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Europa Park vs Cedar Point; Battle of the Golden Ticket Award winners for "Best Theme Park"

Europa Park or Cedar Point?  

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  1. 1. Europa Park or Cedar Point?

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Hi guys. In recent memory, two (as far as I'm aware) theme parks have won the Golden Ticket Award for Best Theme Park in the World. They're two pretty different theme parks, but they share the award in common, and they are Europa Park in Germany and Cedar Point in the USA (or Ohio, to be more precise). So my question to you today is; which of these two GTA winners do you prefer?


I obviously can't pass judgement, having never visited Cedar Point. For what it's worth, though, I have visited Europa Park, and I have to say that I think the park is more than deserving of its high reputation; it's unbelievably versatile! You have awesome coasters (for me at least; Silver Star and Wodan are in my top 3, and while it's not quite on the same level, Blue Fire ranks pretty highly for me as well!), but you also have all the strengths of a themed park as well, with a wonderful selection of dark rides, impeccable theming & presentation and a lovely atmosphere throughout! I certainly don't see Cedar Point being versatile in quite the same way (although as I said, I haven't visited), but being a pretty big coaster enthusiast at heart, Cedar Point's coasters could be so awesome that it would be enough to tip the balance... I really wouldn't like to pass judgement, and that's exactly why I never like to vote conclusively on these polls unless I've visited both parks or ridden both attractions!


I was actually spurred to do this poll when I stumbled across this (now rather old) park battle by Coaster Studios on the matter:

CS' battle saw Cedar Point come out on top by a pretty long way, although Taylor himself admits that his battle method is quite heavily centred towards thrill rides.


But does Europa Park or Cedar Point come on top for you out of the GTA winners?

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Two of the worlds best parks yet two very different parks so heres my two pennys worth.


I am a coaster over theming/experience person


Cedar Point has got FAR better coaster quality than what Europa has.


So therefore I personally go with Cedar Point. It is however the classic "amusement park vs theme park" debate. If you are somebody who likes theming and all that malarkey, Europa will probably be the better park in your eyes. I however find Cedar Point untouchable to ANY park on the planet.

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I honestly don’t think there’s a definite answer here. As others have mentioned it all depends on preference. 

If your someone who loves awesome thrilling roller coasters and white knuckle attractions, Cedar point will win. 

If you adore themed areas, random attractions/dark rides, Europa will win. 

I honestly adore both places, but I guess Europa has it for me, but only just. 

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