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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


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Whilst not majorly intense Falcons fury was pretty good - much better than Hurakan Condor but still not anything on Detonator.

The restraint vests are quite hard - comfortable but I wouldn't like to sat in them to long in the laying down position. They also had a new thing where the seatbelts get locked too and were not able to be undone until the restraints were released - not seen this on a ride before.

Can't wait to ride this next year!

About the seat belts, I believe Zodiac has these now.

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Did it make you feel nervous? HK always gets me due to it's height, although as you say, once it's dropped it's pretty tame.


 Yeah definitely - going up is pretty slow and waiting for it to tilt was what got me, and when you started tilting it felt like it took for ever.


Its hard to tell how the drop was to HK - I'm sure the laying down did add some to the intensity. 

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Apparently Gwazi (the park's wooden coaster) coaster is set to close permanently February next year.

Looks like another woodie I could never achieve to ride


I did back in 2008, can't say I remember much of it to the point in which I can't even remember what side I did? It was rough though and was defiantly more painful then it was fun you haven't missed out on much in my opinion.

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So Busch are supposedly building a new coaster, meant to be a Mack coaster going by rumours so construction walls are up and let's just say they've had fun with these.


This is what we all look like peaking at WC16 when it's just mud.


And this is what the Chessington animals would be like... if they ever built anything worth watching.

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So some boxes have arrived to the site.


But what do they say.


MACK. It's a MACK everybody! What type of Mack though? Who knows. People in the know probably. But still, will be a strange choice if it's a launched like Manta in San Diego... what with Cheetah Hunt just opposite. Oh well, does this mean SeaWorlds new coaster next year will be Mack as well? Like a massive Mack hyper launched thing as they could do with a launch at SeaWorld!


This is the main place of site activity at the moment.


With footers being sorted already it seems.

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