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- Angry Birds Land is completed, however much more effort has gone into theming the area.

- The Beach is removed and temporarily replaced with a flat grassy area.

- The Canada Creek Railway re-opens

- SAW ALIVE and all signs that it ever existed are removed.


- A Wave Swinger Ride is added to one half of the new grassy patch (Neptune's Beach)

- Next to this, a small stage and seating area is created, and this houses a new 'Madagascar Live' style show for families.

- Samurai is given a new paint job and some theming to help it fit in with the Lost City (Colossus)

- Colossus, Nemesis and Depth Charge are also painted in their original colours.


- A B&M Flyer, themed to a flying beast, opens on the island besides The Swarm. It's 160ft tall, and is similar to Starry Sky Ripper @ World Joyland, China.

- This new coaster includes a small food outlet and a shop.

- Storm Surge's supports are given a paint job to give the effect of wood, rather than metal. Waterfalls and tipping buckets are also added to the ride's flume.


- The new beach area (which houses the Wave Swinger and Live Show) is expanded and the theme is continued. A small Splash Battle ride is added.

- The rest of the grass area (formerly the Beach) is given a few picnic benches, and is used as a family picnic area. A few trees are also transported in and planted in this area.

- X is removed, along with the entire building. It is temporarily replaced with a grass patch.

- Rumba Rapids is given an entire overhaul. New boats, new theme (to fit with Nemesis Inferno). It could be themed around the flow of molten rock created by the Nemesis Inferno coaster.


- A B&M Hyper opens along the back of the park as Europe's tallest roller coaster, reaching 270ft.

- It is given a theme similar to Air at Alton Towers. It is light blue in colour, to help it blend in with the sky.

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Rumba Rapids receives a theming update and seatbelts, new violin music playlist only

  • The station building features tree roots shaped as people doing the rumba
  • Passing through a roofed area with walls of spikes that are narrowing
  • A large snake statue sprays water at the riders as they go round the corner
  • Over head is a wire with a fake head stuck to it
  • The indoor section has been re themed to a vine covered ancient stone temple with the waterfall pouring through a large eye
  • Inside the ceiling is covered in crystal lighting and a black stone man and a white stone woman are shown in a passionate dance position with red hearts with red running from there eyes sprinklers are in the ceiling as well as the waterfall walls
  • Back outside either side of the banks tribes figures at firing water at each other
  • passing through the viewable area there are cannons for viewers to soak the riders
  • under the bridge is drawn a bleeding heart
  • a large heart with two large valves spurts water out at the riders as they pass


Indoor robo arms coaster

set inside a facility using corpses as the catalysts with robot mechanics to reanimate there bodies so that they can be used as soldiers and assassins

A white factory building

Inside is housed a shop, toilets, photo outlet and restaurant


The queue line is a cattle pen system with mirrors and laser lights acting as "security scanning"

The station for the ride features large electrical wires everywhere and mannequins everywhere

As the ride exits the station the car head rotates to the left and silhouettes of hanging bodies are shown moving along on a conveyor belt. The ride head then sharply turns and drops down as two razor, drill and needled robot arms go back and forth at the car head. The car then performs an s-bend as the car rises with the car head turning left and right passing corpses being wired. The ride then abruptly stops and repeats to evacuate with alarms sounding as the ride then continues a smashed up ride carriage is shown and the ride then abruptly turns the opposite direction to a robot corpse holding a head out at the riders with the spine still attached. The ride then rises and looks up at a rack of hanging corpses reaching out at the riders as they pass underneath the ride then performs a helix around a heap of burning robot corpses. Then turning to look left and seeing a robot strangling a lab man and track climbing then stopping in front of something heavy breathing a robotic, humanoid life form the ride then drops 20ft in a freefall, the ride then continues on forward in the pitch black with robotic noises, crunching and screaming and the skin of faces is plastered onto a plastic window which is illuminated and revealed with a loud bang the ride then looks up to the open mouthed head of the robotic humanoid and a blaring roar sound with crunching as the ride returns to pitch black and enters an exit station

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Okay I'm insanely bored so:

End of 2014 overlapping into 2015:
- Removal of Slammer... it seems to be heading that way as it is.
- Clean up of the park overall: repaints done where needed and effects maintained. Fire could maybe be added to Nemesis Inferno and brought back on Tidal Wave. SAW could get some more theming outdoors that you can see as you go round, just to make the whole experience as immersive as the inside section.
- A new maze replaces The Asylum at Fright Night, potentially Texas Chainsaw Massacre if they're sticking with the IP's.


