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Your Favourite Photos of Rides

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My favourite one I took of Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens, Tampa. I just loved this ride, and trying to capture the train diving under the bridge was a hard shot!

(Taken July 2013)


Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit, Universal Studios, Florida. I took this photo whilst testing out the zoom function on my new camera! Turned out pretty well, and I love the way you can see every emotion a rollercoaster can create!

(Taken July 2013)


Another one I took of Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit. I just love the angle, and how it shows the scale of the ride :)

(Taken July 2013)

I'm sure I have more somewhere, but obviously, its a 3 per post limit! I've loved all the ones so far. Keep them coming guys!

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Blue Fire, taken in 2013. Taken from the old queue line that runs through the middle of the ride.


Oz'Iris, taken in 2012. I'm always quite happy with close up shots that show the emotion of the riders. This one does that rather well.


Admittedly this could be a lot better, without the blur. But again, it shows what I value from my photos, emotion from the riders.

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Shambhala at night is :wub:


This is a new thing for me, pictures of Boomerangs at the moment they release... The sheer range of potential emotions is just amazing...


That being said, Launched rides are always the best for reactions...


And as we all know, B&Ms are insanely photogenic...



Possibly my favourite photo ever, the sheer dumb luck of timing with the ORP flash that lights it up makes the picture...


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Journey To Atlantis at SeaWorld, Orlando. I've always loved this water coaster! The first time I rode it, I wasn't expecting to come off as soaked as I did! I tried to capture the splash here, but didn't get the full effect here unfortunately!


Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Orlando. I've always loved photographing Splash Mountain. The scenery and theming around the ride itself is so incredibly done, and always adds to the photograph. I do love this photo just for the scenery.


Manhattan Express at New York New York Hotel, Las Vegas. My first (and hopefully not my last) visit to Las Vegas. This is the Manhattan Express rollercoaster that winds its way around the front of the New York New York hotel. I really love the theming of the hotel, as those "apartment buildings" are actually where some of the hotel rooms are! The ride itself is one of the roughest I've been on, and has some really weird restraints. I love this photo purely because of the scale that the Statue of Liberty shows. The ride is quite tall in real life!

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