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The 'Definitely 100% Totally Going to Happen' London Resort

Liam T

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Planning application gone in. 




I think the disaster of a year could help this project get the green light seeing as they belive it to bring in so much money. 


Some great new concept art too. 


Fingers crossed. We should know by the end of January.

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Bringing PY on board last summer does seem to have been a wonder move for this project. This is certainly the most optimistic I've ever felt about this project ever happening. And I think a large part of the reason it's at the stage it is now is because of PY's influence and lead.


I still won't believe this will happen until I see construction start. And even then I'll still have an air of doubt.


If it ever gets to a stage of opening, I don't see it being the quality or draw that they expect, at least for the first few years. But who knows...

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I seriously hope this happens and though I’m still in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” club right now, things are looking somewhat more optimistic and hopefully we will see things taking shape soon.


Theres still many hurdles ahead for this project and one has to hope it doesn’t end up like one of those that gets abandoned during construction or how Hard Rock park ended up.

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3 hours ago, alexander said:

Just when I think this project is dead, it crawls out of the woodwork, once again! It's hard to fathom that this could actually be happening now. When was this meant to be opening again? Wasn't it 2016? 😂

Its better than nothing...

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On 4/30/2019 at 4:56 PM, JoshC. said:

I've changed the topic title.


Certainly a much more accurate name ^_^


I feel like ever since I did this this project has actually made real progress. 


I still won't believe it till it's open, but if it does open, I will definitely 100% totally claim I was being serious and not in the least bit sarcastic.

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8 minutes ago, Benin said:

6.5 million people in a year seems... Optimistic? Unless they're playing the game of visitors to the resort generally rather than just to the park section of it.


I haven't gone through the documents in detail, but I would very much imagine that the projected numbers are always for the resort generally. Or at the very least, 'park + something'.


Then again, I seem recall earlier documents saying the whole resort thing would get 30million+ people a year. So 6.5m seems conservative now. Who knows.

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Some awesome information released from the London Resort on plans for the first area of the definitely going to happen London Resort. Looks stunning in the concept art and sounds excellent in the press release.


Two coasters including a 70mph 1km plus multi launch coaster is planned for the area as well as a high tech 4D ride, dinosaur dig experience, large arena and themed dining experiences. 


Looks fantastic. 


Peoples thoughts? 










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Sounds nice.


Will believe it when I see it.


A quote from this article reminds us it's still not all sunshines and rainbows ahead:



This comes after Gerbeau confirmed that the resort “will of course continue” despite the site becoming an SSSI. Prior to that, the project passed the first test of the Planning Inspectorate.

“Working with the Planning Inspectorate, we have requested further time to prepare for the formal enquiry later this summer,” said Gerbeau.  


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Perhaps surprisingly given the events of the last few months, the bosses have confirmed that they intend for the park to start construction next year, in anticipation of a 2024 opening: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/uk-disneyland-go-ahead-next-25603300.amp


I must admit, I’m slightly surprised that they’re still pressing ahead what with the major setback of the SSSI designation, but I must admit that their resilience does give me a sense of optimism that they’ll get it off the ground!


Being realistic, though, I’ll admit that a 2024 opening seems like an extremely tough target to meet at this point, and prior to today, I genuinely thought that they’d delayed it to 2025/2026 (I’m by all means open to surprises, but I’ll say that they’d have to be phenomenally quick to get this thing open in 2024 given that it’s nearly 2022 and the council haven’t even started assessing the application); assuming everything goes smoothly from here (and that’s far from a given, what with the last few months), I could maybe see 2025 or 2026, but 2024 seems like one heck of a tight deadline to meet. They’re going to have to get a real wriggle on to meet 2024; that’s only a little over 2 years away.


Assuming examination starts in 2022 and the application is approved in 2023, 2025 would fit with their previous construction timescale, but I’m unsure whether the SSSI designation means that they’d have to follow different construction methods (more sympathetic to the wildlife) that slow the process down, thus making 2026 a more attainable target?


I’m certainly cautiously optimistic that this thing could eventually happen, though… I’ll admit I’m perhaps less confident than I was a year ago when stuff was progressing so well, as something like an SSSI designation is a pretty big hurdle to overcome, but I do remain cautiously optimistic!

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Sorry to double post, but unsurprisingly, the opening has now been officially pushed back to 2025:
I think they’ve got a far better chance of meeting 2025 than 2024, personally; 2 years seemed like a phenomenally short amount of time to build a new park from the ground up, whereas 3 years seems perhaps more achievable, in my opinion.
On a side note, it would appear they’ve altered the concept art a fair bit; the British and French flags from the huge dome buildings are gone, for a start! Could this be the altered concept coming out of the SSSI designation?
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