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Sea World

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Aren't the people against SeaWorld the same sort of people who hate zoos and stuff?


SeaWorld won't go bust, under same company as Busch Gardens, and that's owned by Blackstone... I'm sure that whilst the park has taken hits since Blackfish, the removal of the Killer Whales (I think that's still a thing) will probably boost the park PR a bit...


If they think they're cruel at SeaWorld, should never visit Drayton then...

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I've always thought that they treated the animals fairly but my sister disagrees.

She hates any animal cruelty but she's fine with zoos. I've told her I would only go for the rides - I don't like shows anyway - but she does not want me giving seaworld my money.

The reality is that she's going to university this year, and the possibility of going to Seaworld will be much higher!

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The killer whales aren't being removed anytime soon. They aren't breeding anymore and will stop the theatrical shows (note: they'll still have the shows, they'll just be purely educational with the whales swimming about instead of doing flips).

SeaWorld is one of the better places for looking after animals.


I thought this was only as San Diego and Orlando had no plans (for the moment anyway) to do this.

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it will be a great loss if PETA get their own way with seaworld, but it wont stop there they wont be happy till we are all vegetarians! Its a bit like the Asylum no we had here at thorpe (all be it on a much larger scale)


I find the thought of visiting seaworld and skipping the shows madness, they are a huge part of what Seaworld is, the B&M's will be there for years to come, the shows might not be so if your at Seaworld see the shows, there is plenty of time for rides after! 

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