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Disney & The Creek Part 2: Great Theming

Matt Creek


Welcome to Part 2 of Disney & The Creek-The Report. Previously we left you with some magical photos of Big Thunder amongst others. What other interesting sights is there to be discovered in what could be the happiest place in Europe?


Adventure Isle, home to some great theming


More Great Theming


Further great theming


And most importantly Pirates Of The Caribbean, an amazing ride full of great theming from the moment you enter the queueline.

Pirates Of The Caribbean is an absolutely stunning dark ride filled up with top notch theming, animations and a very catchy soundtrack. The ride is much better in person that what the pictures show and none of the POVs of the ride properly justify the greatness of this fantastic ride. 9/10.


This ride also features great theming


But unfortunately even great theming can't save a rough ride.

Indiana Jones is a film series I very much like and the theming for this ride which I think was redone in proper stone last year was absolutely fantastic.Unfortunately the ride experience does not live up to any of this as the ride is rough,painful and quite uncomftable, especially as you rise up from a drop and the ride slows down slamming you in to the restraint. Whilst some could argue the roughness fits in to the theme, for me it just detracts from the ride experience. 6/10

give this ride lap bars and it might actually be very good as it makes even Colossus look smooth.



Behold more great theming, unfortunately we can't access this due to green construction fences

This meant we couldn't see the Aladdin walk through :[


Ka & Zazu, these are nice additions and great theming to the area


And then there is Fantasy Land, an area full of magic, charm and great theming


And there's this ride, what a small world we live in?


With hapyy great theming

It's A Small World is a Disneyland park staple ride famous for it's appearance at the 1964 world's fair which Walt showcased. With it's catchy happy soundtrack [composed by the wonderful Sherman brothers] this surely has the potential to be a ride I quite like. The answer to this unfortunately is NO!

I wasn't a massive fan of It's A Small World [or at least the Paris version] as I didn't feel as immersed compared to other rides like Pirates or Big Thunder. It wasn't the repetitive soundtrack or perhaps creepy dolls that made me not favour this ride, but the ceiling. The ceiling is awful, it sticks out a lot more than it should and detracts the ride experience. I found myself looking up far too much during the ride as it sticks out like a sore thumb [like one of those styles from a 80's or 90's office block]. The ride very much just felt like travelling around a giant warehouse or office block that was converted in to a giant boat ride at some point. 3.5/10

I know this sounds harsh to pan a Disney staple classic, but the roofing style was that bad and really did downscale the experience. Why couldn't it have the same style interior to dark rides like Pirates & Phantom as the roof design on these rides are far more effective and do not detract the experience. Even the other Small Worlds like the ones in Orlando & California where even judging from POVs their interior design is significantly better and makes the ride feel more like a voyage instead of the 'travelling with a warehouse of different dolls' effect which it feels much more like in the paris one.

The ride here is set for a big refurbishment some point in July after Space Mountain opens up, which might be closed until Christmas, so hopefully maybe they will improve the ride's major faults [mentioned above] and make it feel more like the pleasant [but maybe repetitive] voyage around the world it should be.


Even more park upkeep work taking place here, but the end result will hopefully be great theming.


Tea Cups with great theming. Unfortunately we didn't get chance to experience these


And here's some great theming. Also, the castle's there too.

I bought myself a goofy hat during the trip [as someone suggested it], don't worry I didn't follow everyones suggestions during the trip as otherwise I might have returned dressed as Anna from Frozen for all I know :glare:

Those of you visiting/returning september will get to see me wearing my [perhaps iconic] Goofy Hat.




After this we left the main Disney Park to eat our lunch at somewhere we reserved earlier that day, full of excitement and great theming.



This Place was Cafe Mickey. And like what DLP was to me, Peaj had been waiting to go here since forever.



Hang on a moment, we're at Disneyland not Legoland [don't spoil things Merlin]. Actually this is the Lego Store in the Disney Village which opened last year.



Cafe [Mickey was great, because I got to meet Goofy, my distant cousin whilst at Disney



Alex meanwhile met Pluto who was behaving rather naughtily that day as he stole his hat just after this picture was taken.


