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17 hours ago, ste193 said:
  • Hellevator:

           Indoor tower dark ride 

           Set inside an 100ft Asylum building covered in hippie-esque rainbow patterns, flowers and peace signs etc on the island behind swarm

           Entering through the lobby which is patterned and lasers and subliminal videos of "therapy" on screens, station is the induction hall


          Ride travels backwards past cells with large subliminal projections being shown to mannequins in chairs, with hear gear to force eyes open

          Ride then locks into the tower and tilts up to face the ceiling where a hanging body is illuminated and launches up 80ft towards body when huge bloody laughing face is              illuminated on the ceiling around it

          The ride then goes to pitch black with sound effects of laughter and creaking and drops 70ft and tilts front facing to see a man being given electric shock therapy by a                  mad doctor and the ride then launches up and down the tower passing

          Floor 1 - pair of hands shaking bars with huge scary face painted behind

          Floor 2 - huge hypnotic red spiral and chanting

          Floor 3 - red demonic eyes and roars

          Floor 4 - Large cell door where huge arm reaches out of cut out

          Stopping at the top floor with a screen showing man in straight jacket rocking in corner screen flickers and blinks as suddenly full screen face and goes pitch black ride tilts to the ground illuminating a demonic face painted on floor with the ride dropping 70ft going up and down with flashing lights till the ride returns to the floor and tilts to normal and returns to the station


         The Canteen-

         A themed restaurant experience where you are served by "inmates" is also located in the building




I know this is your Thorpe Park and you can have whatever you like but my god, that sounds exactly like everything else currently at Thorpe. it's so depressing.

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In my Thorpe Park, I would redesign and relocate Storm Surge. Something and somewhere like this:


OLD TOWN    As much as I’d love “the next big thing” to happen at Thorpe I really feel like adding a substantial family attraction should be their top priority at the moment. So I’m going wi

Posted Images

Large thrill investment

On the island behind swarm a trackless dark ride opens


After the attack the swarm launched on London the army are recruiting you to join in the fight back to reclaim London, a shooting based trackless dark ride 


Show house building is a huge crashed spaceship with outdoors queue line with videos and posters recruiting you to fight back against the swarm

The ride vehicles travel along in pitch black with sirens going off and a door opens to thunder and rain from ceiling the ride vehicles stop as platform raises 40ft whilst rotating

The ride then moves again shooting at the swarm flying overhead, a scene on the left shows soldiers shooting at the swarm then on the right the swarm is suddenly heading towards you

Turning round a right bend passing the swarm crashing through a skyscraper, coming down a 30ft hill with the swarm flying overhead, the swarm then drops a tank on the left scene, turning round a right bend into a large scene of chaos with collapsing buildings, tanks and soldiers in shoot out with several swarms and an explosion causes a tank to roll towards you, the ride then meanders right dropping 20ft with swarms either side coming towards you and climbing 10ft again then entering the mouth of a huge swarm and shooting at the large tonsils rotating slightly and sprayed with water then head backwards out of the mouth, turning to pass an area of dead swarms and soldiers celebrating as you return to station turning the corner a swarm then surprise attacks you.


Medium Family fun investment

On the space where Loggers leap resided a replacement log flume opens just not passing through water, themed around a dopey family of rednecks with silly animatronics like two redneck kids seesawing a saw through a piece of wood, drinking rednecks scene with stumbling dancing, falling over, passed out, drilling a tree for sap that leaks and spurts at riders, an area of wooden animal carvings that spurt water, has the same iconic drop in the same place just slightly different layout so doesn't pass over the water.


Small investment

Slammer is replaced with a turbo fabbri giant flat ride


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- Clear and regenerate the area around Megastore, Derren, Walking Dead, Slammer and Storm Surge. Create a proper central feature and plaza. 
- Retheme and regenerate Rumba Rapids. New turntable building, new theme, new tunnels. 
- Clear the Saw Alive walkway, return to water. 
- Replace Vortex, Zodiac and Samurai with newer flats. 
- GCI mid-level family thrill coaster akin to Joris/Wicker Man around the loggers lake. Big drop visible through trees behind Saw for a nice vista from the bridge. 
- Clean up and revamp Colossus. Consider Intamin Mega Coaster trains as replacements. Properly resolve ground work issues. Rebuilding lakes if possible. 
- Theme Angry Birds buildings back to Amity. Theme dodgems to speedway derby. Detonator back to tropical fortress theme. Additional theming around the base of the tower. 
- consider building more attractions on the lakes, family boating etc. 
- Intamin Blitz coaster on the back island behind Stealth and Swarm. Station on island. Ride over lakes. 

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43 minutes ago, HermanTheGerman said:

- Retheme and regenerate Rumba Rapids. New turntable building, new theme, new tunnels. 
- Clean up and revamp Colossus. Consider Intamin Mega Coaster trains as replacements. Properly resolve ground work issues. Rebuilding lakes if possible. 
- Theme Detonator back to tropical fortress theme. Additional theming around the base of the tower. 
- consider building more attractions on the lakes, family boating etc. 

I definitely agree with you on my selected suggestions.

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BREAKING: SAW Alive, Slammer, Loggers won't be removed/demolished until Thorpe have something to replace them with.