- Storm Surge is removed and the area is cleaned up for future usage.
- Themed areas become more apparent and are stated on the map- this could add to family appeal, as well as make the theming appear more organised and up to scratch.
- Plans for the new coaster on the new island are revealed- it is either an intense Flyer or a Hyper (two things that would be equally great IMO)
- New flat ride is bought to replace Slammer. It doesn't have to be big and flashy, maybe just a standard Top Spin or even a large Swinging Boat type ride (about the size of Black Buccaneer at Chessington) that is somehow themed to Canada Creek. A ride of this type would also add family appeal while still being somewhat thrilling.

- Construction begins on the new rollercoaster.
- Rush's restraints (or at least the few REALLY bad ones) are replaced so they don't wobble so much and make guests feel unsafe.
- New Scarezone added for Fright Nights, in somewhere more central to the park. You will literally just wander through, no queue's (like the ones they do abroad). This could probably be You're Next, it would be a more effective use of it than just the roaming actors.

- The new rollercoaster opens and everyone loves it and it looks amazing xD

... I really cant think any further ahead this is hurting my brain xD

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My Thorpe park would see X removed along with loggers leap, slammer, rumba rapids and of course storm surge. Where X once was I would change into a proper dark ride for family. In the place of loggers leap I would have an intamin blitz along with a wooden coaster running along behind burger king with a turning point around the intamin blitz. Where the rumba rapids was I would open up so there ease of acess to the island behind stealth and have a mack mega. light and to compensate for the lack of a water ride I would add some sort of log flume near stealth.

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I've always thought it'd be cool to have the noise play where it does now so around the dome I think and have it so if you connect to like a Thorpe park bluetooth hotspot and have real presenters that can then pick music from your phones. I know this would be extremely difficult to do and privacy would be an issue but that would be pretty cool

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My next major investment would be a budget of similar scale to a new Roller Coaster £12-20 Million, however rather than put any new ride in, I would re-brand, market and advertise a brand new Theme Park, the park would get its much needed TLC.

To make a business successful you need to have the right target market and your product needs to be up to scratch, therefore Thorpe Park would need a whole overhaul. Queue lines would be repaired, rides repainted, all theme and scenery restored to its former glory.

I would not have a single ride added. All rides would have their speakers updated, Staff uniforms radically overhauled, a better car park system, and an Entrance that is appropriate for a UK Leading Theme Park not a temporary barrier.

I would wish to bring the Exclusive brand back, and the EXPERIENCE, not just to the new Multi Million pound ride but to the Whole park.

All useless queue line's would be destroyed, Vegetation would be organised, areas such as the Showcase would be revamped (as well as that awful fence along the side).

That is what I would do, and it would be marketed as BRAND NEW...'New for 2016...the Whole Park - All Updated, Everything Working, Back to the Good Old Days...Only At Thorpe Park!'

The Events such as Ministry of Sound, Summer Nights and Fright Night would be heavily advertised and Marketed.

The Image would drastically improve, if all areas could be updated to New Status, the parks lease of life would last far longer than a New Roller Coaster that's popularity lasts for 2-3 years. It would be what the fans want, and the Customers would love to see the effects of Brand New Queues, shopping areas, the Fireball return to Tidal Wave and a Concert/Festival beating experience, through the use of LED Screens, promotional Videos and even greater VIP Packages, including a Merlin Annual Pass Holder Exclusive Lounge/Bar. Add Early Ride Time for Hotel Guests, Annual Pass Holders and Advance Tickets. Roll out 'Thorpe Park Live' in a greater variety.

Instead of wasting money on minor attractions I would invest in Camera Crew's and invest heavily in brand advertising by showing our customers our rides in the best possible light. I have already said on a previous post about end of year videos.

This would be my 4-5 year plan, if I was to take over with no strings attached, I would allow the next Major Roller Coaster then wait 2-3 years before investing instead in revamping the park rather than a Major Coaster. Long Term Future success.

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Neptunes Beach replenishment to accomodate the loss of ranger county family rides



Bumper boats ride on smaller side of beach


Wave rider- on smaller side of beach



A topple tower themed around the Greek mythological creature on the large part of the beach



The Walking Dead: The Ride

The building taking ranger county and the arena's spaced is based around the prison from the walking dead, the queue line features manequins styled like the zombies, corpses and bones, an abandoned car with christian crosses on, body bags. In the indoor queue line you walk past the don't open dead inside with manequin hands poking out, then through an area of water tanks with zombies heads in and past a map with terminus on.


