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1 hour ago, Glitch said:

Issues around opening times. Its a shame enthusiast sites can't wait for park confirmation before reporting.


To be fair I wouldn't expect them to confirm every opening time with the park. If its stated on the website I don't see a problem with them reporting that

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So last weekend, I got round to my first Towers trip this year. Here’s how it went:


Park was pretty busy, so 8pm closures are definitely warranted, even if numbers trickle down from mid afternoon. With queues exceeding over an hour often. 

presentation was a mixed bag, with some areas such as Towers Street looking great but others needing work. A jetwash would help. 

Operations were a mixed bag (likely due to restrictions). Wickermans we’re amongst the best with Nemy perhaps being the worst. However they were batching outside the station building. Indoor attractions were closed as expected. 

The Retrosquad rides definitely give Towers much needed support attractions, even if they look a little out of place. They are certainly fun additions to the lineup. Mixtape was probably my favourite, although I really liked Funk N Fly too. I didn’t get chance to try Roller Disco. 

Social distancing around the park was ok, with staff wardens etc. But still some room for improvement I guess. 

Just a few pics. Don’t Stop Believing!


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