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Installing nothing would have been a more worthwhile investment then Storm Surge.

I agree with Mark on this actually. I don't like Storm Surge being installed, the supports at the top look tacky and being installed right in the middle is a bit of an eyesore. It blocks XNWO and I wish it didn't. If anything, I wish it were installed where Depth Charge is, as a replacement to it. The queues on the ride are long and maybe two of them would've been better but then again, it shouldn't have been installed in the first place.

I'd rather a nice-looking flat ride (not a HUSS ride) instead of Storm Surge

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Excuse my perhaps overly ambitious futuristic flight of fantasy brain but I've just thought of a great idea for a future rollercoaster. The world's 1st 'Underwater coaster, which would involve constructing a tunnel that goes into 1 of the lakes for the trains to run through then they could add loads of special effects like visual holograms of sharks coming towards the riders for an attack etc... :o:lol::excl:

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I had a bit of gossip from someone who works for merlin who told me that allegedly Nick  Leslau does not want to renew the lease to merlin for Thorpe Park when it is next due, apparently he is interested in running Thorpe Park as his own business or turning it into a housing development not sure which. Allegedly DBGT was an attempt to convince him to want to renew in the future.


Obviously this is only rumours and probably has no credible original source. Makes for some wild speculating though.





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On 2/18/2017 at 0:21 PM, Mattgwise said:

I'm not so sure on this as the article below says Alton Towers and Madame Tussauds were under a 35 year lease. So that would mean no renewing/taking back can be done until at least 2042? Thorpe must be similar.





If someone *really* wanted to get out of a contract it's almost always possible. Very few contracts are fully watertight.


If Nick were to throw enough money at Merlin he could have it back, it depends on how much money he has and how much to throw at them,

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Thorpe are looking at being able to change the way they submit plans for new rides.  It means naff all in terms of final results, but what it does mean that plans for most new things won't have to appear online.


So for all the impatient people who love to trawl through every millimetre of the plans, or those who love a good old nose through the MTDP, you're going to need to find something else to do this winter... ;)


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Certainly an interesting development and see how things progress.


Basically sounds like with the exception of large scale attractions (such as Swarm and Derren), that smaller scale attractions and additions can be added in quicker and less hassle free.


Its difficult to say what the park plan. Would certainly like to see them add more for the family market with rides for all ages, especially around the 0.9-1.2 metre height restriction.

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I’d be intrigued to know if a new ride could be inclusive of a tracked or rollercoaster ride; as it converts to approximately 80ft (just over) - so if you reflect that; rollercoasters such as Spinball, Fury, everything at Paultons Park; looking further afield Mine Bender at Funspot (the launched woodie); even rides like Mystery Mine (85ft and I know eueofighter, just a height comparison) all fall under that 80ft marker... so actually; if this does cover rollercoasters and so forth; there is quite a lot they could do without saying too much...


The only thing that based on that article would prevent it being ‘secretive’ for a ride is the ride stations / buildings / theming as that height envelope is 16ft for buildings... enough for a kiosk etc. but not much else, really.

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