They then enter an area where video is taken of the riders as they are asked to do there best zombie impression and then to the station and board the trains for a spiderman style 3D ride.


Scene 1:

The ride starts of in a mall collecting supplies when the roof starts caving in on the group and they rapidly try to escape as walkers fall in on screens above the riders also when Merle arrives and helps the group escape as a helicopter crashes, passing the helicopter crash site with animatronic zombies the riders with jump scares and animatronics startlingly revealed


Scene 2:

The screen then shows a small town where they become over run by a group of walkers who get one of the group and they are spurted with water, then the governor arrives and chaos ensues as he beheads a member of the group after the screens the riders pass through two cars with air riffle shoot out


Scene 3:

An army tank with the governor on top blasts a large jet of air at the riders, screen shows the destruction of the prison as it is over run with walkers, michone is then shown beheading the governor, a little girl mannequin is then shown facing away and when asked ok it quickly turns around to startle the riders and the ride plunges into darkness


Scene 4:

Screen then show open flickering eyes to a troff and a man standing over the riders with a machete the screen then shows a man's throat slit next to the riders as they are spurted with water, the ride then tilts down as the screen shows the troff with blood in and the rider pushes forward and the screens acts disorientated as the ride then drops down passing through the cannibals shrine with hanging torsos to a bus that rushes at the ride


Scene 5:

Passing a large grate with animatronic walkers shaking it a screen then shows a person being savagely bitten in the neck as the group then wait with then and mourn there loss as they die before they shoot them in the head, they then pass several tents with animatronics that push against and groaning sounds and then a pass a hanging zombie animatronic from a tree, a horde of zombies then cover the screen as water and air are spurted on the riders and the car shakes from side to side, the screen shows video of the riders which was taken before the ride with the riders made up as zombies


The riders then exit in a second station with the cars returning empty to the original station


There is then a photo opportunity with a zombie mannequin and rick sheriff hats and they exit to the shop where they can purchase video or photo and the walking dead items

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New indoor dark ride opens set in a victorian warehouse


3D Pre-show:

A paranormal team are shown investigating the workhouse as they discover a furnace where children skeletons jump up clutching at the bars and reaching out at the audience as they turn to exit the room there friend stands in the doorway with black eyes and she pounces on the man next to the camera man and attacks him with blood spurting everywhere and he runs to the corridor, he hears a banging and turns to see the house master brandishing a chain coated with sharp blades and coated in blood he whips the chain against the floor and he turns to run when his colleagues evil black eyed face dark mouth opens over the screen as the camera drops to the ground childrens spirits are seen gathering at the doorways watching and each one begins screaming when everything goes black and then the colleague faces then lunges infront of the camera and the eyes bleed out as she scratches at her face before a blade comes through her head and the head drops out of the way to reveal a child spirit which then wales loudly and throws the camera away


They then board trains as the riders pass a banging door where a child is heard crying and screaming and then a skeleton breaks through the door reaching out at the riders, which is crushing a child and then turn to face a child playing with eerie broken dolls when she turns and her large mouth opens and she travels quickly forward at the riders


Above the riders a large loom weave is shown with crushed body parts and a trapped bleeding and broken child trapped in the machine crying for help and then a child crying is shown, lights go out and large demon is revealed, they then arrive traveling around and down to the dining hall where bones, and organs are on the table and a cloaked figure stands over a cauldron, the cloak drops of to reveal the master demon and he shouts "feast on the flesh of your friend or he shall feast upon thou" the ride cars spin around and then turn to face a large door with skeleton hands reaching out pleading, "I'm hungry" "please sir I won't do it again" "I can't breathe"


A child is then shown sleeping cuddled up to a corpse when the corpse then suddenly strangles the child, an open cell shows a girl bleeding hands hair over face and scratched walls as her hair opens revealing a scratched face, the ride car turns to a deathly skinny child lunging from the ground and crying out for food


"There is darkness in all of us" a screen shows the riders the image captured of themselves at the start of the ride with blacked out eyes

"to escape it we only need to let in the light" The lights come on and reveal a large sharp metal teethed mouth lunging over the ride and large sharp metal claws spinning near the riders as the the ride then passes through

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  • 4 months later...


