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    A very new and fresh looking Thunder River
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    Having only managed to try it just once today thanks to some monstrous queues in the whole park, I have some mixed opinions on the whole attraction, but overall really enjoyed it. There are some parts which I really enjoyed and liked which worked very effectively, but at the same time, it felt like parts of the attraction were left unfinished and empty. First impressions of the outdoor queue were average with a new coloured buildings and new music (which did turn out to be the music posted the other day from the 2009 animated film) and thankfully no more of that ghastly exterior music used before. Whilst there were no issues with this or with the moved entrance, once again like every single new attractions that is built now, there MUST be a green screen photo opportunity to upsell you on which has now been placed just before you go inside. Hardly surprised, but didn't appreciate this after waiting in line for 70 minutes and with Fastrack in full operation congesting the main queue. Ignoring that, the station area was quite nice and simple with what looks to be 2D drawings of the characters against the walls. Now I understand some have criticised this and have said it's cheaply done, to which I wholeheartedly agree with. But I got the impression that the build-up to the ride was supposed to be referring to the book instead of the animated film and once inside, it all comes to life with 3D characters. So I'm not that fussed about the station - It's simple, has better roofing and feels fresh again, plus it is a lot darker than when it was Bubbleworks which is a big noticeable difference for the whole attraction. Now onto the ride, this is where things begin to get mixed. Unlike Bubbleworks where everything was on a loop with no synchronised scenes to reflect the positioning of your boat, almost the entire ride up until the drop was timed so that when you enter each room, a voice read out passages from the book where some of them were shined onto the wall such as "A little brown mouse walked through the woods" as soon as you enter the first darkened room. This helped make the experience feel more complete and enjoyable and the mix of storytelling with the scenes was very well done. One of the biggest and most noticeable differences with it is how much darker and dimly lit all of the scenes are this time. Bubbleworks during its final years was almost entirely lit up which made everything easily visible. But this time, only the scenery and characters are lit with filtered lighting which draws your attention to them and not the surrounding enclosed walls. The lighting was very effective and is far better than what we had before. However, there were some scenes where there were blank walls with absolutely no theming or details whatsoever and this really aggravated me. At least with Bubbleworks you got a printed pattern or painting to look at, but this time, they are plain, white and ordinary. For instance when leaving the station down the ramp, that small room where the professor previously sat at his desk is now completely blank with white walls everywhere and no theming was added to the flooring either. All that happened was a projector shined on the wall with an animation of the mouse walking, with the words from the author read out. Not the best first impression of the ride, but after that, it gets a lot better. One thing that did surprise me greatly was the sheer size of the characters through various scenes. The 2nd room where Mouse encounters Fox for instance was simply enormous and was very close to you when you passed by! Same for Owl and definitely the Gruffalo. There were some thematic elements which involved the use of projectors and TV screens of the characters through these small windows, primarily from the animated film. Whilst I didn't necessarily have an issue with this, my worry is will they be maintained on a frequent basis to stop them from breaking or going wrong? If the park can do this then that's great, but if it ends up like Smiler's queue line where the projectors over time became dimmer, unaligned and frankly broken, the effect will become useless. The fact some scenes are almost entirely dependant on this has me concerned slightly. Something else that I couldn't help but notice is with the entire attraction being much darker inside than previously, it became quite hard to distinguish the walls and the whole thing felt smaller inside. So much so that I'd go as far to say slightly claustrophobic due to the close proximity of the characters with the boats. It didn't bother me at all, but thought it's something interesting to note. As for the drop and finale, this is now where your on-ride photo is now taken. Just before you reach the bottom, the Gruffalo appears above you with moving orange eyes and a flash, blinding you, takes your photo. Inside the finale, there are still SOME of the overhead fountains present, but only the ones where you are either entering or leaving the room, not in the centre where there is now a massive tree overshadowing you as you pass under with Owl looking down at you. The centre piece where the bathtub used to be confused me. From what I gathered, it looked like Fox's tail trying to run scared because of the Gruffalo, but maybe I'm wrong. In full, the finale still has plenty of lighting effects used in different colours with some of the fountains working and it is a much better room than what was there before. The best way I can explain is try not to think of this room as a finale anymore; just as the penultimate scene to the ride instead following what the book says. Lastly, the corner where