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Wicker Man


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Before the concept for the smiler was decided. The park was extremely close to put a floorless coaster in within the Katanga Canyon sector of the park so I reckon that they will use that layout and place it into the area that will be cleared in Forbidden Valley with the departure of "The Blade" and the removal of trees

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As far as I'm aware, here's what I reckon will be happening for SW8

1/ It will either be an RMC or B&M prototype

2/ the coaster will either be in Forbidden Valley (where Blade & Ripsaw are) or Cross Valley

Hopefully the track will not be Merlin black, (since we have three coasters here already with that colour scheme)

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Some of the roller coasters at Alton Towers have been a first of it's kind (Air, Oblivion, Th13teen) and some of the roller coasters have had the first elements (Oblivion, Th13teen, Smiler).

What I'm trying to say is that I recon that SW8 may be the first of its kind or use an element that hasn't been used.

Either way it'll probably surprise us quite a lot.

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