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  3. I guess so yeah. But in the same way there's a possibility I could go on to win an Olympic Gold medal in the 100m.
  4. So basically there is a possibility of merlin are buying it to retrack Colossus and fit new trains haha (obviously unlikely given its merlin)
  5. So with jungle escape coming soon in May to fill the once IAC building, had anyone seen or heard anymore about it. There are obviously now boards up around the area showing concept art, but thought this would be a good space to discuss the new upcoming attraction.
  6. It's Intamin. One of the newer 10 inversion coasters, like Altair in Cinecitta World
  7. Anyone know the make of this coaster ??
  8. Yesterday
  9. I think more transport is a step in the right direction as current buses are a pain in the ar**..
  10. A new bus service to Towers is comming soon for those who don't drive: https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/burton/bus-service-to-alton-towers-2787552.amp
  11. I think its probably unlikely they will actually get it but if they do it will be a great addition! I presume this has lap bars so it will probably ride a lot better than Colossus and it isn't like its near anyway. Overall I think it would be a great addition for the more northern theme parks. I would rather have this than a Volare any day of the damn week.. Hero makes Infusion look like fun..
  12. Taiga hype: Construction time lapse featuring the ride's audio Some drone footage. The top hat into the hill thing just looks lush
  13. The first piece of concrete evidence pointing towards this happening: https://www.sinchew.com.my/content/content_2037421.html?fbclid=IwAR25SGFW5k4h9W1n5rISMI44OXeVUXE8QTf3VfCoAxh2dTHXGGyH2yOHvtM The 10 inversion coaster which was meant to open in Brazil but never did, which was then shipped to open in Malaysia but never did is being sold. The exact quote: Though of course it's not necessarily Flamingo, it seems highly unlikely to be for anywhere else. And at a cost of £2.3m (excluding shipping and construction, which I believe isn't as expensive as people may think), that's a proper bargain for such a large coaster.
  14. Whatever's replacing this has an update on the queue times list.
  15. I hate that they spited the Troy song
  16. Last week
  17. Its were dragons claw used to be if that helps, opposite side to rage
  18. I am pretty sure there was music before, but I don't really remember it. I think when I went in July last year Troy was still actually playing it's old music. In general, despite the quality of the music if you do hear it, I don't really remember any music from the park aside from D'Werevelervelervelwind and Merlin's Quest of foreverness..
  19. I can’t work out exactly where it is.. is it on the entrance side of the pier?
  20. This is excellent for the park, a bold and not cheep investment. Although I'm a little sad they've come away from knocking up rides in their shed. It's pretty imposing on the front, I don't know how their planning works and what boundaries they can reach before they require permission, but I'm surprised the council are happy with this. The park owners and the council are not exactly friends!
  21. *This blog is getting bumped rip* So I have to admit that during late 2017/early 2018 I was incredibly cynical and skeptical over Wickerman during its construction. the layout to me just looked really mediocre and in a way I just writ off because its layout looked a bit naff to me, I think this was amplified even more due to Wodan being my only experience with GCI and with it being more than double the height and size of Wickerman. " ... So last year as a enthusiast I kinda failed. I only visited Lego, Chessie, and Thorpe, I just didn't get round to going up north and riding Wickerman or Icon. Even worse my only only abroad park was Portaventura.. Yuck.. Thorpe is better than.. This year though I think I am somewhat going to redeem myself. I'm heading to Europa in May and going to Six Flags GMerica and Cedar Point in June, I'm not gonna fail like I did last year.. One trip this year though left me with "would I make it?" and that was Alton Towers. After a bunch of last minute plans I finally headed to ride Wickerman, I would finally be able to form a proper opinion on the ride. So after a 3 hour drive I headed into the park for ERT and a early ride on Wickerman. I have to say it looks pretty sexy from afar.. So I have to admit I wasn't expecting a pre-show, it caught me off guard a little. Overall the pre-show was kinda neat, it certainly was well done but I found it was a little dark for a coaster that has a 1.2 restriction, I also felt on repeat rides it got a little old too.. After exiting the pre-show I was very lucky to be instantly batched to the front row on my first ride, I nearly snogged the guy giving out the rows. So as soon I get off Wickerman I was instantly very impressed- its well paced, fun, full of airtime pops and some fun GCI banks. The coaster is a lot better than I was giving it credit for, its really what Alton needed. The theming around the ride adds to the ride in a fun way (especially in the front row) and the main structure itself looks very cool. The coaster I found had a few minor pops of air in the front but had some pretty aggressive ejector pops in the back, if you want a more intense ride I would say the back is your best bet, especially on the first drop! The coaster runs very much like Wodan, it has a constant fast pace to it and never seems to slow down, its also decently long too. The coaster itself was running three trains on my visit (which is great for a merlin park!) but it did stack quite a bit so don't expect Wodan style capacity. Overall Wickerman is probably my favorite on park and maybe even my favorite in the UK. Its not quite as insane as Wodan but its still a great ride in its own right and is a great ride for those who can't be arsed to go to Europa or Toverland. Wickerman is proof that Merlin can build good rides, hopefully Merlin decide to add more GCI's in the future.. #Thorpe4GCI 8/10 With that last post, I wasn't wrong.. But Wickerman is brilliant for this country and I'm glad I can get my GCI fix closer to home now. 3 rides on this beast only hyped me more to ride Wodan again. Hope you enjoyed the review
  22. Purely out of interest, did Toverland have different music before the IMAScore stuff? I know Troy had a different soundtrack, but the entire park has IMAScore music that seems to fit in perfectly, but isn't that just a recent thing? Did the park have different music before or was everything silent?