after you just leave the fountain room is where the story finishes and Mouse is sitting on a log with his acorn, and you pass through a mist of air with a projection on it of what I believe is an animation of 'Gruffalo Crumble', as well as a vertical screen of the Gruffalo running away from the mouse, just like in the book and film before coming back into the station again. Nothing too dramatic, but a nice way to end the ride. So whilst there were some really good elements such as the lighting, atmosphere, story telling and effects, the big issue I have is with the longevity and lack of substance in some areas I've seen. The fact they have ripped out some areas and simply replaced it with white walls which are used only to project sentences from the book, along with some drawings really annoys me greatly because they could have used a lot of that space to add theming elements such as trees and bushes to fit in with the theme a bit better. You know, like the promo art suggests? That coupled with characters that hardly move at all in this attraction and are static, non-animatronics irritated me slightly too. But besides from that, this overall I would say is a far needed and I believe welcomed addition to the park. It's not perfect in anyway and there are some potential flaws with the design I can see with broken effects and lacklustre scenes, but all in all, I enjoyed this far more than what Bubbleworks was in it's final last years from 2010 onwards and I conclude this is a worthwhile investment made. Despite it appealing to the younger audience, it clearly still has a place for families and older members. All I can advise is get on it as soon as you can whilst everything is currently working to experience it properly! Bubbleworks (1990-2005): 8/10 Imperial Leather Bubbleworks (2006-2016): 4/10 Gruffalo River Ride Adventure : 7/10 (On-ride photo for those interested. I apologise. I can never seem to get a normal on-ride photo with my family for some reason... )
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    If it was the longest name we'd surely know of it. Gotta get a gimmick in there somehow
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    Hola! I’m excited to finally announce the details for our 2017 European trip to PortAventura! The dates for this meet will be Saturday 9th September - Tuesday 12th September. There is not a vote for this meet due to other commitments and trying to make the trip as cheap as possible for all. This is a longer meet than usual due to there being two parks and a waterpark which we will be visiting. PortAventura is a fantastic park and I would recommend a few days to get everything done (plus ride Baco until you break your backo). As this is a trip abroad it is strictly an over 18’s meet I’m afraid. I understand some of you may be disappointed about this, but due to the meet being outside the country it complicates matters too much! This meet is taking a lot of advanced planning and is obviously more expensive than a standard meet, which is why we are giving you plenty of notice to save up/book time off work etc. I have used Expedia to price up this trip and the cheapest I’ve found it (based on a room of 4) is £223 each which includes hotel, flights, park tickets (plus 1 day Ferrari Land entry) and breakfast each day. Obviously the earlier this is booked, the cheaper it will be. I have just booked a room of 4 for 4 members who have shown previous interest. I can help out with recommendations for booking, but it will be down to yourselves to book flights and accommodation how you wish. You can make your own travel arrangements, but these are our planned flights: We will be staying at the onsite Hotel El Paso which is a 4* hotel with onsite swimming pool, 2 restaurants and live entertainment. It is also a short walk to the park. Based on previous experience going to PortAventura, there is absolutely no chance I would recommend visiting this park without using their unlimited fastpass. As onsite hotel guests we get this at a discounted rate and it is valid for our entire stay (I believe it is around 50Euro’s each). This is something we will all be getting so please bare that in mind when calculating costs. Our previous European park visits have been absolutely fantastic and there is no reason why this would be any different. If you have any questions then please do feel free to message me and I will help as much as I can. Let me know below if you are interested in attending! Booked: Doc Kerfuffle Marc Martin.C Martin Doyle Matt Creek Mer (Maybe) Mr Fish Mrmonkey (Maybe) RobF (Maybe) Ryan StevenVig Terrortomb
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    Hello my fellow keen beans, At long last, I am here to start the topic for the Thorpe Park Open Season Meet 2017! The provisional date for this meet is currently Saturday, 25th March 2017, however you may vote otherwise if you wish, unfortunately the dates aren't especially flexible this time round simply because this is the first and only 'normal' weekend in March, so apologies for that! You will have two weeks to place your votes, and the polls will close on Thursday, 2nd February at 9pm! Should you decide to come out with us to the Island Like No Other, this is what we could be doing... 