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Tidal Wave


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Great to see! There were some clear work on it at the beginning of last season, so this had obviously been in the works for a while; maybe they needed to wait for something before they could operate it again?

Does anyone remember how often it used to drop water back in the day? Every 15 minutes? Every 30 minutes? Hopefully that's the time they've set for this season :)

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I noticed that the yellow boat stopped at the same place (top of the lift) four times on Thursday, and had to be evacuated 3 times! (I'm unsure whether it happened a fourth time). was very unusual.

I don't actually know the problem but I thought they'd fixed that over closed season. Happened quite a bit during my late season visits.

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There are so many different reasons for boats stopping there high or low water levels in the splash pool, a boat has missed a sensor so like a coaster it thinks the next block is occupied.

Whilst it could be the same issue its possible that its a differerent problem

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