  23. Do you mean to suggest Thorpe Park made a loss by not meeting that visitor target? I dont know how well they did that year but I'm sure the additional annual cost of operating The Swarm was relatively small Parks make most their profit from in-park expenditure on food and retail rather than tickets. Thorpe built new coasters in quick succession in the 2000s to increase the capacity of the park and increase the draw, to bring numbers way up, but eventually you reach a plateau. I think Merlin found that they'd already reached that point when Swarm didn't reach much higher. However it probably wouldn't have meant the Swarm was not financially viable, it just meant it didn't increase attendance to the heights they (ambitiously) wanted. I would argue they spent too much focus on endless big new rides without thinking about the park on the whole. It wasnt sustainable and you end up with today's poor value for money putting off returning guests. They have actually increased park attendance without increasing the space much, ending up with overcrowding and long queues.
  24. I actually really like that moments are in complete darkness, it's been a long time since a UK attraction has been passed off like that, but the amount of people being sent through an open corridor in a hurry (encouraging you to run) sounds like it could easily cause problems like that. If it was a bit different and used different techniques the darkness could work well.
  25. Was one of the best parts of the meet too, if I do say so myself...
  26. Yep - when I visited for opening meet, I clipped my knee on one of the sides/wall supports on the way in to the loading station. Flippin' hurt and all!
  27. None of the things you mention have anything to do with either Black Buccaneer not being ready, the way either park assemble their rides, or this new ride being assembled in one day. "Tired engineers in the dark" will make no difference. Both rides have to get the exact same safety certification in order to open. Assembling a ride slowly makes no difference to its safety, knowing what you're doing and attention to detail makes the difference. If it didn't get the certificate, then it would have to be redone anyway.
  28. Well here's a story, I actually enjoyed Walking Dead! But I don't think it will be successful (and apparently hasnt been). The reason is, entertainment has once again been sidelined in favour of marketing formula. The formula is broken. "Every ride must have a world first or an IP" is broken. The ride before this had a wider appeal and attracted an age group much more fitting for the experience. X No Way Out was never designed to be a super scary ride and it never could be. It had a scary edge because of the weirdness and darkness, but it was more than that and could be enjoyed by older kids and young teenagers. By making it themed to a violent horror show, it puts off people who don't like it. Those who do like it will be disappointed, because it's just a dressed up family coaster with some corridors. And those who've never seen the show may be put off by the promise of "actors touching you" and 'extreme' horror (which doesnt really exist). So who are you left with? Who is this ride for? Once again the IP formula shoots the park in the foot. Add to that how poorly designed the entrance and surrounding area is means nobody can find it. So nobody's going in! The ugly barbed wire opposite the sorry remains of Octopus Garden and a big cartoon sign saying "Poop deck" is just the most hilarious thing Ive ever seen. Possibly worse than Legoland's Haunted House as worst Merlin entrance ever. The preshow is total garbage. But after that, the simple fact that something happens during the ride now (like was always intended to) suddenly makes this a fun ride. X was calling out for this for about 20 years! It's insane that it took this long. We now have animations and moments during the stopping points, which creates a memorable ride. The sound design is fantastic too! But again this appeals better to a younger audience than Walking Dead fans. The effects are mostly good and very well timed (although a couple are pretty hokey and I dont like the TVs). This would have worked really well as a family haunted ride, but people expecting extreme horro will just laugh. I enjoyed it, but it should have been done properly. Shouldnt have been IP, should have happened 20 years ago and should have used the preshow rooms instead of just endless corridors. Then it could have been a family staple for Thorpe Park, rather than another Merlin 5 year failure.
  29. Marc

    2019 Season

    Maybe they have taken them off sale now - but you could buy them but the park are strongly encouraging you don’t - your better off buying the standard refills which I think are actually cheaper!
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