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    Its fine I'm pretty sure Matt isn't a terrorist.
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    They said "pine", wooden coaster confirmed.
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    Hopefully Platform 15 won't return in any form, I've never known a "horror" attraction be so awful.
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    Hola! I’m excited to finally announce the details for our 2017 European trip to PortAventura! The dates for this meet will be Saturday 9th September - Tuesday 12th September. There is not a vote for this meet due to other commitments and trying to make the trip as cheap as possible for all. This is a longer meet than usual due to there being two parks and a waterpark which we will be visiting. PortAventura is a fantastic park and I would recommend a few days to get everything done (plus ride Baco until you break your backo). As this is a trip abroad it is strictly an over 18’s meet I’m afraid. I understand some of you may be disappointed about this, but due to the meet being outside the country it complicates matters too much! This meet is taking a lot of advanced planning and is obviously more expensive than a standard meet, which is why we are giving you plenty of notice to save up/book time off work etc. I have used Expedia to price up this trip and the cheapest I’ve found it (based on a room of 4) is £223 each which includes hotel, flights, park tickets (plus 1 day Ferrari Land entry) and breakfast each day. Obviously the earlier this is booked, the cheaper it will be. I have just booked a room of 4 for 4 members who have shown previous interest. I can help out with recommendations for booking, but it will be down to yourselves to book flights and accommodation how you wish. You can make your own travel arrangements, but these are our planned flights: We will be staying at the onsite Hotel El Paso which is a 4* hotel with onsite swimming pool, 2 restaurants and live entertainment. It is also a short walk to the park. Based on previous experience going to PortAventura, there is absolutely no chance I would recommend visiting this park without using their unlimited fastpass. As onsite hotel guests we get this at a discounted rate and it is valid for our entire stay (I believe it is around 50Euro’s each). This is something we will all be getting so please bare that in mind when calculating costs. Our previous European park visits have been absolutely fantastic and there is no reason why this would be any different. If you have any questions then please do feel free to message me and I will help as much as I can. Let me know below if you are interested in attending! Attending: Doc Marc Matt Creek (Maybe) Mr Fish Ryan Terrortomb (Maybe)
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    You...do realise if this actually happens we'll have to chase you down brandishing pitchforks for giving them ideas, right?
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    I'll be surprised if they get any new footage of Derren as he has distanced himself from this as much as possible it seems.
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    All UK Thrills and Attractions have posted an update on the Gruffalo attraction showing the ride boats scattered around the old Carousel site. The boats have been repainted a wooden brown on the outside and lighter brown on the inside. I would say the outer layer resembles the old Professor Burp style boats, but I'm probably wrong. Different ride anyway. Can't help but also notice the fence in the background. Probably a new inflatable game attraction.
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    Yes.. Loggers is 100% opening.. And Alton are getting a Aquatrax next year..
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    1) Chessington is open 2) No one said anything about Merlin parks. But oh well. 3) At no point during any of the Merlin parks' February events have they ever experienced long queues. The line up they provided suited the crowds that came. 4) Marc's point was a tad tongue-in-cheek. Seems to be a case that the masses descended to Big One at a certain time. What other rides are actually open at Blackpool atm? Might be a case that the place needs to try and be better prepared for the crowds in future, by adding more rides or more capacity to what they've got open. But then that'd require more money for more engineers and whatnot, so seems doubtful.
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    In the clip 'in the busy summer, queues can get up to 45 minutes'. How those have changed along with the prices. Hello 120 minutes for Fury and Vampire.
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    That's because by the time you've said the new name of the ride in full you forget what words you started the sentence with.
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    The above status is probably just teasing us because the park will be open again next month. A giant Top Spin would perfectly compliment the line up, alongside a freshly repainted Colossus snd second Detonator tower with a tidal wave fire ball going off in the distance. What a show!
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    It's still a big investment, a big production at least, the fact Derren Brown was super-inflated expensive wasn't the reason it was delayed, or why every Merlin project ever has been delayed. Building a dark ride is a big challenge. Though I believe the original Bubbleworks opened on time in May (bearing in mind it had been built from scratch, and the team also had to complete The Vampire the same winter). The Tomb Blaster redo thingy not opening on time last year was a right embarassment, they managed to take longer to install a fire exit and some half-arsed equipment than it took to build the whole of Terror Tomb from a totally empty building in 1994.
