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  2. That animatronic towards the end looks utterly amazing! Don't think one that realistic has ever been created yet. Theming around the ride and area is also impressive. The Avatar theme suites the park, but wasn't the most interesting idea they have chosen.
  3. Great review - and fab on ride pics - question though - how did you know where the camera was on Vampire?!
  4. I was pleasantly surprised how well the park was running yesterday. Max capacity, low queues, Rush and Stealth were fully repaired, pyro effect working on the Swarm, roaming entertainers and even sunny weather. Well done to park operations! Really got things back together for the bank holiday.
  5. Not once on a peak day have we been able to get to the Gorilla enclosure as its packed, if anything to small to view. Since the Lion cubs that end isn't much better either. Whilst the Zufari animals have to put up with the trucks during opening, I imagine the other animals are quite happy without the noise generated from the attractions right next door. A new monorail would require a completely different route, whilst views of a Sealife tent, back end of cats enclosures with limited views and bird cages you can't see in may be to some peoples taste because "its a ride" the Skyway had been useless for years and is one of the few times I can say regardless of if it was costs, maintenance or views it was the correct decision to close it. The animal experience can be better still at Chessington, especially Trail of the Kings and Wanyama Village which need a stable collection of species to theme and call there home, but sticking a ride over or in just isn't needed in the space they have, the only huge space that warrants it is Zufari, which has a ride going through it. I don't agree with the constant Africa theme and whilst I'm sure they aren't the only park in the world to try and copy Animal Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and 90% of all the theme park zoos would appear disjointed in relation to ride and animal locations. I think Chessington has it spot on with the locations even though the theme is a bit weak.
  6. I think the best choice would be a thrilling family coaster focusing on airtime around loggers leap. A woodie wouldn't make sense as one is opening at Alton next year. They might want to take on Blackpool with a multilaunch but then again that would also be a reason not to go with one. I'd love to see a RMC T-Rex replace Colossus but I highly doubt that would happen anytime soon.
  7. I would most likely expect to see a normal woodie coming to the park. However I would obviously rather an RMC or hyper coaster.
  8. What do the 1980s have to do with anything? Kids seem to be equally fascinated with nature and wildlife judging by the vast amount of animal programmes on television for kids over the past few years. And it in no way is an absurd idea, the Zoo is an incredibly disjointed part of Chessington - the trail of the kings is always empty. A ride of some sorts (to counter the absence of Safari Skyway) would be a great way of cohesively connecting the park and zoo.
  9. I don't even think Thorpe has a strong enough image for anything to be out of place. It's a chaotic blur of themes and rides and blue fences and warehouses and pop music. Just intrigued though, what do you think would be a good fit for the park?
  10. Paultons is a perfect example of a park that features animal exhibits without them affecting the rest of the theme park. Their bird gardens are lovely to visit in between rides that have little to do with them, and it never feels out of place. I can't stand the "Wild Adventure" brand that Chessington have gone with, especially when considering how vividly realised the themed areas were beforehand. Theming it as a £20 budget Animal Kingdom was one of the worst things they could have done with this park. It was fine before when it was a WORLD of Adventures - you hear that Merlin? There are continents outside of Africa!
  11. Never gonna happen. 2 will come out, bomb, and that's the last we'll ever hear of it.
  12. I assume it's so when avatar 2, 3 and 4 come out in 2018, 2020 and 2022 they have an attraction that is with the trend. Doesn't excuse the ride being incredibly dull though.
  13. As said - was there yesterday from around 9:30 - every coaster was open on maximum capacity - ghost train opened abit late but when it did was running well with , atlesst on the train I was on, all headsets
  14. When I visited chessington, compared to the rest of the park, the zoo was quite quiet. I personally would prefer the zoo to be as part of the rest of the park (e.g. a bat exhibit in wild woods) but it probably wouldn't be possible. Bringing something along the lines of safari skyway would work
  15. A honestly think an updated Safari Skyway type attraction would work well at Chessington and offer something for everyone which also relates to their animal adventure theme. Just build it up where old skyway was, place the layout around the enclosures and voila, it's done.
  16. It all looks very pretty, but doesn't seem to be remotely interesting. Avatar? Who cares? I still don't understand this at all.
  17. Yes, because, let's face it, Zufari's pants.
  18. Terrible idea Josh, it'd NEVER work! A boat ride would probably work, but would be basically Zufari on a boat... Why would the park need both?
  19. If only Chessington had a monorail attraction that took you over parts of the zoo... I'm sure that would have been really well received and enjoyable for everyone...
  20. I believe the photo point was removed this season.
  21. I think they've got rid of the photo point on I'm a Celeb - was kinda gutted because I wanted to get a pic of Forehead & Dec - I couldn't see any photo screens at the end as you go out though I may have missed it - I'm not very observant
  22. Me and Stuntman were there from about 1pm today, and I'm glad to say that things were running really well (aka, how they should be running their park) The queue times were really good for a Saturday (and on a bank holiday weekend) - all rides were around 60 mins or less throughout the day, with the odd 70-90, but not for long. In fact there were quite a few times during the day that some of the main coasters had between 20-30 minute queues - enough time to get a cheeky front row ride on Stealth All the 2 train coasters had both trains running, don't know how many Saw and X had but their queues were similar to the other coasters give or take, so presumably full capacity. The queue times were being updated very regularly which was great. Reliability was very good, Swarm and Stealth had a few shutdowns but they didn't last too long (and it was those which temporarily pushed the other coaster queues up). Only saw DBGT close once And my bae is back on two swings DBGT is definitely a vast improvement on last year, and now feels like it's what it was originally meant to be. And we finally got to do I'm A Celeb Waited until it had no queue right before closing time and witnessed this shocking sight as a result: We didn't have a photo opportunity though - have they got rid of it this year, or was it maybe because it was the end of the day?
  23. Last week
  24. You actually think children in this day and age no longer like to see animals? Even though zoo's up and down the country are still raking in thousands?
  25. I always thought the ride was a bit wooden
  26. That could look so good similarly lazily plonked elsewhere on park, but that is just a shocker. The embodiment of Merlin's true catchphrase; 'That'll do'
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