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  2. Don't think the two examples above can be solved with a double knot... With stuff like this though unless people raise the problem instantly to those in/around the maze then not much will be done until the next day (I.e. once first aid have processed the incident report onto the right people)... Though I'm sure knowing Merlin you need to be qualified to use a hammer or duct tape to sort out things like rogue nails...
  3. Impossible. If there was any chance of it being salvageable, it would be salvaged and remain and Chessington.
  4. So obviously Rameses Revenge is going from Chessington, and my girlfriend and I were wondering what the chances are of it being refurbished and installed at Thorpe instead.. Not something we'd like to happen personally, and it probably won't, but I get the feeling it isn't impossible. What do you lot think?
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  6. People just always love o complain. Perhaps tie your shoelace next time with a double knot.
  7. I believe that Instagram account is Vekoma's official account!
  8. Someone’s had a go at creating the park’s upcoming double launch coaster on no limits: It seems like a great, long layout. I really like the idea of the slower, low to the ground section before the more intense section following the second launch too. Obviously it’s only a fan made POV, but it seems reasonably accurate.
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  10. 08newmanb

    Your Thorpe Park

    A suspended top spin perhaps?
  11. I'm not entirely sure how easy it would be to build a whole railway line from Ringsheim to Europa Park, however knowing the Mack family, anything is possible
  12. Safeco manufactured the Airmaxx 360 smashing jump, they also manufacture the jumping frogs. However there have been no issues as far as I'm aware with the Jump & Smile. I'm shocked that no amendments were made to the ride after the girl died on it in Australia and I'm surprised a British showman purchased the ride without checking with Health & Safety standards. Surely they knew purchasing the ride that someone had just been killed on it and further safety measures need to be put into place? I can't see this staying in the UK to be honest, I imagine it will be purchased by somewhere further afield e.g. Russia, Czech republic. However, if it does continue to tour in the UK, I certainly won't be going on it after 2 similar accidents within the rides lifetime.
  13. Looks like that tweet was also from the first weekend. So here's the question: how can the park prevent that? The maze is checked before opening; let's say for argument sake it wasn't there at opening. How can the park sort that out, especially when people report it long after the incident happens? That's not to blame the victim or anything, but they can't have eyes everywhere all the time. These things will sadly happen with all mazes. Actors and staff will try their best to minimise incidents. But wear and tear happens throughout the day and with no reports, incidents can build up.
  14. Did u guys read my tweets to this person of my suggestions u would of seen I am mrduncansvlogs
  15. That is pretty much what happened to my leg - I’ll insert a pic but apologies as my legs are awful. With me it hurt as soon as I felt something hit it but I didn’t think it was that bad until exiting the maze - at that point my leg felt wet and the blood was coming through my (thankfully black) trousers. I had some plasters on me as I tend to carry plasters/headache tablets and various stuff with me to cover nearly all eventualities but was worried about it getting infected so I went to the medical centre who were fab and cleaned it up and whacked a decent sized plaster on it - I told the lady who was cleaning my leg up that it happened in the tunnel part of Creek Freak so she said she would flag it up. I’m assuming they did an incident report as I had to write my details on a form. That pic I took the day after it happened (went on the 5th Oct). Still can’t put pressure on my knees and got a lumpy bruise below where the cut is but it’s not even been 2 weeks yet so needs some time to heal. The 2 people I went with were fine and didn’t hurt themselves so I think there is/was maybe a small ridge which I was unfortunate to whack - probably not helped by the fact I was trying to get through the tunnel as fast as possible thinking a chainsaw might be behind us!
  16. I have attached the Tweet I saw regarding an injury in Creek Freak. I didn't report the shoelace incident as it unfortunately didn't cross my mind after exiting the maze, it was only after seeing this Tweet that it jogged my memory and I realised it was most likely the same nail that caused serious injury!
  17. Curious to hear more about this. I haven't seen any reports on social media about injuries (and usually these things have a way of cropping up somewhere). Every maze is checked by an external H&S audiot prior to the event opening I believe, and then the park's tech crew will do a daily sign off to say it's safe. Of course, things can happen throughout the night and these can't always be picked up instantly. To suggest that things aren't checked it's a foolish thing to say though. As an aside: did you mention your shoelace getting caught to anyone at the park?
  18. I'll try and get around to writing a full review soon, but Tulleys Shocktoberfest was absolutely incredible this year. The mazes were all on top form and Wastelands Penitentiary is unlike any scare attraction I've ever seen before in terms of both the exterior show and interior. The atmosphere around the attraction is phenomenal and I would highly recommend a visit for fans of scare events. Whilst I felt like last year was a bit of an off-year for the event, it feels refreshed and at the top of its game this year. Just amazing.
  19. I’ve not seen any other reports on this?
  20. I'm sure they are checked, they are quite strict with h&s at the park. If it was causing the park too many problems they'd use the other route.
  21. And let's not forget the meet photo (courtesy of Marc's fancy new iPhone )!
  22. It was a great meet - my highlight was spotting a wild Jack Sickstone in his natural habitat whilst filling up my water bottle. Also spotted the legend that is POWERS TOWERS PRODUCTIONS too. I suppose it was alright spending time with people from here as well, in a way.
  23. There have been a few reports of people being injured in Creek Freak's tunnel, my shoelace got caught on a nail on the first weekend but I believe some people have actually been seriously injured by it. Horrendous that these things aren't checked really.
  24. @Platform15fan in Creek Freak there is a section where a few people in each group have to crawl through - did this the other week and somehow managed to cut my knee at the end where the tunnel finishes - just a heads up - second time I purposely stayed at the back of the group and avoided having to crawl
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  26. The last paragraph of that article, dated over 2 years ago, reads:
  27. Ivsetti

    Your Thorpe Park

    S&S Sky Swats seem to be quite scary. Maybe one of those to replace Slammer
  28. Better transport options would really help bring more visitors to Europa Park.
  29. Based on my last visit, there seems to be very little difference to the park in summer vs. the park in FN mode bar the later opening times and mazes (which at least are better than last year). The same very cheap-looking Poundland quality figurines and body bags etc. are the park's attempt at changing this (same as last year). They don't really come across as what you'd expect to find in an "award-winning" event. Currently walking around the park, many areas feel like FN is not running and this is something the park should definitely look at changing (the Amity Highschool thing is quite a good example of transforming the Stealth plaza to a more Halloween-inspired area). You'd also expect to DBGT to have more scare actors during FN's than what appears to be a ride host flicking your leg a few times whilst you're watching the VR. In short, this reviewer summed it up quite well: My overall rating: 6.5/10
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