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    Hahaha my thoughts precisely! Such a long + awkward acronym just screams Merlin 😂😂👌🏼 Honestly though, just to contribute to the main topic of conversation; I've never been a huge fan of the ride. I SO wanted to like it but the flaws were strikingly obvious from the start. And that second VR section... just no. No thanks. hoping for improvement on that GREEN MIST if nothing else. A scare maze surely couldn't make it worse than it already is, though it surely won't make it better either. Simply I just don't care if it gets one or not, I've lost hope in this attraction 😂😩
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    A red wall is all fair and well until we discover Nemesis' backside hasn't been painted for next season...
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    http://www.attractionsmanagement.com/detail.cfm?pagetype=detail&subject=news&codeID=330532&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter This article was retweeted by the Thorpe Park twitter account. Seems to give an insight into some of what can be expected this year. New footage pleases me greatly if true!
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    There's still theming on Rumba?
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    the issue is, as has been spelt out over years and years of bickering, you are perfectly fine to slate merlin parks for parallel problems but as soon as blackpool has similar goings ons you flip it all on its head, which is great because you're seeing the best of a situation, but it's also bad because it's a highly hypocritical thing to do when you seem to reserve it for parks that aren't merlin. It is bad that pmbo only has 1 train running. that's a fact, but at the same time their ride line up this early is pretty acceptable (sorry, I'm not very bright and have a limited vocabulary) (no). Considering the vast majority of their attractions are open already is very good, it's just disappointing they didn't prioritize work on their biggest one. This is technically the start of their season, with weekend openings at least now until the end of the year, so I'd expect a similar response from all members if other parks have a similar issue. If not then you're all silly
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    Anyone know how the Merlin parks got on then? Oh wait... they're shut. I had a brilliant day at BPB today, regardless of one train. The reason(s) for PMBO being on one are that the second and third trains are/were still in maintenance and the lifthill has been replaced and therefore needs to be run-in. I'm just greatful that they've got it up and running so early in the year.
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    Going back to free flow vs conga line discussion... I don't think there is necessarily a 'better' one, and different mazes will suit different styles. Being in a conga line means that guests will have their hands on the shoulders of the person in front, which straight away creates an open torso, which can make people feel more vulnerable. People don't want to get lost from the group, so will keep a firm group on the person in front, rather than cover their eyes with their hands, which makes it perfect for jump scares that appear out of nowhere. So labyrinth style mazes (ie mazes with one obvious, few large spaces for guests to go in, etc.) usually work better with hands-on-shoulders, since those mazes usually utilise jump scares the most. Free flow allows for people to explore more. Be that through multiple choices, larger scenes or other forms of interactivity. Jump scares are usually less effective in this sort of environment, and scares come out of tension-building, mis-direction or from the natural interactivity. But you need to ensure that there is enough for people to do, and that the scares happen frequently enough, otherwise people can relax - put their hands in their pockets and treat it as a stroll through a building - or they'll huddle together and make any scares coming their way less effective. This is why I think MBV was so poor for me. The layout was very labyrinth-style, and the interactive elements (tunnel and air bag thing) do very little by themselves and didn't have actors to go with them. Sure, the maze was claustrophobic and noisy, but it was easy to distance yourself from the maze because of the free flow nature. Had it been hands-on-shoulder (say the tunnel didn't exist), it might have worked much better for me. I guess one thing with Platform 15 we have to consider is that space for attractions is at a premium. After 2015, where the Beach and Big Top flooded a lot, it's understandable they don't want to use that area. And I can't think of any other places on park which aren't being used that could be used for a scare attraction (only place that springs to mind is the marquee but I think there's quite a lot of logistical issues with that making it highly unlikely). And given they probably had to spend a fair bit making that walkway safe to use, they will want to use it as much as possible. And let's not forget that Big Top, Blair Witch, Curse all received poor reviews in their first year, but all came back and were improved upon.
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    I suppose, worst case, my demon costume can be painted brown for 2018. Can't need too much tweaking to change it to a Gruffalo
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    Experiment 10 was on another level compared to the mazes they have now, it's hard to describe but it created such a buzz when it opened. The entire maze was just so well done - the atmosphere in the gas chamber, fear of being locked in the containment rooms on your own and then the maze that followed was still very good. Unfortunately when it returned in 2012 everything had been tamed/ruined, and the "new ending" was lacklustre. I think that Thorpe's previous mazes (especially Asylum, E10, Hellgate) were far better than the ones they have now, but that's just my opinion.
