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23 hours ago, Coaster said:

without situations such as 1 hour RAP queues like in those photos

What was I saying earlier in this thread about RAP queues ending up being longer than the main queue? Almost as if the system is being completely abused and a RAP pass is a right of passage for children who are used to getting their own way and just don't like queuing very much instead of having an actual medicial condition or disability that is deserving of a RAP pass. I'd love to know how many people on the MAP facebook group DON'T use RAP....


It's a shambles. Think Benin nailed it there with entitled idiots to be honest. 

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Some of this post is dreadful...   I don't think there is any park in the entire world which had the budget Animal Kingdom had when built (it quite possibly still is the most expensive park

StevenVig being unnecessarily sarcastic about a justified comment? Shock horror

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On 5/4/2021 at 11:41 PM, pluk said:

How is Chessington coping off peak midweek these days? Thinking of visiting fir the first time in a couple of years but don't fancy a day of explaining to a 2 year old why we have to wait hours for everything!

Not really much help but I’ve been today and had one of the best days there in a long time - staff were lovely, social distancing far better than Thorpe in my opinion and it just looks like it’s had a lot of TLC.  We don’t often venture into the zoo areas but really enjoyed seeing the animals.  The only downside which isn’t the parks fault is that we had to eat outside but once restrictions are lifted that is sorted.  Also flying jumbos is much prettier with the repaint and new music 🙌

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I visited on a random Friday a couple of weeks ago, and it was probably the best day I've ever had at Chessington. Pretty much all the rides we were interested in were walk on, and the only rides that got any queues whatsoever were the lower capacity children's rides, like Jungle Rangers and River Rafts, as you'd expect really. I loved Croc Drop, as others have pointed out the ride is nothing special, I still found it fairly fun but I also hate drop towers, so what's my opinion worth haha. The theming, though, is. Pretty much every angle looks good, and it's fairly imposing, especially when approaching from the pathway under Dragon's Fury.


The whole park has had some TLC, Mexicana looks brilliant with lots of colourful new theming everywhere, although that area might not be for everyone. Dragon's Fury's entrance has had an interesting bright yellow and red repaint, Zufari has had some changes in the cave, lots of signage has been replaced and there's been lots of small repaints everywhere. It's certainly a far cry from the Chessington of a few years ago where everything was either beige or falling apart. Blue Barnacle is... probably the second best pirate ship I've ever ridden in that pit, it looks good and it's decently themed, certainly more so than Black Buccaneer was although some of the pirate figures are a bit tacky. There's also been some new audio around the park, most notably around the entrance area where they've remixed the previous entrance music and added bits from Vampire, Tiger Rock and Croc Drop. Mexicana has a nice, but quiet new soundtrack, and Croc Drop's audio is all quite good. Adventure Point had some... interesting music playing, not quite a fan of that.


Overall, not really many negatives, if any. This year is, in my opinion, the best Chessington have had while I've been interested in theme parks.


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I also visited for the first time in a good few years and had a great time. It's great to see a park that in my opinion was going downhill transform itself. 


- Park as a whole is looking fresh, much better than the last time I went

- Although I loved Ramesis and sad to see it gone, Croc drop is a great addition and for families and I enjoyed it much more than I expected

- Park audio on the whole was good and don't think it needs a complete overhaul like Thorpe, but couple of dead spots that need sorting

- Vampire area and station looking the best it has in years. I hate the new audio in the station though and it doesn't create the same atmosphere as the old one. Don't fix what isn't broken

- No water jets on monkey swinger, apparently this is due to covid somehow

- Blue Barnacle isn't as good as Black Buccaneer but glad it has been replaced and the area looking fresh.


Also worth noting opening hours are great this season. 4pm closures have been scrapped so its 5pm every weekday, and 7pm every weekend and peak day the whole season. Great to see Chessington and Alton having better opening this season and hope that works out for them.


Chessington really is in need of a high throughput major coaster to help with the busy days, so I really hope it actually goes ahead this time. 

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