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Hex appreciation time!


From my glorious trip through this fantastic attraction 2 days ago, I believe some subtle tweaks have taken place during the closed season.


The interior queue is no longer as bright as it was just after the refurb, it's now much darker and holy crap does it give me the chills.


The audio in the cinema portion is no longer distorted and sounds fantastic.


Audio in the octagon is the loudest I've ever heard it and the volume of the lightning strikes made me jump, beautiful stuff.


Hex is just so damn good and it never fails to put a smile on my face.

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Just a quick question... Recently I came to Towers for the 4th time and had my 3rd ride on hex. I understand how the ride works, the storyline doesn’t scare me and I just find the whole experience hilarious (not sure why - I’m strange). The thing I don’t understand however is that every time I’ve been on it, I’ve cried. Granted, the first time was probably frightening as I was only 11 but I’m now older and it doesn’t scare me in the slightest. I’m just confused as to how it sets off tears... Does anyone have any answers? 

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