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  2. Just watched Hush on Netflix, and I gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised. Its not anything outstanding, but its a very effective thriller with a smart twist on the home invasion genre.
  3. OK, I am 100% up for this and certainly looking forward to it! For other members that are planning on making the trip but have not booked any flights, hotels or tickets yet like I have, would anyone be happy to share another room for 4 at the El Paso hotel for the flights and tickets specified by Ryan above? An individual room at the same hotel would cost nearly 4 times the amount and a twin/triple room nearly twice the amount, so sharing one between four would be much more ideal and affordable for all of us. If interested, please either send me a PM or invite me to a group so we can all arrange this together as I honestly don't know where to begin with all this or which members to ask. Here is the link to the price of £223 each for a shared room of 4 adults at the El Paso hotel, with tickets and flights included: Expedia Price + Flights + Tickets
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  5. This is gonna be the hottest meet of 2017! Even though my wallet will blaze faster than Ferrari Land. Me and Tomb for the list please.
  6. Hola! I’m excited to finally announce the details for our 2017 European trip to PortAventura! The dates for this meet will be Saturday 9th September - Tuesday 12th September. There is not a vote for this meet due to other commitments and trying to make the trip as cheap as possible for all. This is a longer meet than usual due to there being two parks and a waterpark which we will be visiting. PortAventura is a fantastic park and I would recommend a few days to get everything done (plus ride Baco until you break your backo). As this is a trip abroad it is strictly an over 18’s meet I’m afraid. I understand some of you may be disappointed about this, but due to the meet being outside the country it complicates matters too much! This meet is taking a lot of advanced planning and is obviously more expensive than a standard meet, which is why we are giving you plenty of notice to save up/book time off work etc. I have used Expedia to price up this trip and the cheapest I’ve found it (based on a room of 4) is £223 each which includes hotel, flights, park tickets (plus 1 day Ferrari Land entry) and breakfast each day. Obviously the earlier this is booked, the cheaper it will be. I have just booked a room of 4 for 4 members who have shown previous interest. I can help out with recommendations for booking, but it will be down to yourselves to book flights and accommodation how you wish. You can make your own travel arrangements, but these are our planned flights: We will be staying at the onsite Hotel El Paso which is a 4* hotel with onsite swimming pool, 2 restaurants and live entertainment. It is also a short walk to the park. Based on previous experience going to PortAventura, there is absolutely no chance I would recommend visiting this park without using their unlimited fastpass. As onsite hotel guests we get this at a discounted rate and it is valid for our entire stay (I believe it is around 50Euro’s each). This is something we will all be getting so please bare that in mind when calculating costs. Our previous European park visits have been absolutely fantastic and there is no reason why this would be any different. If you have any questions then please do feel free to message me and I will help as much as I can. Let me know below if you are interested in attending! Attending: Doc Marc Matt Creek (Maybe) Mr Fish Ryan Terrortomb (Maybe)
  7. Nice article. First time we've ever really had an article closely linked to Thorpe saying how they can make tweaks and introduce new journeys over time, which has some promise. The paragraph about shooting on the ride itself is interesting. If they're able to use footage of the train itself in the VR world (rather than a similar-looking CGI train), it might be able to add to the aimed 'blurring the lines between what's real and what's not' motive, which is only a plus in my books. Find it interesting that the park are trying to drop in 'we've got a new IP for Fright Nights' at every possible moment too. Though that's for another thread I s'pose...
  8. All UK Thrills and Attractions have posted an update on the Gruffalo attraction showing the ride boats scattered around the old Carousel site. The boats have been repainted a wooden brown on the outside and lighter brown on the inside. I would say the outer layer resembles the old Professor Burp style boats, but I'm probably wrong. Different ride anyway. Can't help but also notice the fence in the background. Probably a new inflatable game attraction.
  9. Thorpe Park in 1999
  10. Here's the thread for reference:
  11. There is an entire topic on Reserve and ride which I imagine makes quite an interesting read seeing how intense the debate was. However I do believe Reserve and ride was axed.
  12. Just a quick question, has anybody ever used the reserve and ride online system before, if so is it worth it and how much of the queue do you get to skip
  13. Just had a thought - they best not mess up the DBGT entrance sign (arguably one of the best things about the ride) when it becomes DBGTROTD #prayforthelightupbluesign
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  16. Skyway was nice and fun wasn't it.
  17. When did you do Grade 8?
  18. Skyway was certainly a wonderful attraction in it's peak, as not only did it provide a short break from the more adventurous attractions but some loverly and interesting views of the park above. Its a shame the ride was removed last year even though it was literally falling apart and parts of the route didn't work as well they once did. The attraction could've certainly lived on had the effort been made to update the trains and hardware which would also fit in strongly within it's current adventure style too. The monorail bahn at Europa reminds me a lot of what skyway once was and is perhaps the nearest experience to Chessington's now extinct monorail.
  19. It's not just about creativity, it's easy to advertise. The Lionsgate years were on whole Fright Nights busiest ever seasons. People know the brand and want to experience it. Easy marketing right there. It's all about getting a good mix of IP and in house in my eyes. Once you've used IPs to it's hard to go back as people expect the next current thing. If they didn't have any IPs at Fright Nights now a lot of people may see that as being cheap and lazy no matter how intricate They are cos that's how the public would see it. Getting a big name is a big thing and the names for this year could indeed be very very big.
  20. That's exactly why Thorpe uses IP's in my opinion, they no longer know how to create good attractions without them. Can't believe Platform is returning...
  21. This article was retweeted by the Thorpe Park twitter account. Seems to give an insight into some of what can be expected this year. New footage pleases me greatly if true!
  22. I think IP's aren't the problem of Fright Nights to be honest.. Actually Platform was actually quite a refreshing idea for a scare maze, and look how that attraction turned out.. Though I think the current IP mazes are fairly stale due to their age, which happens to most scare attractions anyways.
  23. Thorpe's online communication really is awful!
  24. I still can't fathom why Merlin use IP's for Fright Nights, it's a lazy way out to creating horror attractions I think.
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