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    Yes Tower of Terror is a legend and amazing, but there is nothing to say this won't be a great attraction. The only thing that's going to stop it is people constantly reminiscing. I think the tower is going to look really cool and intimidating, the story could be great and end of the it's a glorified drop tower. Yes it's a shame to see Terror go but at least wait for some reviews of this new version before hating on it. Business is business, synergy is the way forward and so are IP's sadly.
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    Whatever they do with HEX, I just hope they've left the music alone!
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    The Gruffalo is delayed as per Merlin tradition and likely open in April, despite the advertising
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    I wish, Patrick Bateman is a hero
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    Its my fave ever thing that people think this is serious hahha 😂😂 coming from the same man who told me "the chessie lion cubs are upside down 4 2018 m8888" 😂😂
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    Platform 15 can't come back because Loggers is reopening this year.
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    2016: Everyone owns an Xbox One and or a PS4. Thorpe however give us an experience featuring hideously unstable PS2 graphics. I know, I'm still scratching my head over this today.
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    https://www.thorpeparkmania.co.uk/news/19-02-2017/February+2017+Update small update from today !
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    merlins, light water, blackpool & paultons, theeeennnnn Europa Phantasia (no doubt multiple times) Trip to america!: Coney Island luna park Lake Compounce Six Flags new england Hersheypark ((((:
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    Good choice. It's as dull as ditchwater and I'm always amazed when I see it on people's top 10's.
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    Was saying to @RubyRed95 t'other day - it amazes me that IACGMOOH is "only" 2 years old... it feels like we've had it a lot longer Is this year the last year of the IP before it's due for renewal? Gruffalo Maze, lads?
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    There will be a time somepoint in the future where Colossus will most likely be replaced, as unfortunately one day the ride will be too old to operate and not to mention the ride's apparent structural difficulties (relating to the ground situations). It's also worth mentioning there is only one major area of park expansion currently, two if poor Loggers has gone forever. Further infilling at the park is currently not an option as the formation of new land often means existing land must be flooded to compensate the loss of water. A wild guess of when Colossus screws out of the lineup, would be when the coaster reaches 25-30 years of age, given the timeframe when most other steel coasters before have kicked the bucket, whether that be Corkscrew, Rattlesnake (PWH) or Big Bad Wolf. This would imply it could be around 2027-2032 (assuming Thorpe hopefully still exists) when the ride is potentially up for removal and replacement. Based on current trends should they continue, the park would've seen at least two large investment years between then, with the island next to Swarm used for one of these investments. But this is all very far ahead in the future and who knows what will happen then. Colossus in the present is almost 15 years old in it's sixteenth year of service (scary how long it's been around now) and theoretically middle aged (as steel coasters go). Will the ride receive more than escential maintenance year such as a paint job or adjustments? Probably not. All I can say is, enjoy the ride now whilst it's around. For some it may not be the best or as good as Swarm or Stealth for example, but it's the ride that put Thorpe on the map.
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    Hello my fellow keen beans, At long last, I am here to start the topic for the Thorpe Park Open Season Meet 2017! The provisional date for this meet is currently Saturday, 25th March 2017, however you may vote otherwise if you wish, unfortunately the dates aren't especially flexible this time round simply because this is the first and only 'normal' weekend in March, so apologies for that! You will have two weeks to place your votes, and the polls will close on Thursday, 2nd February at 9pm! Should you decide to come out with us to the Island Like No Other, this is what we could be doing... 09:30- meet in the usual place by the AP entrance/cash machine, so we can promptly enter the park for 10 10:00 onwards- we will just be dithering about the park, going on what people want to ride until people get peckish (or hangry) 13:00-13:30- it'll be time for lunch! the group may split to go and have whatever tickles their fancy, or we might all fancy the same thing which would work out nicely 14:00/14:30 - park close- we'll all go back to getting on those rides until it's time to head off for the post-meet social! like we've done with the previous couple of meets, where we eat is all down to you forum lot, and there's always room for creams... I know that there will be a fair few rides that people won't want to/can't do (I am a veteran at scoping out benches myself by now!), you will of course be able to go off and do your own thing whilst you wait, but try to make sure you don't lose the group entirely There will again be no specific 'extra' meet points throughout the day for the sake of ease and simplicity so those latecomers can come to the group, as Ryan and I will both be running this meet I am sure either one of us would be able to come and fetch you if you're a bit lost! but remember, if you are late you will be left behind! If you are up for this meet, feel free to contact myself or @Ryan to let us know, and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below! Hope to see you there ***** Who's coming?? Amarghh BaronC. Cian (maybe) Daniel.S312 (plus pizza) David B (plus pizza) Doc (plus pizza) Duncanc Han30 I'm GROOT (plus pizza) J.S217 Marc (plus pizza) Martin C (plus pizza) Martin Doyle Matt Creek Mer MilesK Mitchada04 (plus pizza) Paige (plus pizza) he who shall not be named (plus pizza) Roodie Ryan (plus pizza) StevenVig Stuntman707 terrortomb Weronika total: 22 (10 plus pizza)
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    You forgot it's not ORDINARY steel set up by not ORDINARY men...
