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Just been on Colossus for the first time recently. Have to say I think it is the best ride in Thorpe Park so far (excluding Saw I've not been on which was closed). Only thing that bothered me was the announcements in the station. It sounds so serious, like something you would hear at a train station not a theme park. Might as well be: "Please embark on the 15:08 ride to Colossus. Mind the gap" Also the ride was brought to a halt for quite a while because someone had dropped their belongings on the ride. The attendants slightly passive aggressively telling us "The ride has been stopped because a guest has dropped an item on the ride. Please remove ALL loose items!". Could tell they were annoyed, don't blame them! :P

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Colossus has currently been down all day, not even a test train. Engineers have been sat at the bottom of the lift looking at the lower part of the chain, cog and motor. It seems as if it has become jammed and stuck in place by maybe some dirt or something, or the motor has gone... Hope it is not the latter of the two...


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I have thought about this extensively over the last few hours and believe I have came up with two likely issues. At the beginning of the season when Colossus opened the lift had developed some new noises towards the bottom of the lift which I described as a grinding, sounding as I the metal was wearing itself down. This means one of two things, either the mounting for the lift chain has become damaged and is causing problems, caused by the friction between the chain and the side mounting to the left, which I seems to be rubbing into. This would also create the burning oil smell as the oil on the chain would be being heated to extremely high, abnormal temperatures if this was occurring. The other less likely option Is that, as we know major work, likely a chain replacement happened over the winter, was completed incorrectly to some minor extent, such as possibly the actual chain being a slightly different size, potentially causing it to jam. I personally feel as if the first option is much more likely to be the issue itself, but the latter is still a possibility. At the end of the day this is just speculation, so I wouldn't be surprised I it was another problem.

Just thought I would add this on the end, noticed on train 2 at the back and not on 1 as the anti rollback mechanism beneath the floor was being significantly louder then usually and seemed to be heavily scraping either the undercarriage or something up the lift, to a far larger extent then normal.

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It is because if this reoccurring issue surrounding the lift chain, as it is haven to be evacced so often. Its the same reason as to why oblivion operators wear them, because there is often a switch which needs to be reset at the top of the lift, so a normal staff member can go and reset it instead of having to call out engineering...

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