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Stop slating Thirteen! It's a great family thrill coaster with a dark mysterious theme, a well themed station, a fun coaster section and a fantastic drop track element too and delivers some great force and pleasant air time.

It's also one of the few rides in Towers that appeals to everyone, from adventurous young families to thrill seekers. The only reason it has its issues is due to it was marketed.

Back to SW8.

Mitchada is right, we do need to see more immersive experiences now along the lines of Disney & Universal have given us (DBGT may be a start).

Although there's still a few coaster concepts I really want to see in the uk. These include a modern woodie (GCI or GG), an RMC or anything from Mack's latest showings.

I don't think SW8 will be a dark ride, but would be nice to see a ride that feels immersive, even as a coaster (Dutchman, Baron etc.).

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"BACK TO BASICS  Theme Park set to go back to old fashioned roller coasters after losing trust in modern steel ones. Alton Towers Resort have submitted plans for a roller coaster to made ent

I predict SW8 will open before WC16...

I look forward to seeing "AQUATRAX" posts for the next 2 years.

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Thirteen would be good if the entire outdoor section wasn't trimmed.  Completely ruins the coaster IMO.


The outside section is to lull you into a false sense of security. You always get the same reaction as you come into the crypt from new riders.. was that it? That is the intended reaction.


Stretchy's correct here, but I think another reason it's so trimmed is so it doesn't ascend the second lift too quickly?

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What I would like to be:

A GCI like Wodan, Joris or the yet to open ones at Heide and BGW

A Gravity Group like Cu Cumain [sp]

An RMC like Outlaw Run, Lightning Rod or Wildfire

An Intamin woodie like Balder

A B&M prototype 


What I don't want it to be:

An Aquatrax

A Gerstlauer

A strong IP based ride


What I would also like it to be [but probably won't be]:

A modern flume like Chiapas

A Mack launch like Helix or Blue Fire

A modern dark ride 



My bets are it'll be a Woodie with an intensity level towards the thrilling end of the family market. I think it'll be a 2018 opening considering planning, Flume still existing and rumours pointing to Heide getting the large investment next year instead of Towers.

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Let's stop talking about the valid reasons no one likes Th13teen and continue talking about this supposed RMC.


I love Thirteen. Even if everybody else apparently hates it. 


Then where did the idea of a wooden coaster originate?


Around 2003 when promo art of a valley woodie was doing the rounds on Alton Towers forums.

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The Towers woodie rumours were because the original plan for SW8 was to have a launched RMC in Forbidden Valley (replacing Blade and Ripsaw) and going into the Air car park...


Whilst the Smiler crash seemingly put this on hold, since it was meant for 2017, perhaps it's only the location which has changed...

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Wait Heide Park are getting another woodie?!

As far as I'm aware, no. Before Matt's post I was completely unaware of any rumours saying that there was going to be one.(Unless you meant Heidi as opposed to Heide Park!)

The longer the speculation goes on, the more I want this to be an RMC. I've never ridden one before, but I'd absolutely love to. They seem extremely popular and are taking the theme park world by storm.

Due to this, I've decided to be pessimistic and have low expectations. Therefore, I'd be overjoyed, amazed and awed if SW8 is an RMC.

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To clear things up bit. 


2017 prior to the accident was supposed to be Tower's high investment year [in the form of SW8]. However as a result of last summer's events and to perhaps give time for the park to retain gate numbers and public trust again, the high investment year has likely been pushed to 2018.


Merlin park's typically receive a major new ride about every 4 years and with Heide Park's last big thing being in 2014, there is a possibility it will be getting it's next big thing in 2017 instead of 2018. 


Next year is also supposed to be a high year for Legoland and Chessington, but I'm doubtful on the latter.

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Next year is also supposed to be a high year for Legoland and Chessington, but I'm doubtful on the latter.

Chessington's will likely be pushed back a year opening the gap for Towers. Isn't every year meant to be Chessie's big investment year?

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Towers Street have posted an image of what has been found on the planning website of Staffordshire Moorlands council. Supposedly the plan is just part of a structural assessment but clearly shows track. It looks like dueling track to me although I'm probably wrong.



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