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    The creative lead from MMM has told me it will deliver on time by March 18th. Keep Calm and Carry On.
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    After The Smiler and Ghost Train, I wouldn't get your hopes up.
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    - Playing Brighton, who could go top with a win - Go 2-0 up - Get a penalty - Miss a penalty - Concede 2 goals - Make it 3-2 in the fourth minute of added time - Miss a one on one - Concede in the 7th minute of added time Wtf just happened
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    Crouch End, Haringey, Norf Landan. The most middle class yummy mummy area and I hate it. We are surrounded by Tottenham, Finsbury Park and Finchley though - so my school is incredibly diverse, which is great! Another positive is that it's a 15 minute walk from my house to the Emirates.
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    Thought I'd post this in here even though it's not officially set yet but I'm planning to go to this and wondered if anyone else is keen to go? Would be nice to go with a few people before it really opens and before the meet!
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    Of all the criticisms that could be thrown at Fright Nights, I don't think a lack of uniqueness is one of them. Outdoor attractions are rather uncommon, especially in a more set attraction format (most outdoor scare attractions are scare zones). Cabin's free-flow, choose-a-door style was original, and still remains rather unique. Of the top of my head, I can't think of many specific scare events that offer, albeit mini, escape rooms either. And they've never been afraid to try something different or unique in recent years either - Experiment 10 and The Passing being prime examples. In some ways, we are spoilt for choice a bit, and with Towers pushing the boundaries a lot more lately, it does under-value the uniqueness of Thorpe's mazes somewhat - especially since everyone visiting Thorpe will know of Towers. One could argue that Thorpe's biggest downfall at the moment is their inability to be able to produce a quality, 'standard' maze. And that's not the park's fault either - they don't have a huge space they could use to create a standard, conga-line maze with rich theming, lots of special effects and so forth. Compare this to all other major scare events in the country, who all have large spaces which can be used / converted into scare attractions.
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    Fright Nights needs a big shake up (and was due one last year I believe but it only semi happened). The movie idea was nice, kinda worked to begin with but now it's just a mess with a handful of Lionsgate IP's, some clowns and a train. So we're back in the era of random mazes which is fine! But, back then we had a strong theme of the roamers, something that used to be standout at Thorpe for me and now they're really lacklustre. The park just lacks any atmosphere at FN I feel. I think the key is, FN used to be lighthearted, fun, the announcements were jokey, random theming and a mix of mazes. Now it feels like they try too hard but miss out important elements. The studio announcements around park don't fit in anymore and are repetitive. The music played is either drab noise or Saw. It was a bold move to go the IP route and numbers wise its paid off massively. But in doing so I feel we've lost true FN forever. I'd like them to pick a route and go all out with it. Either keep all the mazes close together like last year and make it like an entire horror zone after 3/4pm with the roamers all located through Colossus/OldTown/Saw and lightly theme the rest of the park (Chessington could lend some of their pumpkins I'm sure) or spread it out again and use the park. I feel the maze queues aren't helped because they all lead into each other. As for the mazes: Saw is fine. Standard conga with good theming and decent scares, always consistent which is good for an event. Cabin is stale. It was smart first year round, but now it's just like a standard maze and then you realise it isn't actually any good at being that. Blair Witch is fine for what it is. Could easily get rid of the IP and make it about Monks or something creepy. Few more trees, actors, effects and it'll be fine. Platform isn't worth it. It needs tents or shipping containers, it needs maze elements, it needs huge set pieces to hide the actors. That long path over the bridge round to the endless tunnel could work great with a set up like Freak Show at Towers. A bit of interaction in your mazes please Thorpe, no more of that horrid growling. Big Top, I did not get the hype for this. The 2015 rendition had so much more potential with the mirror maze, all the effects they were trying to do and the interactive element! The new one just felt like a strobe maze followed by a few things to push around, bit of history and then a chainsaw... oh. I get why it was loved. It was just like the over rated Asylum. Fab. Containment is good though, bit expensive but good! Basically, there is little uniqueness too any of the mazes now. The stories are lost, the queues only grow and the atmosphere dies. Now the queue thing I don't mind too much, the event gains popularity so gains queues. But when they design a new maze, like Platform, they could actually consider this and try provide a decent throughput for it. I want some new, unique mazes, a solid set of roaming actors, and maybe a base for a set of them to stay in like the zones at Towers. And I know Towers' mazes are charged for, but they could at least take some ideas from them.