09:30- meet in the usual place by the AP entrance/cash machine, so we can promptly enter the park for 10 10:00 onwards- we will just be dithering about the park, going on what people want to ride until people get peckish (or hangry) 13:00-13:30- it'll be time for lunch! the group may split to go and have whatever tickles their fancy, or we might all fancy the same thing which would work out nicely 14:00/14:30 - park close- we'll all go back to getting on those rides until it's time to head off for the post-meet social! like we've done with the previous couple of meets, where we eat is all down to you forum lot, and there's always room for creams... I know that there will be a fair few rides that people won't want to/can't do (I am a veteran at scoping out benches myself by now!), you will of course be able to go off and do your own thing whilst you wait, but try to make sure you don't lose the group entirely There will again be no specific 'extra' meet points throughout the day for the sake of ease and simplicity so those latecomers can come to the group, as Ryan and I will both be running this meet I am sure either one of us would be able to come and fetch you if you're a bit lost! but remember, if you are late you will be left behind! If you are up for this meet, feel free to contact myself or @Ryan to let us know, and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below! Hope to see you there ***** Who's coming?? CWOAFanMalcolm (might be working, definitely coming for meal) (plus meal) Daniel.S312 (plus meal) David B (plus meal) Doc (plus meal) Duncanc Felicity (plus meal) Han30 (plus meal) Luke_A (maybe) Marc (plus meal) Martin C (plus meal) Martin Doyle Matt Creek (meal only) mattgwise Mer (plus meal) mrmonkey (maybe) Mitchada04 (plus meal) Paige (plus meal) he who shall not be named (plus meal) Roodie (plus meal) Ryan (plus meal) StevenVig Stuntman707 (plus meal) special guest (plus meal) TallGuyDom terrortomb (plus meal) Weronika (plus meal) welgoo (maybe) total: 23 (20 plus fooood)
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    Imagine a theme park that didn't have run down theming with the excuse that its meant to be old/abandoned... What magical places those must be...
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    I'm afraid it's just a sign of the times. This really isn't the park we all grew up with. A needlessly brand-centric one has taken its place. That's not necessarily anything new, but it really shows through in the way things are being driven. Transylvania was such a cool exciting name. A nice loud bit of fun for happy children. But why have drama and eccentricity when you can have generic brands and something as dull sounding as "adventure point"? Oh well, time to stop caring. Sorry, I'm out. Bye Chessington.
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    Literally driving home this evening and drive past a shop to see this out of the corner of my eye. Turn round and it's the feet from the Bubbleworks. Very random. A shop in Carshalton, Surrey.
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    2020 - The Return of Derren Browns Ghost Train : Rise of the Demon, the Demon Rises Again (TRODBGTROTDTDRA)
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    Europa, again

    I know it’s been a silly amount of time since I started this, let's wrap it up. The wait has been because sadly my old laptop has died, taking my photos with it until I work out how to rescue them, so shiny new laptop is good for me and means I can finally write this, but a text only end to this is less good for you, dear reader... My only other experience of a Mack spinner is Sierra Sidewinder at Knotts, which is such a pathetic sucky excuse for coaster I wasn't expecting anything from Euro Mir, but it's ace! The lifthill of forever gives some good fun rave times, the first half of the coaster section with the slow spinning I found strangely unnerving because of the height and feeling of hanging over the edge of the track, and the second half so unexpectedly intense it shocked me. I love spinners in general, and this is one of the best. 9/10. The other big old coaster I was less of a fan of, it's just so uncomfortable in there. Euro Sat I can only assume is themed to replicate the inside of an oven, the slow climb steadily reaching into hotter and hotter air until just when I thought I could take it no more it slams you through its manoeuvres relentlessly until it smashes to an end on brakes, which feel like a lump of concrete has been left on the tracks. I don't know at what temperature steel melts, but I was fully expecting the track to fold away from underneath me like plasticine at any moment. I can appreciate the craziness, but it's just a little too chaotic for me. 7/10 Then we come to the two newest coasters at the back of the park in Blue Fire and Woodan, and they both blew me away. Woodan is rough enough to know it's wood, smooth enough to be enjoyable for everyone. It flies though the course throwing little nuggets of airtime at you over and over, doing nothing too extreme to offend, but never being dull for a moment. It is perfectly executed from the first step into the queueline until it slides back into the station. Except maybe that adverse camber turn into the lifthill - that freaked me the hell out. Blue Fire I'd probably rate as the best in the park. My first Mack launch, and they clearly should be everywhere. The launch smooth and powerful with the train seeming to crackle down the track and the layout fantastic; probably the best series of inversions on any coaster anywhere, especially the last one where the train seems to disappear from beneath you mid inversion. And it's all made so enjoyable by the comfort and freedom of the restraints. Both a solid 10/10. The place is so huge I could write for pages and pages (I know, I already have!), even on just the outstanding bits, which are many. But I won’t, so just to cover a few bits which stand out in my memory… - Arthur (or '**** ***** *****, the ride' as we called it owing to the slightly lively lyrics for a children's ride) is an odd one. We really enjoyed it and the theming is well done, but as an advert for the ride from Mack it seems to be a bit of a shocker with loads of downtime, seats