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  2. Don't worry, I'm not back, just briefly returning to the forum to highlight what I feel is a very important talking point. In a recent government report, Merlin Entertainments have been listed as a company who have not paid minimum wage. The company failed to pay minimum to 1,100 employees, equating to £43,000. Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/over-500-companies-named-for-not-paying-minimum-wage Ride Rater have published a further breakdown of all the available info: https://riderater.co.uk/11561/merlin-entertainments-failed-to-pay-minimum-wage/ Flamingo Land are also named here for failing to pay 4 workers the minimum, following a previous report from Blackpool Pleasure Beach who had failed to pay 12 workers the minimum. In 2018, the CEO of Merlin Entertainments took home a salary of £1,493,000. In contrast, the £43,000 owed to 1,100 employees would have still left £1,450,000 for the CEO. Staff rely on being paid at least the legal minimum to live off, to pay their bills. It's shameful that this has been allowed to happen. Source: https://www.erieri.com/executive/salary/nick-varney-8ydw I feel that as enthusiasts/people with an interest in theme parks, we have to pay attention to this and demand better for the staff who make our hobby possible.
  3. Interesting! I always liked Colossus's entrance, was more impressive than Inferno's, Swarm's & Saw's. Can never say no to extra theming though!
  4. The Sparkle Project is giving Colossus' entrance some new stuff: Interestingly, the park have said that there will be "No blue on the entrance, but it will have the stained glass effect" (Passholder Group)
  5. Interesting one that. It's on the load side, but away from the entrance to the station, and too far in to be part of a front row queue, or where staff would stand during dispatch. My best guest at the moment would be a storage room, either for computers which might control AV in the station or for staff uniform, if they decide to have themed/styled uniforms for the ride. Could also be used to store evac equipment, etc. Or they're forward thinking, and they'll put the computers that run the VR in there when they chuck compulsory headsets on in Year 3 😉
  6. The memorial is done really well over in the garden and it’s a much better place for it now Loggers is gone. It’s good they’ve kept that up for all these years. Jack Silkstone’s latest video shows a little room in the back corner of the loading platform. Any ideas what this could be for?
  7. I wasn't climbing before we met, now every bit of weather is a potential threat, and I'm possessive it isn't nice, you've heard me say that before May is our only chance, but now it isn't true, not other cranes are new, now all we've learned, is overturned, what can we dooooooooooo don't go, wasting your whole budget, give us a deadline please, crane your neck high, we want to fly, what can we doooooooooooo
  8. Last week
  9. The Shark Cabins were only on a temporary planning permission until the end of this month. They are now set to stay longer. Whether the park are still, long-term, considering a "permanent" hotel is unclear. I guess we'll wait and see. But I guess for now, there's more important things to focus on.
  10. It does genuinely look better than when it opened! I do wish they would bring back the broadcast van/trailer even just as theming. And I miss the original diner!
  11. I think Detonator looks alright to be honest, it's always just been a tarted up temporary funfair ride at the end of the day. Once the whole area's done, it'll be the most cohesive that part of the park has ever been, it spent a lot of its time being a mashup of pirates and 1950s America, then the dodgy Angry Birds IP plastered over it slap bang in the middle of Amity Cove.
  12. Come on now, is it as bad as all that? The work they’re doing across the park has been very good so far, especially at Stealth and Colossus. Even if Detonator isn’t going to be like the concept art, it’s an improvement on Angry Birds, is only one part of a new area, and it isn’t even finished yet. I do have to say though it baffles me that everything Merlin do goes right down to the wire - you’d think they’d be at the “finishing touches” stage ok everything now wouldn’t you considering how close opening day is.
  13. Wow they really are doing amazing things this year aren’t they. Really well done. Looking forward to seeing Thorpe all shiny and new!
  14. The Dodgems retheme is looking pretty much the same as the concept art from progress photos so far, to be fair.
  15. Agreed, the best I’ve ever seen it look. I didn’t actually realise how bad Stealth looked until they started to do this. You can also see on the stairs the new TV which will show pre loading information to try and speed up dispatches. All stealth is missing now is a single rider queue
  16. But it's ART. The Det stuff looks naff. Surprised they haven't taken the chance to redo the metal fences on the platform.
  17. Courtesy of the Thorpe Park Annual Pass group linked above are a few shots...
  18. These updates are lovely, have never seen this amount of work or updates around the park in my time being an enthusiast. stealth already looks a lot better.
  19. Are you able to share for those of us not annual pass holders at all? 🙃
  20. It certainly isn't the same as shown, but give it a chance. Foundations are down for a theming structure and some other paintwork has been done! The work over at other areas under the sparkle work shows they can still do a good job! And some more Detonator photos courtesy of Jack. https://x.com/J_Silkstone?s=20
  21. Some fantastic work done over at Stealth shown in the latest Sparkle update, and definitely isn't **** thankfully! Best the area has looked in all it's history I think! Awesome signage that really brings the area to life! Let's hope that everyone manages to leave their permanent markers, pens and scratching devices at home and it's not ruined within two weeks! https://www.facebook.com/share/p/qfnVACEa4J7jhutm/
  22. Yes it is and if you think otherwise you're delusional.
  23. To be fair even if it isn’t entirely like the concept art, I’m sure it will be better than its Angry Birds Land carnation. Which isn’t difficult for them to do.
  24. People thinking it's going to look like the concept art are absolutely delusional, much like the park Here's an example Detonator - Concept Art Detonator - What You're Actually Getting Thorpe - Response to comparison This will be ****. Make no mistake.
  25. The memorial was moved to Sunken Garden before works started!
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