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    Walibi in 2016: "Our 2017 attraction won't use VR" Walibi in 2017: "Our 2017 attraction will use VR" http://www.looopings.nl/weblog/6903/Nieuwe-virtual-reality-attractie-in-Walibi-Nog-heftiger-dan-The-Clinic.html As of yet, this new thing doesn't have a name, but it's been revealed it will be a spin off of their headline Halloween attraction last year, 'The Clinic'. The Clinic strapped people to a stretcher and then simulated a person's death, post-mortem, funeral, cremation and afterlife and was really well received. A "more horrifying" version of that does sound interesting...
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    Sunday 4th September - Sunshine, Spinning & Midway Madness The sun was out today, no rain at all! In the morning, those of us who weren't doing Sandcastle waterpark returned to the Pleasure Beach with our rainy day tickets. George was living up to his forum name of SmilerGeorge First we did Avalanche (which we didn't have time for on the Saturday as it had a long queue all day), which was faster and more forceful than I remember! Then we re-rode Grand National, Big One and Skyforce - and this time, I managed to nail it! Tips for those who've yet to ride: you have to make sure you're rocking side to side fast enough (faster than in the queueline demonstration video), the first time you go upside down will probably be too slow to start the spinning momentum, so keep rocking until you do a full flip...then hold the wings in place and prepare for insanity! I couldn't believe how fast I was spinning, and I think the wind must have caught me a few times as I suddenly picked up speed at points! I felt a bit out of control at one point and a tiny bit scared (which rarely happens to me on rides!), even though I WAS in control I managed 71 spins on it, coming first place out of our ride Not surprised that I felt a bit odd/tingly for a good 10 minutes afterwards! And it was sunshine and blue skies, I got some good off-ride footage of it Look out for Marc, Alex and Liam on this one! Had a cheeky browse in the gift shop before catching the tram up to the Tower At the 2014 meet, it still had some scaffolding around it, so this was the first time I'd seen it looking nice and restored to its fully glory! Whilst some visited The Dungeons, the rest of us did the Tower Eye. This was more enjoyable than the previous meet, as the glass floor seemed clearer and less scratched It's a shame the stairs to the very top are closed off, and we also saw the new Bar 380 which looked rather small (but I guess they've only got so much room up there). The 4D experience was, of course, great entertainment Much better than the London Eye one! Bar 380: Just chillin' on the glass floor: Had lots of fun sitting on the floor! Great views... After some lunch, it was time for the magnificent Tower Ballroom! It is truly stunning to be in, and breathtaking when you walk in. Even if you're not into dancing or that sort of thing, you can't deny its beauty. It was good to also see the Wurlitzer come up from under the floor too (unfortunately I'd just stopped filming)! I was rather busy filming and eating lunch to dance this time, but Paige had a go and did well at learning to waltz with Peaj He returned to the floor later on (with a younger woman than last year, no old ladies this time!) to cha cha and then do the quickstep - one of my favourite dances to watch on Strictly Our final attraction of the day was the Circus. I really enjoyed this last time and found the audience involvement hilarious, so was looking forward to it. Sadly I felt underwhelmed this time, in terms of comedy anyway - the stunts/tricks were awesome. Although it was funny when Alex was one of the people chosen to participate at one point - I was hoping someone from our group would get picked! We did get a sense that some performers were new and/or that there was a lot of nervousness, as there were a few mistakes. The fire alarm was going off in the background at one point too, which I don't think helped! The fountains at the end were pretty though Before heading back down to the distant land of the south, we went to Coral Island for a bit (for those unaware, it's essentially a large arcade place with some little dark rides and theming). Did the ghost train thingy which wasn't bad! I think the staff member was a tad unimpressed by the swarm of adults coming on Some of the theming: So there you have it! Thanks y'all for reading, hopefully it's been entertaining! For all the photos from the meet: Blackpool Weekend 2016 And finally... My compilation video from the meet
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    Well we know already that the one after WC16, will be Derren Brown's Ghost Train 2. The WC16 tagline was actually for the toilet refurbishment near the Thorpe Store, considering the code name WC16.