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You can't moan about something being too low capacity and then call for Robo-Arms...

I managed to do Haunted House before it shut for the near future. How this ever got approved shows how little Merlin care at the top (theyve had over 5 years planning this ride and it's turned out THI

More accommodation...  

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1 hour ago, Mattgwise said:

Well we know you're excited for it! 😂


As awful a coaster it is, it's still another ride and will spread the queues out. Oh wait, it only fits ten people!

Just because I want the cred doesn’t mean I’m jumping over the walls for it! I’m not going for opening day, I promise 😛 



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Legoland have listed rides which will not reopen when the park reopens:




The following are listed as "currently closed":

-Sky Rider

-Deep Sea Adventure (the refurbished Atlantis)

-Laser Raiders

-Scarab Bouncers

-Play areas, including Lego Reef, Model Making Studio, Games Zone and more


These are all listed as such to aid social distancing.


The following are listed as "returning in 2021":

-Haunted House Monster Party

-Squid Surfer

-Dragon's Apprentice


Monster Party is listed as such to aid social distancing. Squid Surfer and Apprentice are closed "for refurbishment". Squid Surfer is going to be integrated into the new land for 2021 (assuming there's been no delays to that), whilst I understand Apprentice is closed for other reasons.


Those closed rides are a big chunk of the park, especially since many of them are in the same part of the park.

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Legoland's new area, Mythica, has been fully announced now:





Flight of the Sky Lion. Flying Theatre

Fire and Ice Freefall. Spinning family drop towers (like Tikal at Phantasialand, and the ones in the new area at Paultons)

Hydra's Challenge. Rethemed Squid Surfer


The idea for the area is that any time a 'creature' is made out of Lego, it actually comes to life in an alternate world. The Flying Theatre in particular is about travelling to this other dimension, and meeting some the huge creatures around the area. I believe these creatures are sort of amalgamations of real-world animals, to create that fantasy-feel.


The Legoland app will also allow you to scan some of the Lego models around the area to see them come to life on your phone (AR technology), which if works could be great.


Other things:

-There will be a 'Creature Creation' area for kids to build their own creatures 

-The Fish and Chips restaurant is being rebranded into The Hungry Troll Restaurant. Not clear if it's serving the same food, but looks likely imo

-New character, Bitsandbobs, a unicorn like creature, seems to be pushed a bit

-There will be 13 'large' creature models, using over 2 million bricks between them



It's a really cool idea imo. It's nice to see something different and unique, away from all of the Lego sets, whilst creating something that feels very Lego-like. It's the sort of thing Legoland parks should be doing. Some of it feels a bit ambitious, and I do worry the Flying Theatre might be a bit rubbish with bad throughput (if the other Lego flying theatres are anything to go by), but on the whole, I think there's lots to be positive about here.


Area is set to open May 29th, assuming they're allowed to open the Flying Theatre with Covid restrictions

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I have to say even though they will never recieve large coasters, Legoland Windsor does get treated quite well in terms of investment. This is another addition to a pretty extensive list of flat and dark rides which make up the lineup. I believe Merlin has made the best out of a bad situation with this park, as basically any coaster model is out of limits (a bloody wild mouse was too noisy).


I am glad we have a flying theatre here in the UK now, I do love them. Even if it will not touch the likes of Voletarium (god, what a flying theatre that ride is). If only Merlin gave a flying theatre or something like Ninjago to Thorpe. Imagine if a Ninjago type (not the theme, the ride model) was added to Thorpe instead of DBGT?

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Good point, considering they can't have anything big, there's a fair amount there these days isn't there.


They have a good few indoor attractions as well now. Hopefully that trend continues.

I'd like to see a decent indoor family coaster in the future, something with good capacity to get through the queues.


Considering Legoland is (shockingly) the UK's busiest theme park, do you think they'd look to extend their season through the winter in the future, even with a reduced lineup focusing on indoor stuff?

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Lego will also have good investments as the main goal is to sell merchandise and increase brand awareness. Keeping content fresh keeps the guests coming back.


I look forward to trying the flying cinema, if there's not a stupid height restriction.

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56 minutes ago, Inferno said:

Considering Legoland is (shockingly) the UK's busiest theme park, do you think they'd look to extend their season through the winter in the future, even with a reduced lineup focusing on indoor stuff?


They've already headed that way really.


The past couple of years, they've been open (or at least planned to be) for much of December as well as the February half term. And that's been a largely complete line up. The December event is (or at least was) upcharge for passholders, so doesn't get mentioned much.


I'm sure if they wanted to, they could "open" from February half term - even if it's just on weekends until March, to help finish winter work / wait for it to warm up before opening daily. I guess there's other factors at play there.


But yes, demand seems to be there, so I don't see why it can't be a target in the future to be seen as more of a year round park than a 'seasonal plus' park.

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Depending on what happens with the (unfortunately) ongoing pandemic, Legoland Windsor will definitely be the first major U.K. park to become an almost year round park.


Whilst I doubt some days they’ll be open I.E Christmas Day, weekdays etc. Legoland are definitely on the way to being open almost all year.


As for the new area, it sounds great and surprisingly creative too. The location of the Sky Lion attraction is slightly better than Monster Party’s, although throughput could be a problem. Given they have just one theatre as opposed to two or three in most other parks.

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If people still dont understand why I spell Merlin with a pound sign replacing the e, let the below image answer that question for you.




You will see less pants being pulled down if you went to the Amsterdam Red Light District. Gordon Ramsay best be doing the pizza for that price.

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This is very bizarre. I had Pizza Pasta at Towers last year during Scarefest and it came to £32.79 with my MAP (so say £40 with no discount) and that was for two adult pizzas (full size), one child pizza (half a full), 2 soft drinks (as I had freestyle) and a full size garlic pizza bread with cheese. So effectively 3.5 pizzas. 


That first deal is daylight robbery. Whilst the second deal is not AS bad and they're  probably pushing towards that, i think it's still significantly poor value all round here.


Will be interested to know what is in place for the other parks. 

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