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Whilst Piggate is still fresh in the mind..

It's all about House of Fools on Tuesday.

Anyone watched the new episode of American Horror Story? I personally thought it was great, back to the gory and weird panning shots. Lady Gaga is brilliant (never doubted her anyway #trufan) and the

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According to several magazine and one of which includes an interview with hers truly states that BB comes back onto our screens in June where it will last for 12 weeks and according to Davina McCall that this series of big brother is going to be alot tougher and that it will be going back to basics.An example of this she said, was that instead of a housemate going to BB and asking for something, they will have to work for it and that, there will be more twists than ever before. What did everyone make of Charley? I really liked the twins :P

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Oh gee, I can't wait to see a handful of idiots go into a house AGAIN. A blonde, a footballer, a reject, a nerd, lovable gay, and village f**king idiot (aka blonde). Boy oh boy. HMPF

OI whats wrong with blondes? I doubled the blondness today :)BB.... Last one was a bit boring, although series 7 was good.... didnt watch any of them before that.I'm in love with the Apprentice at the moment... and Britains Got Talent :PNot forgetting America's/Britain's Next Top Model :(
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I do enjoy Britain's Got Talent, however I'm getting sick of samey samey groups of apparently cute and adroable kids prancing around all over the place. It needs more proper acts, not loads of kids trying to get the cute vote.Paul Potts was absolutely quality.This year, Signature are quality as is Andrew Johnston. Andrew Muir from last night was quality as was the girl, George Sampson was alright for a dancy act. The one I'm really looking forward to is Madonna Decena tonight.Shame it's on ITV mind... :(

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Hmmm I like the dancing dog... must have taken so long to train it to do that, can tell loads of work went into it.Felt sorry for Jeremy Lynch last night when he cocked up.... I loved him! Completely agree with Alex about the bratty little kid dance groups.... like the ones from proper dance schools.... the ones who have done it themselves as a community thing or something I like.... Flava were amazing.Annoys me when they give me like their life story. I don't really care. And I don't want to feel sorry for them and like their act better because of it. Just show them doing their thing and I'll find out about them later if they win kthnx.Hmmm yeah I do like George Sampson, think he is amazing. Ahhh if only he were my age :( Faryl Smith - not my kinda music, but she is amazing. Love Signature too though. Argh its too hard to choose!!Yay for posts that waffle on about pointlessness :P

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