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Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

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Went too winter wonderland on friday night was a nice evening. the event was nice and quiet. Wild maus was Good as per usual really worth a ride especially at the front as you are so unrestrained the amount of danger you feel on the highest section is immense. The huge ghost train was good it isn't worth £7 but it got a few screams out of me although that isn't too hard tbh,theming in there is very good as well. XXL was next, the cycle feels a little shorter then last year but the power and intensity at the top of each swing is second to none nothing like you would get on vortex. I also stupidly scoffed at comments my glasses would fall off on it however I would say one thing, it was not the ride which made my glasses fly into the night sky, it was the cruel wind which stole them from my face! they fell down and landed on the ground and I thought they were gone forever. as we walked too our next ride we found them on a table under the ride, I couldn't believe it. Luck was on my side with that one. it was the most magical and hilarious moment of the night. Air was gonna be our last ride and what a ride it is,I really like the unpredictability of it, it is a really fun ride. Don't know why they are not using all the pods as when we there they would only 2 pods at one time maybe not enough demand? We were gonna go after that but hangover opened as we walked past and OMG it is scary. the thing is it is so tall and the restraints aren't as securely feeling as detonator's. the agonizing pause at the top was genuinely the most scary moment of my theme park year. As I braced myself for a floaty drop like power tower of last year. The drop that followed was far from floaty it is like detonator's but not as forceful but it still does pack a punch and after the initial punch was packed the ride just kept on dropping a truly good ride which is worth doing if you do nothing else at winter wonderland. was a fab evening!  :)

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It's a marvelous feat of engineering and design. I'm not sure why everyone was hyped thinking the ride was going to be the best thing ever. The hype should have been justfor the fact this legend has f

Honestly one of the best coasters I've been on, amazing to think it's a travelling one! Worth every single one for your nine hundred pennies. Definitely going to try and ride again before they close f

Was fortunate enough to be at the Preview Night tonight, namely to get as many rides in on Olympia München Looping as possible. Having not been able to get to Austria to ride it at Wiener Prater, it's

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wouldn't call it that.... yes it's really bad compared to Haunted Mansion (hinzen's one not disney) but it's still 100x better than 90% of the ghost trains in this country!! 


Because there are two "actors", on the ride? It's all a gimmick and I've seen better animatronics on other Ghost Trains

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It is expensive but still gets the crowds. gladiator which was the one £9 ride still had a large queue when I saw it on the two visits I had. (over four rows filled in the cattlepen area it had) Sadly they aren't going to lower it if people still pay it.

The event had another successful year and supposedly pulled in 3 million visitors over the six weeks.


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Was lucky enough to have three visits this year, one on preview night, one just before Christmas Eve when the event was extremely crowded and one on the last night of the event altogether. It was really nice to see how the atmosphere varied each time and I have to say the atmosphere was brilliant every time I visited, especially just before Christmas Eve when the pathways were crammed full of people, rides going with long queues and live music playing all night long.

Despite the extortionate prices, I have to say it is absolutely exceptional how they manage to get the whole event set up within a matter of weeks, especially as a lot of the equipment there is from overseas. When you look at Wild Maus XXL and consider how large of a rollercoaster it is, along with the funhouse queueline, £6 isn't actually too expensive considering it comes all the way from Germany. I do have to agree however, that rides such as the Starflyer were overpriced at £8, considering the ride only travels in the UK, it's definitely not worth the high price tag.

I think this year I actually rode most of the rides, with the only ones I didn't try including Black Run Blue Run, Daemonium, the Starflyer and Gladiator. Getting on the rest of the attractions this year was helped by the fact I visited on preview night, meaning I managed to get on most of the rides without paying the high price tags for each individual one. My next two visits consisted of only riding attractions I didn't have time to experience on preview night, such as the fantastic Hangover The tower along with the awesome Bayern Breaker, Air and XXL.

I managed to get several offrides and onride videos on my final visit, and may assemble a montage if I have some spare time soon. I would really appreciate if you could visit my channel and watch them as a lot of time and effort has been put into filming these videos. I also have taken several photos of the event this year which I would be willing to share and probably will share once I have made a linked facebook and Instagram account to my youtube channel in the near future.

Here is an onride of both Air and XXL, these two rides were my joint second favourites at the event this year, with Hangover The Tower placing in first and Ski Jump securing third place.

As I said, please visit my youtube channel for more videos and please subscribe! I am so close to 100 subscribers and once I have achieved it, I will be doing a complete refresh of my youtube channel to give it a more professional look, so your help to subscribe to my channel would mean the world :)

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Surprised no one else has updated this, but recently rumours have pointed to a certain massive travelling coaster to be turning up this year...


Olympia Looping!


Typical that I've gone to Vienna for that sole purpose earlier in the year, but it actually was on RCDB so counted then rather than being back to basics travelling...


It's not been 100% confirmed, but maybe this is the year?

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23 hours ago, BenC said:



Spotted rolling into Hyde Park this afternoon... :)


On the downside, if it's less than £10 a go I'd be surprised!

I think it will be £12 personally but I'd like to be surprised!


Also if that wasn't enough of a giveaway here is this...



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