspiration. They were interesting days.


Heres a few:


1/ The last extension of Inferno’s queue line was formerly used by Mr Rabbit’s Tropical Travels 


2/ Many of the park’s original buildings were stylised over different periods of history. Building limitations at the time also meant more attractions were built enclosed at the time.


3/ The KFC/Arcade (roughly opposite Tidal Wave) has been home to numerous attractions. Space Station Zero (1983-1990) and then Carousel Kingdom and a play area from 1990-1999.

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