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Ride Accidents

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18 hours ago, pluk said:

Valencia, Christmas Fair, Smashing Jump injurers riders when power cut causes ride vehicles to lower aggressively. Isn't there one of these at winter Wonderland this year?

The one we have at Winter wonderland is manufactured by Sartori and the other common models of Smashing jump are usually manufactured by Fabbri and I have never heard of any accidents regarding smashing jumps made by these manufacturers.


The one in this article is manufactured by Safeco. We currently have a Safeco one touring in the UK called "Airmaxx 360" and it really runs like utter crap. This model(airmaxx 360) also used to travel in Australia before it came over to the UK and in Australia there was an accident where a boy got killed as he was too small to ride yet allowed on anyway and he fell out of the attraction which was a devastating incident.


Yeah, so we do have a smashing jump at winter wonderland, however its a different manufacturer and sometimes I think this can make a large difference as to the way a ride is run.

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20 minutes ago, TPJames said:


Great name!


I remember that in Australia, think it was on here a few pages back. Looks like one to avoid all round!





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