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7 hours ago, holtjammy16 said:

They were playing that in the jelly bean monorail train when I went in june, gave it a really exciting atmosphere

They play it in all monorail trains, in the monorail station, in the monorail queue, at the end of the day, in the rollercoaster restaurant everything.

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On 08/09/2016 at 6:04 PM, ThemeParkCrafter said:

imascore worthy.



IMAscore are best at their corporate-friendly branding and clean production for impressing easily impressed enthusiasts. Not to say their music is bad, it's just quite generic actually.


Its not fans' fault (and not necessarily IMAscore's fault!), just shows how bland and boring everything has been for 10 years that now IMAscore are considered the most amazing package music company in the world.

Interesting Alton Towers are revamping all their background music again. It seems every 5 years a new marketing director comes on board and has the bright unique idea of making the park seem fresher by changing all the music around without realising how complicated that actually is, and then they lose interest and stop funding it. Only for it to happen another few years down the line. It's happened at least 3 times before in the last 15 years, most of the time it got changed back eventually.


The new Mutiny Bay sounds decent. But to be frank, after a while playing through cheap speakers it will only sound exactly the same as the last music and the next director down the line will think they're a genius by changing it all over again.

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IMAScore and Alton Towers are releasing a CD!



No hard date for release yet, but it will start as an exclusive within Alton Towers, before also being available on IMAScore's website (slightly different to the Thorpe CD, which is just available through IMAScore).


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