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Walt Disney World Resort

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Very excited for all these new rides and ideas, especially the tron coaster and Star Wars Land. Disney could be onto an absolute winner with that one and it's great to see so many new projects coming along.


One thing I'm not very happy about is the confirmed closure of the Great Movie Ride. As it looked an absolute master piece and would argue it's a greater loss than the DCA Tower ride. If they had to change it they could've at least just converted it to Disney movies only rather than purely a Mickey and Minnie ride.


Makes me sad I'll be missing it's closure by a year when I take my first trip.


Losing Universe Of Energy is still a shame, but was looking dated though.

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Ellen's Energy Adventure was a good laugh but it is quite dated now - amazing how even the "old" rides at Disney/Epcot are a lot more impressive than a lot of attractions over here :P


The Great Movie Ride is "classic" Disney and we did enjoy it when we went - I remember laughing quite a lot at the animatronic Tarzan and his battle cry as he swang in on a rope :D


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I always feel like the only person on Earth who doesn't give the tiniest crap about Star Wars, but it's clearly the franchise which will give them something to rival the draw of Potter at Universal. I'm sure it'll boost their fortunes for many years to come, unlike Avatar which is just a very pretty way to spunk billions of dollars.


It's over a decade since I've been, but I don't recall the Great Movie Ride as being particularly Great. Got to love a mine train though!

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Avatar? What's that? You honestly wouldn't know Disney had built an Avatar land, no one cares as expected.


Star Wars has expansion pads built in for a 3rd ride at both sites with Florida's able to grow more around Muppets 4D.


Great Movie Ride was nothing special from my memory, just really slow. But to have another ride closed at that park is just brilliant. And still no new name announced. I know they take a while to build stuff, but to rename a park? Come on guys.


Woo at Tron although it is just so they can close Space Mountain and fully refurb it, Ratatouille is an easy fix and very loose Guardians ride announcement. Yay. From what I've heard Universal and Disney had chats about the contract and came to some agreement that suits both parties (I.e Universal getting a new Marvel ride too, anyone remember the Iron Man flying suit concept thing?)


I'm impressed Disney announced so much stuff, especially as a lot of it isn't opening till 2021 but hey, Iger wants to leave on a power high (if he ever actually leaves).

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