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It'll be tragic. So many good games they could've chosen from yet they choose a badly animated game that has too much hype around it? Hopefully it'll just be like the Slender movie, never end up happening ;)

:( I wanted to be the one to write that script up and direct it :(

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If this does happen, hopefully it won't just follow the EXACT events of the game, but add in some other action WB possibly have in mind.


Maybe also this movie can drift across the three games! For example:


The film's first 5-15 minutes depict the events of Five Nights at Freddy's 2, eventually leading up to the disappearance and murder of the five children. The film then cuts 5 years later to the setting of the first game. This can possibly start with the aftermath of the "Bite of '87" with news reports flying around about the incident, including Fazbear Entertainment's announcement to "close Freddy Fazbear's Pizza by year's end". This is where Mike Schmidt (possibly the film's main character) makes his first appearance. From this point, the film follows the events of the first game (eg. Mike having to go through the night with the animatronics constantly trying to enter his office, sparking a lot of tension and/or jumpscares).


Obviously the third game will follow after this. However, I'm not too sure how I think it'll fit in. I'm not even sure if in the third game Mike Schmidt OR Jeremy Fitzgerald (from FNaF 2) are still around or if you're actually playing as one of these characters, but we can only hope that if this film really happens, the finished result will be something amazing. :)

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I guess it's one of those things in horror that has a small market.  Much like how there's a small market for people wanting to try things like McKamey Manor and things like that.


I thought the first one was pretty average in my opinion and ridiculously over-hyped.  The second one, however, was pretty brutal and 'better'; if that's the right word to use for these films!  Third one will no doubt be more gruesome and disgusting in some ways, but I think it'll struggle to have the same impact on me as the second one did.

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I believe Burton isn't directing the Alice sequel.  :)



The world of sequels and remakes. Once upon a time in a land not to different to ours there was a thing called an original idea...


What like Inside-Out. And Ant Man. And Tomorrowland. And The Good Dinosaur. And Moana. And Zootpia. 


None sequels or remakes =)

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Ant-Man this year as well...


And Black Panther & Dr Strange next year...


And GOTG2 at some point...



Black Panther I believe has been moved to 2018 we have Civil war next year  and Doctor Strange. the following year we get Thor Ragnarok,Spider man,  oh and GOTG2. Then in 2018 Infinity War part 1 Captain Marvel Black Panther and in 2019 Infinity war part 2 and finally to bring Phase 3 to a close Inhumans (which have already been introduced in one of there shows)

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