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That's unfortunate, especially for what is recognised as one of the best operated parks in the world.

I'm totally against rides closing early, guess it must be unavoidable though.

In all fairness, it is quite close to the nearby town and in order  to try and keep relations with local residents sound [which I'm sure is the case with the vast majority].


Whilst there may be a light  noticeable increase to other rides, the good thing about Europa is, the place is regarded as the best park for throughputs in not just Europe, but the whole world. A queue equivalent to 90 minutes on Saw, would be around 30 minutes at Europa.

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Wow. Europa Park is how you run a park! Extended openings till 7 when the longest queue is like 20 minutes, throughputs meaning your queue barely stops moving, rides hidden all over the place and so m

Did someone say epic interaction?

Europa-Park is a multi day resort with absolutely LOADS to do. I would suggest starting with Matterhorn Blitz, as it's the lowest throughput coaster on park (about 960pph). However, if it's not school

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Hey guys!


I'm going to Europa for a short break of 2 full park days in April and am wondering what the best choice is for a hotel? Are the on-site hotels much more expensive than off-site ones and are they worth it?


Anybody have any recommendations? Not looking for anything fancy!

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I'm no expert but if your after the full Europa experience, go for a Europa Park hotel like Bell Rock or Collesseo [there's 4 in total].


Failing that, there's the camping resort for a cheape option. There's also lots of hotels and BnB's in the surrounding village [Rust] which most aren't more than 15 minutes walking for a cheaper option. It may be worth looking at sites like Tripadvisor, Expedia and boooking.com for more info.


If you're just after a cheap trip, go for the latter option as you are still allowed in the main hotel complex after hours too.

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I am a big advocate of the Europa park hotels, they give you a true resort experience.


Have a look at the dates you are going for Bell rock and see if they have an economy room going if you want to save a few quid. the only difference with these rooms is that you don't get a view, it's literally a brick wall outside your window.


They also do these at Coloseo but the rooms are right under the bar so could get noisy!


I understand all the B&B's in the area are of an excellent standard, you can find one easily through booking.com.

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Thanks for this, I'll probably stay off-site if the hotels are only 15 min walk from the park!


What's the best thing to do in terms of tickets, buy straight from Europa website or is there a better option for a two-day pass?


Also, I'm aware that at port Aventura the fast-pass is good value, is it like that at Europa and would it be worth it in mid-April?

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I'm looking at going 19th and 20th April - is this a busy period/will everything likely be open?


Any recommendations for close, cheap off-site accomodation?


Also, I'm flying into Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden airport (64km away from park), what's the best/cheapest way to get to the park from there?


Finally, is the best way to get a two-day ticket online or on the gate or through a third party?



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6 hours ago, Mitchada04 said:

Operations impeccable. On Sunday, park was pretty quiet and open till 7:30, about 5:30 a huge hail storm hit literally emptying the park giving us 3 rerides on Blue Fire back row. They had taken Wodan and Silver Star down to one train as they expected it to stay empty. Wodan started getting a queue (only ride to always seemingly have one) so they added the second train back on. It's funny, their operations aren't really any different as they still have baggage holds in the station and stuff, just the staff are always on the ball and not jabbering away to each other. And no fastrack really helps the queues move better.

Glad you had a good time. It's a great park which is enjoyable just to be in.

The staff are very fast. It also does help that the park is a showcase for Mack and as such the rides are designed to have (in general) minimal amount of fuss operationally. I think Mack requested seatbeltless Wodan trains for this reason.

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