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I thought that was Storm Surge?

People voted for Colossus to be sculpted out of sand and here it is, and I for one think it looks quite spiffing awesome tbh!

A photo from 'Theme Park Xtreme's' Facebook showing the colour...  

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The green tape sighted, is only upon vertical lift hill supports, and every support with this tape has a dug up footer, suggesting maintenance involving them.

The plastic roof on the exterior of the station over the base of the lift hill has been removed, but much of the supporting structure still remained.

Sections of the walkways on the brake runs have been replaced, most likely h&s related.

Train two and all it's cars were not present within the workshop.

Quite a few sections such as just after the second corkscrew were heavily flooded, assuming that's due to recent weather.

Car 3 and 5 have developed a significantly rougher ride this season whilst car 1 and 7 seem the smoothest.

I font know if anyone else has noticed this but when the train reaches midway up the lift, for the rest of the time the lift is at full speed, around the second lift support it sounds and seems as if the lift chain is scraping against something in it's mountings or wearing itself heavily. This I didn't notice at all last year but I'm pretty sure it has become more prominent or was never previously there before.

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It saddens me to see people so much celebration for something that should have been the case from day one.




I am 100% certain Mike was sat in his office during the winter and said "You know guys, I think we should keep Colossus on 1 train for a while. Especially over the Easter Period, what a fantastic idea!"


Good God Get a Grip Girl... Some things are beyond anybody's control, stop whining about something that was probably not preventable. 

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It saddens me to see people so much celebration for something that should have been the case from day one.

Nobody saying "well done Thorpe, good job, really played a blinder there", people are just happy to see a second train in operation finally so they can queue for less time, there's nothing wrong with that.

Or we could all just carry on in a grump regardless.......

Partaking in geekery since 1985

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The queue for Colossus today was indeed very quick. Queued 20, was advertised as 50.


This is almost as bad as if the numbers were the other way round. Why on earth are Thorpe so consistently inept at queue times? It really is not a difficult thing.

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Staff not updating it often enough. Has nearly always been the cause and suspect it will always be that way.

What is so unpredictable with queue times though is how much space groups take up in queues its a small veriable but a whole queue in single file vs 2 wide can make a huge difference.

Fast track also can affect queues in both a positive and negetive light .... So the queue time estimates allow for fasttrack to a degre, however if you dont have many fast trackers come through while your waiting.... bonus to you but if you have loads your screwed .

The same thing goes with updating queue times to control the queue length can triple in minutes its the nature of the beast Colossus has got a 10 minute queue..... 5 minutes pass and its now a 40 minute queue ect.

Unfortunately with how merlin operates there is bo easy answer to providing accurate queue lenghts as there are far to many variables

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