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DOUBLE POST***- but that was over two weeks ago.


Carnaval won’t be the only classic set for drastic changes, as the park’s Vintage Car attraction (Oude Tufferbaan) is set for a major renovation.


Loopings reports approximately 1.8 million euros will be spent on the Tufferbaan renovation, replacing the vehicles, rail and operating system. It also mentions  the car horns will interact with new scenes on the ride. There will also be a new double station which should help capacity, as ride often receives lengthy queues.


Great to see Efteling developing their attractions further, showing what a top park does. 2019 is definitely a busy and exciting year for them indeed!

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Efteling seem to be doing a lot of good, though the replacement for Bob does look to be a bit of a downgrade.


Crossing my fingers that it's open in April, missed it by a week last October!

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Weirdly though the Bob replacement fills in a gap (in terms of their coaster line-up at any rate) for the younger visitors...


Efteling spending more on a plussing of a pre-existing attraction than some parks spend on something brand new shows the benefits of being operated by a charity; as well as having a clear aim and goal with any project... Tough given the future plans for that end of the park they need to start looking at improving things now before they suddenly gain a million more visitors a year*...


That said, any upgrade would have to be serious to be a better Vintage Cars attraction than the one at Asterix...




*slight exaggeration

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