  • Dark ride complete and opens to the public
  • Colossus to get a repaint and general TLC
  • Nemesis Inferno to get the moss cleaned off the track going into the tunnel
  • Replace old fencing with new fencing to give the park a better look
  • Removal of Slammer for a future flat ride


  • Nemesis Inferno to get some more theming (More rock work, foot choppers and trench going through the tunnel filled with water and red lights to reflect on the water to simulate lava
  • General clean up of Calypso quay
  • Rumba rapids re-theme with better water features
  • Fungle safari area cleared for 2018 flat ride/rides
  • Rangers county to be turned into a new family area


  • One half of neptunes beach to be demolished for 2019 spinning coaster themed around neptune himself
  • Stealth and SAW repaint with general TLC to the rides
  • New flat ride places near Nemesis Inferno to match the theme of the 2016 dark ride
  • New buildings and facades to give the park a better feel


  • New spinning coaster for the family
  • General park clean up, replace foliage around the park and improve most older queue lines in the park
  • New entrance and construction of the hotel near the capark
  • New Island next to The Swarm and Stealth ready for 2020 coaster (B&M Hyper/Intamin Megalite/Mack looper etc..)



  • New coaster opens for 2020
  • The Swarm track repaint
  • Older flat rides to be removed, ready to be replaced
  • Depth charged to be removed for more family rides
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  • Dark ride themed to a science lab
  • Ride effects fixed
  • Samurai closed due to maintenance cost


  • Colossus has no refurbishment and is kept filthy
  • A Saw themed flat ride replaces Samurai
  • Rumba rapids gets done up


  • New RMC hybrid opens next to Swarm
  • Tidal wave removed
  • Loggers leap and Rocky express gets a retheme


  • Colossus finally revamped :yahoo:
  • Slammer removed
  • Arena refurbished


  • Two kiddie flats in the place of Tidal wave
  • New kiddie land
  • Storm surge removed
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  • Dark ride opens
  • X gets knocked down 
  • Storm surge also gets knocked down
  • Neptunes Beach/The Dome and entrance plaza disappear along with Shark Hotel
  • Colossus gets a repaint
  • More engineers are hired and treated/paid well



  • New entrance plaza that looks new and clean!
  • New bridge
  • Dome and space where Shark Hotel was becomes a small CityWalk style entertainment hub, with shops and restaurants and MoS venue.
  • Neptunes beach becomes a grassy area with seating, tropical trees etc. 
  • Staff uniforms are now themed to the rides, and the generic uniform is now smarter with a shirt, suit trousers and name badge.
  • Roaming actors from IPs used in the park become a daily thing, and appear lots throughout the day across the park.



  • X and Storm Surge site is used for roller coaster similar to Colorado Adventure or Mammut
  • Inferno gets a clean up
  • Loggers Leap has a flume replacement, theming and new boats
  • Rumba Rapids is overhauled with rougher waters, new boats, a cleanup and a heavy re-theme. 


That's what I'd do to the park if I ran it. The whole place needs a cleanup and a kick up the backside!

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Neptunes Beach/The Dome and entrance plaza disappear... Dome and space where Shark Hotel was becomes a small CityWalk style entertainment hub, with shops and restaurants and....

Along with the proper hotel being built as per planning, this must the biggest no brainer in the Merlin estate. Could be fab, would fit perfectly, and buckets of cash to be made.

Maybe with a water park too!

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Get those water busses running from the hotel to the bridge. Put a mini golf where Shark Hotel is (but a really good mini crazy golf). I wouldn't say get rid of the Dome, it's a huge piece of the park, but definitely give it a huge refurb! Maybe complete interior demolition and start from scratch. Project stuff on the curved roof, maybe even a little projection show in there with lasers and stuff!

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  • Add the dark ride , 
  • repaint Colossus, 
  • give some TLC to loggers, the flats and rumba


  • Removal of Storm surge, angrybirds IP is made more relevant and doesn't interrupt the amity area as much
  • Neptunes beach is closed but kept with its pit
  • Loggers also gets closed (just temporarily for a season tho)
  • Nemesis inferno gets a tidy up, including new lava projections in the tunnel and a huge fire effect from the volcano peak


  • The ranger county area (or the western area or whatever (not a proper fanboy sorry)) has a major retheme, loggers has new theming and the themes flow well into the saw IP
  • Colossus gets some new theming (ruins of greek like temples around the ride, and around the flats)
  • Rush gets some nice coliseum theming and is renamed Duel
  • hints of a new ride appear in the path of the old train
  • thorpe shark removed


  • RMC that wraps around loggers is introduced
  • New trains for Colossus
  • Big flying coaster made in neptunes beach and thorpe shark area
  • thorpe hotel and new entrance plaza made


  • Rumba finally gets a serious cleanup. A new drop is added, the rapids are rougher and its themed to the tidal wave at amity
  • Amity theming introduced heavily down to the swarm, incorporates all the areas around fish and a new line of shops is made on the back of the flyer (opposite fish)
  • Slammer, Zodiac and vortex all get thrown at the end of season, along with X
  • removal of all fast track options.


