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I don't know why but the fact this is actually happening really tickles me. If I had put money on the next large scale coaster to be built in the UK I would never in a million years have gone with Intamin - 10 Inversions, at Flamingo Land of all places. I was certain this was simply a rumour started by some daft 12-year-old that everyone was for no reason other than having nothing better to discuss indulging in. I quite liked the place when I went in 2016 but left thinking it would take a large one for them to tempt me back, so count me in!  



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I guess so yeah. But in the same way there's a possibility I could go on to win an Olympic Gold medal in the 100m.

The £18 million is going on theming to fully enclose the ride so it feels like you are actually at THORPE PARK whilst at Flamingo Land. Evidently, it isn't cheap to recreate the back of XNWO's buildin

They'd never get one of those, given Zamperla don't make wooden coasters...

Posted Images

CGI of the new ride:



Layout from aerial view:




Some info I lifted from the planning application:

  • 34m tall
  • 875m long
  • 200m x 400m area
  • Will be located next to Velocity
  • Currently painted yellow but will be re-spayed to silver & black
  • Will be quieter than older rides at the park
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When this rumour came around I honestly thought no way would Flamingo invest in this so I am pleasantly surprised.

As much as Colossus is awful the newer models look like actually quite good rides (Intamin learned their lesson) so I have no doubt this will be a hit at the park.

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Hate the location of it, the whole entrance of park to Cliffhanger is just so bad...


Hopefully they'll run it ok, but as it's Mingo I doubt it... The park could be decent if operations improved even to just a standard...

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So @terrortomband I recently visited Flamingo Land.


Park is okay for what it is, not the best park but definitely not the worst. Staff seemed friendly enough and presentation was adequate with some room for improvement. Operations were mixed, with Kumali being the worst operated ride.


Kumali is surprisingly good and better than Infusion (except operations)


Mumbo Jumbo was quite bizarre  but fun 


Hero wasn’t as bad as I expected but still not the best. I think Tomb had a secret liking for this ride.


Velocity was closed for almost all the day, so was almost spited the Cred. Got two rounds at the end of the day and was worth it. This ride has some unique forces which makes it unique. Probably my favourite ride there.


Rest of the park is pretty much kids attractions, a couple of water and transport rides and a few flats. The sky flier was horrible and gave me motion sickness for an hour. They also had a charming dark ride which was designed by Rex Studios which was great. They also had a zoo as well. 


Its not somewhere I will rush back to, but worth visiting if your in the area and want to push up your Cred count. The new ride will probably make this a higher priority soon.


speaking of,


Here is where the new coaster is going. Think they had a Corkscrew Coaster there years ago.


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On 8/2/2019 at 7:16 PM, JoshC. said:

"Pretty much"? Between the plans and that advertising, I'd love to know how much more confirmation you'd need for it to be 100% confirmed ;)

Well it's not an exact copy, It's a smoother "second hand" track that was never constructed and different style trains from what I've heard. They'll probably maintain it better than Merlin too! 😛

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The park had a competition for people to guess how much the project of the new coaster cost (originally asking how much the ride cost).


Apparently, the project is costing over £20m. For some perspective, that means it's costing more than any Merlin project (except maybe Ghost Train). 


If that's true, that's ridiculous and park are ripping themselves off.. 😂



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The ride was likely purchased for $2.8 million or £2.3 million by today's exchange rate (which is worse than it was back then) , soneary £18 million on all other costs!!! Can't see it!


Edit - https://www.sinchew.com.my/content/content_2037421.html?fbclid=IwAR25SGFW5k4h9W1n5rISMI44OXeVUXE8QTf3VfCoAxh2dTHXGGyH2yOHvtM 


For those who CBA to translate and read the last paragraph reads...


"In a press conference today, he said that the new management unanimously decided to sell the roller coaster. The highest bid is currently from buyers in the UK, with a bid of $2.8 million (about 11.48 million ringgit). In other words, if the transaction is completed, Anime Theme Park Co., Ltd. will directly face the loss of RM10.52 million."



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