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SAW: The Ride


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20 hours ago, Stuntman707 said:

I find it funny they're asking the GP for ideas. Just sums up Thorpe right now - they're so undecided about what to do with the place.

When did they ask anyone for ideas? They asked a question on Facebook... they do it all the time...

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On 11/15/2019 at 6:44 PM, Ivsetti said:


Only ride that on Queue Time app which doesn't say "Returns 2020"

Yes I know it's 99.999% nothing that exciting.

Very late to reply I know but the Thorpe app does actually say Returns 2020 for Saw. It's probably just that queue time website that doesn't say that. :)

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On 6/4/2019 at 8:14 PM, JoshuaA said:

More Saw films? Who the hell asked for more of those? 

I'm glad the IP is sticking around though as the theming is currently quite good for Merlin and a retheme would probably spoil it a little.

Saw is the one the highest grossing horror franchise of all time so I’m pretty sure a few people would be interested 😉 does anyone actually know when the IP runs out or do they have the rights for a long as they please? 

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5 hours ago, GERSTGUY said:

Saw is the one the highest grossing horror franchise of all time so I’m pretty sure a few people would be interested 😉 does anyone actually know when the IP runs out or do they have the rights for a long as they please? 

Maybe? Just don't get me wrong I am interested, but not because its good. Because at this point Saw is kinda funny as the story really should of ended at 3.

And for those who don't want the movies spoiled: 


The main killer in Saw dies in Saw III. All we saw from that point is flashbacks. Which by Saw 7, is kinda hilarious. And hilarious because it shows just how long this cow has been milked for (and how much sense none of this makes anymore?)

Making more makes me kinda laugh. And cry at the same time. 

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The IP contracts the park have had for Saw have always been between 3 and 5 years long to my knowledge. It's always been renewed (obviously), with terms negotiated at each renewal.


I believe it was recently renewed with no problems and the park / Merlin and Lionsgate are more than happy to just keep renewing as appropriate for now. After all, the name is still a big draw for many, it's still highly rated by the GP, and Lionsgate still make money from it whilst doing nothing.

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20 minutes ago, ChessingtonSam said:

Absolutely love this. Always wondered why they don't use Hello Zepp on Saw, really hope they keep it beyond Fright Nights.


I've always wondered this too.


They have used the theme before in previous Fright Nights audio loops around the park, but to my knowledge it's never been part of the ride's audio, nor saw it part of Saw Alive. So part of me thinks it could be down to some weird contract thing, it that they can only use it during Fright Nights / only use it so often, else they'd have to pay more or something. Could well not be the reason, but I can think of any other reason why they wouldn't have used it really, given how recognisable and iconic it is.


I remember hearing that the reason why Tobin Bell never voiced Jigsaw in the ride* or maze is because it would cost 'a large six figure sum' for him to do so, which Thorpe weren't willing to pay. So there's certainly form there too.


*With the exception technically being the puppet as cars come back into the station, where it says "Congratulations, you're still alive...", which I believe is just the line from the film brought in.

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It would appear that Thorpe Park is trialling a single rider queue on Saw The Ride:

Brilliant news; I look forward to trying this out on my solo Thorpe visit on 10th September!


The one on Smiler works very well indeed, so let’s hope the one on Saw is the same!

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The park did trial single rider on Saw in 2009, 2010 and maybe even 2011-12 (memory is hazy). In terms of filling up seats, it worked well. It was always a bit of an organisational faff though, since it didn't have the infrastructure set up for it to work.


As I understand it, this is something which has been pushed to be tried by some staff for a while. So this is serving as a trial period to see if it works at improving utilisation scores (ie number of seats filled), and how it works from a practical / organisation standpoint. Then maybe they can go from there.

The issue the park will face is the same they have always faced - the majority of the park's rides aren't designed with a single rider queue in place. Really, Stealth is the only one which has the infrastructure to do it properly and not interfere with Fastrack / Ride Access Pass queues and ride exits. The current Exodus plans don't show a single rider queue either (though these can of course be changed).


So yeah, hopefully it works, and hopefully longer term the park can implement ways to make single rider queues work properly. But at the same time, it should be stressed this is just a trial, and even if it does go down well, there's no guarantee it will mean it stick.

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I feel like I'm living in the past. If I remember correctly it was on Stealth, Colossus, Nemesis Inferno, Samurai, Saw & Vortex (maybe Rush as well). I doubt if its successful on Saw, that we will see it on many other rides, for example Colossus where SRQ was at the ride exit. I fell in-between the train once doing single rider on that because the queuing guests always sat on the left hand side of the train and the single rider always had to cross the train, normally in-between the carriages. Dangerous AF. There just isn't the space for it to be run properly at Thorpe. Even Towers which cut a giant huge hole into the Nemesis station for it, gave up after a few seasons. 

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