  • Air race, Top spin and pirate ship are installed in place of the flats that were binned, all appropriately themed heavily to the areas they belonged to
  • new themed gardens take up the top half of the area in between Colossus and the dark ride, ideal for picnics or those who aren't too keen on rollercoasters
  • Stealth and Saw now looking a bit tired get a tidy up.
  • Saw loses its IP, becomes a saw mill. The authentic props get sold off in an auction to help funds at the park
  • flying fish bites the dust, so does loggers


  • The park says hello once more to families, with 2 new junior rollercoasters introduced in the storm surge/X area that interlock and interact with Colossus
  • New flume is added to the loggers old location, with super theming, and the same styled final drop. The first drop is sent backwards and new bear animatronics similar to those found on expedition grizzly are added about the place.


  • Fish is replaced by 2 small family friendly flat rides, and a small splash battles is added where the donut shack by storm surge sits
  • Development on the new island becomes clear
  • Detonator replaced by a maurer sohne gyro tower
  • Angry birds IP runs out, the show is replaced by a small laser sceen (similar to 7D - Pier 39), dodgems by a new, revolutionary double decker dodgems stand 
  • rocky express is removed after several seasons of on off reliability


  • A hyper is installed along the back of the park and on the new island, where a whole plaza of hotels, casinos and  a 'leisure town' is installed themed to amity Pre tidal wave


  • Dark ride coaster experience is installed in the IAC space. The rides building is very tall and quite confined, themed to lost city
  • Colossus starts ripping itself apart with its age, as does nemesis inferno, stealth, and saw. 



The park floods from the Thames estuary near by and can't be redeemed.



The end.

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Along with the proper hotel being built as per planning, this must the biggest no brainer in the Merlin estate. Could be fab, would fit perfectly, and buckets of cash to be made.

Maybe with a water park too!


This is the reason I'm excited for that London Paramount Resort in half a decade or so! I think in the next few months the actual plans are being released which is exciting.


Anyway, back to Thorpe Park :P 

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  • 4 weeks later...

I guess this includes rethemed and what not so I'll do the areas which are most needed..


Calypso Quay:

  • Nemesis Inferno - Renamed Inferno, Track repaint and major clean, Trench dug all the way through the tunnel filled with water and red lights to make it feel as if you're following the lava flow, Plants cut back, New rock work added in the whole area, Give it more of a caribbean theme with more buildings, better on ride photo spot (Exit of the loop), Queueline to be updated and more themed.
  • Rumba Rapids - Renamed Calypso springs, general layout extended, lake in the middle filled up, flats added in the centre of the where the lake is filled themed to a caribbean village, theming to match with Inferno (e.g. rock work, lava type effects etc..), new theme tune, more exposed to make it feel like it belongs in the park, new water features (e.g. rougher waves, springs that soak you)
  • IMAC and Mr Monkeys banana boat to be incoperated with Calypso, Extend themeing into them areas, cut back trees to make it feel like they belong.
  • Detanator - Renamed Fireball, Repainted to the colour of Inferno, new volcanic theming with a new theme tune.

Calypso quay will be separated with rockwork and a village buildings, more enclosed like the AFRICAN area at Phantasialand.


Lost City:

  • Colossus - Name kept, repaint and updated track sections that have wear and tear, new station interior along with area clean up, new theming such as aztec symbols in areas and more facade.
  • All lost city flats - New theming, more facades around them to make them feel part of lost city, some trees cut back to open up the area and allow for new themeing.
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  • 4 weeks later...

2016: That dark ride

2017: Slammer gets a complete restoration, now runs perfectly without that much breakdown

2018: Angry Birds Land gets two new rides - a children's ride and possibly something like a Paratrooper

2019: Either Loggers Leap or Rumba Rapids removed, replaced with a proper family coaster

2020: The four back seats on Colossus, Stealth and Nemesis Inferno now run backwards

2021: Zodiac repaint, flat rides get theming

2022: Park introduces queue canopies, which shelter queuers from the sun

2023: new major coaster, themed around some sort of cave

2024: New flat ride around the Swarm area

2025: New drop tower announced, for people not brave enough to conquer Detonator

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