out of action all over the place and a locker room of faff which just does not work. The queue was always slow, long, hot and tiresome, which obviously stands out a mile in a park so obsessed with efficiency. It’s decent enough when you’re on it though. They’ve also taken the two best kiddie rides from Holiday Park with the drop towers and bouncy roundabout thing, which is a nice support selection. - Pirates of Somewhere other than the Caribbean was a blast, really well done, and the second visit to the Wicked Witches clamshells of my youth were vastly superior to the previous encounter on this trip, even if a hanging is a bit strong! Other than that though I think the other dark rides slightly let the park down, with the already mentioned Cassandra, the dinosaur ride being dull and tired, the shooter very forgettable, and the Bench Christmas thing sitting uncomfortably close to embarrassing even if it does just about manage a little hint of charming. - You can really see and feel the quality in the upkeep and theming of Europa on rides with direct UK comparisons; the teacups glide fast and effortlessly, the pirate ship looks like it was built yesterday, the seastorm boats in a room of effects. It’s all like new. - The rest of everything is pretty much all fantastic; I'm particularly fond of a bobsled and this ones great, the logflume/coaster diamond mine interaction, unexpected things to stumble upon like the crown jewels thing, the food being so authentic to the areas, food loop, beer everywhere, stunning extravagant shows, happy enthusiastic staff, wonderful hotel facilities open to all. I could go on for ever more. Everyone said 2 days wouldn't be enough. They were right. I'm not sure two weeks would be enough, I don't think I could ever get enough. Nowhere is without its faults, but Europa has instantly become my favorite theme park in the world. I feel like I've visited at the right time too; the two newest coasters really round off a hell of a collection, and unfortunately I'm not particularly interested in project V. So for now I've had my fix. As we sat with our cocktails under the dancing fountains of Bell Rock on our last night we decided that we most certainly will be back... TLDR - The message is Go to Europa Park!
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    ^ So the redevelopment is progressing well then...
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    You forgot the part where they turn one train backwards.
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    Agreed. Otherwise expect HORROR RIDE AT SURREY THEME PARK headlines come opening day! * Riders stuck for 30 minutes in pouring rain * Eye witnesses reported test dummies being sent round before the ride opened later then scheduled at 11am * Dave (19) said the experience meant "He weren't gonna go to theme parks no more" (sic) and "Surely if they are testing it with dummies it ain't safe" * THORPE PARK - home of "The Colossus" is owned by Merlin Entertainments who also operate Alton Towers, where the Smiler ride caused unprecedented injuries in June 2015 Easy this journalism lark...
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    the fact that you can conclude that from a poorly photoshopped image like that is astonishing. Please go and do some investigation work for the met. I think you'd do great.
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    About time I came to one of these meets. Please put me down. I am very quiet around new people initially as a heads up I shall attend the meal if it's not too late, but no worries if it is as I can see a lot of people are going and can't be easy organising.
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    That's because by the time you've said the new name of the ride in full you forget what words you started the sentence with.
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    In the past four years both Nemesis and Oblivion have been repainted. Not bad for a company that doesn't give a damn.. All that picture TLC tells me is that rainbow stairs age quickly.
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    Things can always be improved upon but homogenising the park's music to entirely IMA score (which is just a company favoured by parks, not some kind of musical divinity that instantly improves everything they touch, like they are often treated) will start to really deconstruct the rides' identity. Whose to say the soundtracks didn't have an enormous amount of effort put into them in the first place? The entrance theme previously used was well known but suited an older version of the area, and didn't nearly gel as well. So I can easily see why music was replaced there. Nemesis Inferno however, which actually has a very surprisngly well written theme, really sonically good, unique and a big part of the ride's identity - the idea that you can just "upgrade" it with the latest flavour of the day is something that has happened time and again with parks, it doesn't work. That just fiddles around with the ride's identity. Crispin Merrel (who also did Hex) wrote the Inferno music, and with its original sound system and set up, it sounded ace. No need to change it. It would be throwing away something special for the sake of the latest theme park fad. It needs a new sound system, not more easy money for IMAscore and their popular 'brand' of soundtrack. You just know IMA score would produce overblown swelling orchestral stabs and with no melody, stick some jungly sounds on it and amplify it to sound flash on YouTube. Because that's what theyre good at and always askd to do by UK parks for some reason. Do we really want the whole park to sound like that? If theyre going to change the music, change the whole ride theme too.