Moments later we say hi to Mickey, who welcomes us to his restaurant


And just after we take our orders Chip from Chip N Dale arrives for a photo with Alex. He also steals his hat afterwards.



Mickey suggests what food Alex should have for main


Before sorcerer meets sorcerer



Then eventually our food arrives. I went for the chicken salad to start which was quite nice and started the meal off rather nicely.

I had a Burger for mains which was ok, but nothing much to write about really. The food at cafe overall okay which I would give a 6.5/10, but I found the choice of food a bit limited and most of the things on the mains were bit strange and not my thing so the burger was the only feesable choice on there really. Maybe I'm just fussy.


Peaj feels rather full after his meal at Cafe Mickey, but a little dissapointed he didn't get to meet his favourite of the bunch, Donald Duck.


After our generally good lunch, it was off to see what the second park at Disneyland Paris had to offer, Walt Disney Studios.

Full of some of the best and worst rides in the resort, we will come back to here on another trip report because I can focus more and because I want to keep you in suspense :ph34r: .

It was here Alex disappointingly found he could've bought his Ratatouille hat for a much cheaper price in the ride's shop [dear oh dear].


Where we went aboard Autopia. Shout out to Mark9's favourite ride <_<


Such an empty queue. The ride closed at 8pm that day due to reasons I'm not too sure. Glad I didn't queue up in all of this.


It's clearly not the best, nor the worst but it was very fun. It's very much like having you;re own Go Kart that you can speed around the track. it's perhaps a little out of place compared to other rides, but it's just one of those fun rides at Disney you need to do at least once and it's better than Paris's Small World to say that. 6/10


We also get some interesting views of the currently sadly closed Space Mountain.



[The sun starts to set in this magical place, but there's still more time to spend in the park/




Fantasy Land is so pretty at night


Now to do Peter Pan's flight, the first of the three Fantasy Land classic dark rides to try.

Whilst this is perhaps the weaker of the three classics due to it's slightly jarring scene changes within the ride, it's a charming little ride and the gimmick that makes up for this is the cars suspended beneath the track and makes it feel like you're flying through Neverland. The flying scenes through London is definitely the best part of the ride for me. 6.5/10


After returning from Neverland, but still having time before the magical dreams, there was only thing we could possibly do. Ride Big Thunder Mountain At Night [along with another ride on Pirates earlier on].

Whilst Thunder Mountain is good enough during the day, it becomes even more impressive and amazing in the dark, the impressive twists and turns in the dark in addition to the beutiful light clarity nearby teamed up by sitting towards the back made for some absolutely amazing rides in the dark.


Soon it reached 10pm when all the rides came to a stop. But no, it still wasn't the end as we headed to the centre of the park to watch the closing show Disney Dreams.



The Castle looks so pretty at night

Disney dreams was absolutely amazing. I won't spoil it too much for anyone who hasn't seen it, but very much it features segments of selected films all projected on to the castle along with lots of effects. It's very much like a disney fireworks show but much much better.





Once the show finished, we slowly left the park in the giant beeline of crowds [although stopping at one of the shops along the way]. But even at 10:45pm, the magic of day one still hasn't run out.




As we headed off to see the nightlife in the Disney Village


By drinking at Billy Bobs whilst watching some country bands perform.

The music was actually very good and I enjoyed it so much. I never thought I'd experience Disney and a night life in the same day, it was just fantastic.

A couple of hours and some more drinks later and we went off for a late night [Professor Drunk] Mcdonalds and had the usual Mcnuggets, chips and drink which tasted exacly the same as it does in the Uk. Even if I was sober I wouldn't have recognised the difference [Fuzzy Duck].

Once finished, a slow walk [as the trains stopped running and we could not find any taxis] through the Disney back to our hotel took place before we made it back to our Apart hotel around 2 in the morning ready to get a few hours sleep for the next day.

But what terrors and rock N roll's would we experience during our second day and would Animagique be tram tour of disaster? Watch this space for part 3 where the six of us [you heard that correctly] will see the wonders of the second day at Disney.


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