So expect another couple of years of them gathering dust/"themeing"


When does the Angry Birds IP run out I wonder? Such an odd - and pretty pointless - IP that was, even by Thorpe's standards. That area is starting to look pretty tatty now to be honest, from visiting the other week....

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  • Firstly replace Angry birds IP with Steven Universe IP and re-theme the area accordingly and a 4D Steven Universe show giving a family friendly for all ages light and fun area
  • The jungle receives an actual Jungle themed ride! :O with Rumba Rapids refurbished the Turntables is housed inside a large tree with wire lights for overgrown roots in the tree, a new effect before the tunnel a lower bank has been dug out with Crocodile figurines sitting by the waters edges there jaws open and water sprays out, The tunnel has been re-themed to rocky facade and the land area opened up with hippo figurines going round in a circle creating a whirlpool, back outside before the large area hunter and a tribe man shoot at each other with water blow pipe and gun the large viewing area left as is, the shower (thats never used) is removed and a tank is put in its place and a hippo head pops out of the tank to surprise and spurt the riders. 
  • Derren Browns **** show is CANCELLED and the ride building is completely overhauled and re-themed to Zombies on the underground and thus with TWD Ride creating a new area Zombie Zone, the attraction is now paid for exeprience,  VR component is removed and the system updated, a pre-show details your escape to the trains shed and into the underground to escape over run London,  projections on windows of flying through stations with zombies and tunnel zombies making a bumpy ride, then stopping in a station where the ride door at the end has a video screen showing the next part of the attraction where the train doors open and zombie actors flood the carriage attacking the riders. The train doors then open and an actor fends of a zombie urging them to run and escape to another train they've got working, then to the same area but the projection is of zombies coming up the tunnel and a zombie from behind chases you to the next train, on the next train is when the windows are actually projection canvases and going through underground tunnels again with zombies and then stops in a station and the canvases are removed to reveal zombies who reach through the window holes and then the door opens and they attack the riders which is recorded and played to the next group! The lights go out and the zombies leave and then turn on again, you exit and have a zombified photo from booth and can also buy the recording of the train
  • Old Town RETURN LOGGERS LEAP and a flat ride to replace Slammer
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Old Town:

Replace loggers leap with GCI woodie


Starts of in the station as a wood mill work shop, exits the station into a banked turn drop passing a falling tree effect with TIMBER audio, climbs a 120ft hill half way up enters a wooden hut with sawing sounds and a saw blade at the exit the riders then u-turn into a banked drop of 120ft with head chopper effect of going through hill structure, into a large banked turn above rocky express, into a 80ft speed hill then a 60ft speed hill into a ground level banked turn to a tunnel exiting to a 45ft hill with head chopper of the lift hill structure to turn around and s-bend through the lift hill structure with head choppers, and turn to the side with the drop into a tunnel break run passing a large painted loggers leap logo with are you brave enough to face the loggers leap the ride then turns and exits the tunnel to climb a 60ft lift hill to perform the same classic drop of loggers leap into a water spout splash down and then returns to the station.



Large kmg booster flat ride is also added on land side where the drop used to be themed to wood chopping


Medieval Realm/Island behind swam:

Intamin vertical drop and launch coaster


Queue line through castle dungeon leading up stairs to throne room loading station

Exits the station to a platform which rotates to face the loaded riders and then vertically drops 35ft in front of them exits the platform to see medieval punishment devices and large black hood in front of exit reveals eyes "I've got a new punishment for you" the ride then launches into an inverted top hat over a large blood spatter painted on the ground and exits into a speed hill and then banked turn and then a corkscrew and then climbing into the tower of the castle the door then closes behind the riders for complete darkness and the ride then vertically drops 35ft again and exits the platform for the train then returns to the station.

The land also features medieval style rotisserie and bakery as well as a blacksmith gift shop


The beach:

converted to house a top spin, because we all love a top spin ;) 


Thorpe Shark Hotel:

Removed once the new hotel opens 


Icarus- A sky hawk is placed on the land themed to old world wooden airplanes

Voyeur- A full 360 degrease pirate ship also opens on the land themed to an old Grecian sea boat 

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2021: Black Mirror opens to initially mixed reviews but improves later in the year. Quantum reopens. VIP Experiences are revived. For Fright Nights, the park announces a public vote to bring back one "legacy maze" from 2001-2019, without IP brands, which left the lineup.


2022: Creek Freak becomes a summertime scare maze from July to August. TWD loses its license and becomes an unbranded horror coaster with no preshow. Derren Brown reopens but has received pretty large downgrades from its original form, making it considerably less expensive to run but slightly less impressive than last time. Park announces the "Terrifying 5 Challenge" where you receive a free pop badge for riding all 5 coasters in one day, but only on selected dates strategically chosen to boost fast track sales. Samurai leaves the park at the end of the year.


2023: Samurai's replacement is a Moser Rides Top Star Tour. Lumber Jump and Timber Tug boat are sold off. Zodiac requires a new part which closes it for the majority of the season and Quantum's issues return. Quantum dies at the end of the year.


2024: The off season focuses primarily on making the park feel more welcoming to be at. Park gives permissions for some kind of TV show to be recorded at the park, giving Thorpe more publicity. Colossus's 22nd birthday is celebrated (Colo22us) with huge improvements to Lost City. The park gives its farewell to Angry Birds Land and the Thorpe Shark hotel's IP is extended. Vortex dies.

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