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    It is reassuring to see new footage being made for the VR. Hopeful they have actually listened to everyone's feedback that the last scenes were rubbish.The sign is nice, I like the metalwork and the layered red background shadowed by the text. The rivets make it look a bit like a boiler case. It would hae been easy to do a printed plastic sign but it is nice to have a proper one. I do appreciate extra details like this.
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    You compare Merlin to Universal and Disney, two other even bigger, more corporate and marketing led multinational companies. My post was nothing to do with stopping people being excited. I don't know why people have taken it personally, if you want to believe in Thorpe's latest video designed to make you excited of course you can. I'm not trying to be negative. Maybe people could let me express my perspective as well about how misleading and false this kind of advertising is. Disney's and Universal's is even more brainwashing if anything, except they create much better quality attractions regardless. (not commenting on how recently Disney is also going down the globalised IP route recently... sad to see) If you are confused by criticisms of Merlin then I recommend going to work for them or learn about how the company works. It's not a coincidence their parks are run by such a big company yet are so poorly maintained, poorly developed with 4-year lifespan commercial attractions (dressed up as "cutting edge" and "world first" all the time to blind people to their mediocre entertainment factor), and their staff/resources so underfunded. You compare it to Tussauds, it's well known that Tussauds was butchered in the 2000s exactly the same way that Merlin now is - by poor managements taking over, short term profit policies introduced and corporate shareholders taking over who don't care for anything but numbers and expansion. The Tussauds before this, however, was a totally different company that gave us amazing attractions, best known being Nemesis and Alton Towers in the 90s, old Chessington (when it was fantastic fun), and the beginnings of Thorpe Park as a thrill park.
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    Alton Towers have posted a blog detailing the work that has taken place to Hex; https://www.altontowers.com/useful-info/blog/the-return-of-hex-the-legend-of-the-towers/ Last year's closure aside, I can't credit them enough for this. It sounds as though a huge amount of work has been put in to improve the quality of the experience, all those changes are fantastic and should hopefully make for a hugely improved attraction. Great work Alton!
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    People know what they want and not what they need. The surveys would have of course said "It's not scary enough". What people would have actually responded to is just the ride being better engaging and better structured. There are many greater creative things you can do than have a man talk to you, then a 'posessed' woman (the biggest horror cliche ever) crawl through a window, and a demon growling in your face. So much of the ride was under-used in the original version in favour of the token VR. Just making something scary is the easiest option. Put people in a pitch black room with lots of tension and have a sudden loud noise or a chainsaw, etc, that is as scary as it is really possible to get in an attraction. Theres very little real substance in that kind of thing, anything else is just a variation on that old tension/jump format. To really make people entertained (and more scared while your at it) is to make the whole thing more effective, more substantial and more theatrical. Not so cheap feeling. When people said it wasn't scary enough, their subtext is that it wasn't effective enough on the whole and so they felt underwhelmed at the end. If alll they have done is leave the attraction's many flaws in place, while just swapping out the VR graphics and adding a jumpscare maze ending, that will be very disappointing. Here's hoping the entire thing is taken in a whole new direction.
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    All UK Thrills and Attractions have posted an update on the Gruffalo attraction showing the ride boats scattered around the old Carousel site. The boats have been repainted a wooden brown on the outside and lighter brown on the inside. I would say the outer layer resembles the old Professor Burp style boats, but I'm probably wrong. Different ride anyway. Can't help but also notice the fence in the background. Probably a new inflatable game attraction.
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    I'll be surprised if they get any new footage of Derren as he has distanced himself from this as much as possible it seems.
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    Whatever they do with HEX, I just hope they've left the music alone!
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    Wow yeah that's just....How on earth did they manage that! There's 30 years of management decisions summed up in that elephant.
