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Adventure Island - Southend

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32 minutes ago, pluk said:

Also, let it be known that Josh should not be allowed near skittles and balls.

If that fails, don’t be the one to have your turn after josh.

That being said those two fouls on my turn did help me win the battle for last place against Pluk.

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Popped into adventure island for a quick ride on Rage today. Believe it or not, but it’s my first coaster of 2018 - I would be embarrassed if I didn’t have the excuse of GCSE’s!


Anyway, we soon noticed that a crow had nested at the top of Rage’s loop. Every time a vehicle did the inversion, the crow would hastily fly off the track - only to return moments later...7D748A24-C31E-43E4-BC26-BCB06D9C0A33.thumb.jpeg.1e5127783c61cc98e3e1797558d358c0.jpeg





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