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    Towers really has enthusiasts wrapped around their little finger. Post a picture of a set of stairs being repainted on Twitter, get 100+ interactions, multiple fansites positively comment on it on their social media and pages of discussion across many forums. Means that hundreds, possibly thousands, of people become aware of something that otherwise would have gone unnoticed by the large majority and many enthusiasts wouldn't have commented on. I might not like the idea of the Twitter account, but it's easy to see why they'll continue using it.
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    Slammer's annual "is it dead?" topic revival has come early I see...
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    Maybe it couldn't...bear to see the ride's fate. (I'm so sorry...)
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    I don't think anyone would mind if Storm Surge was replaced by an actual turd...
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    Abandoned themes are certainly the least attractive kinds of theme. At least the Victorian take was slightly refreshing - not like this scrapheap. Come on thorpe.
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    Lets face it, whatever will be used will not compare to the Bubbleworks theme in anyway.
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    It is a Merlin issue, and I am against this kind of hype wherever it appears - in all the super commercial powerful companies. Merlin overhype and dupe their staff just as much as they do it to the public. Does that mean it should just be accepted as a necessity and people shouldn't be encouraged to think for themselves? It was the smokescreen behind which Derren Brown's Ghost Train masqueraded last year, and now they're trying to do it again. Which is why I brought it up in this topic. You may remember how excited people were when the had Derren Brown claiming it would "Completely rewrite what a theme park can do" - when what they actually meant was they'd forced some VR for the sake of VR on to an attraction idea they already had going, thrown lots of money at it (in the wrong places) and never actually thought things through properly. This goes way back to ever since Merlin started their hyperbole PR style. So when will people realise they're just very very good at misleading guests? It's nothing to do with getting people excited the way I see it, it's all to do with hiding their mess and keeping fans loyal regardless of the poor new attractions, closed old attractions, etc..
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    Ugh, why do they have to go and slap the station music on everything? That piece is meant for a big sound hall, not tinny queue line speakers. Audio creativity has slipped quite a bit at Chessington recently...
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    It is a prototype design, that's all that means. Like most attractions around the world in one way or another. If they want to update it with newer technology in years down the line, then they will have to pay, and it is the willingness to spend any money on existing attractions - not the willingness to use technology - that is Merlin's big flaw. I don't want to sound like I'm just being pessimistic, I'm being honest, this happens all across Merlin. Proper coolant systems were not in the design for the ride originally because it was an oversight and a corner being cut basically, and it came to bite them. And quite rightly to be honest, it is very basic, if they wanted a proper VR attraction they need to learn to stop cheaping out on back-end systems and contractors. This article may have good intentions, but it is pure PR. A bit concerning how Merlin keep trying to use jargon to out-impress the general public regardless of whether the attraction is entertaining, to make out they are right on the ball when they're not. It reeks of telling people what to think and not to think for themselves, and that is my issue with Merlin's attractions. Is the ride any good? No, but it's CUTTING EDGE and LATEST TECHNOLOGY so that's all that matters apparently. They don't need Derren Brown to brainwash people it seems.
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    I think it's time I update my top 10's again.
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    A Merlin version of Professor Burp's would be the biggest tragedy known to man, they would go to town with brandifying it and sucking out its soul, we already had the 2p budget Prof Burp 'tribute' and that was quite enough! (not the actor's effort, he was great, didn't really have a clue about the ride but did so well with what he'd been given! the park's attitude I'm on about) Merlin wouldn't (and don't) understand the ride's appeal, because it was about colour and energy rather than IPs or abandoned warehouse "serious and edgy" themes.
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    http://www.attractionsmanagement.com/detail.cfm?pagetype=detail&subject=news&codeID=330532&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter This article was retweeted by the Thorpe Park twitter account. Seems to give an insight into some of what can be expected this year. New footage pleases me greatly if true!
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    There's still theming on Rumba?
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    Call me a cynic but I'm 99% sure that "advert" was never intended for television use at all and the story was just created to try and re-build up some "hype" for the ride
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    Could it maybe not have anything to do with the film and just be called Wickerman , with a giant wickerman to go with a fabricated towers story similar to hex? That wouldn't be that bad
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    They match the linked people in the photo of the actors on the bridge and the photo of his coffee he tweeted. Don't know what it's all about though! 5 lines of string tying his mouth, 5 people linked arms and the same in the coffee: