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  2. Fright Nights 2017

    I have a feeling they will reveal all when the ticket prices increase on 5th September
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  4. Ride Accidents

    Since we don't have a Bobbejaanland thread... http://www.looopings.nl/weblog/8365/Bobbejaanland-sluit-achtbaan-Typhoon-na-botsing.html The Belgian park's Gerstlauer Eurofighter, Typhoon, had a "low speed" crash in the station last week. Seems like the final breaks didn't work properly, causing the car that had finished the circuit to crash into the one being loaded in the station. The ride is closed whilst it's investigated. Oh Gerstlauer...
  5. Parc Asterix

    Parc Asterix's Storm Surge equivalent had a bit of a crash... http://m.rtl.be/info/946259 Seems like part of slide near the bottom had come loose, causing boats to pile up. Couple of minor injuries, but nothing serious. Customer care has been very good though.
  6. SW8

    The Pagan-esque symbols are also carved into the wood either of the sign. I think it's fair to say that those symbols could be deciphered to say 'Be Chosen' (look in particular at the same symbol where an 'e' would be). The 3 symbols on the sign itself could be 'SW8', especially as the first symbol matches the 's' in 'Be Chosen'. Potentially something to look out for during the marketing campaign. Not unheard of for Towers to be interactive and get people to work out clues (the latter part of Smiler's advertising for example).
  7. SW8

    New signage up on site, courtesy of ThemeparkWorldwide.
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  9. Fright Nights 2017

    Based on reviews (ie Rotten Tomatoes and those shared through IMDb etc) Roanoake was not as well received as other seasons. It also comes at the lowest for overall viewing figures and Ryan himself said afterworld it didn't work the way they intended. Admittedly it wasn't my favourite season but it wasn't the worst. Equally though I don't mind Hotel; just disliked every element of Lady GaGa and her storyline within it. But I digress. I would say back to Fright Nights itself but there's nothing to talk about so... 😐
  10. Football

    The championship is upside dooownn we're going up with the Millwall the championship is upside dooownn 4-1 in your own back yard: Shepherd's Bush edition
  11. Feng Ju is easily the worst madhouse I've done, largely because the story is so awful and the 'upside down' section is do meh. The harsh closing times are very annoying, especially since EVERYTHING stops bang on close time in my experience. But I wonder if that's a cultural thing? I had basically the same experience at Movie Park Germany where everything except the main shop was closed at park closed. And similar things happen on all my European park trips come to think about it. And on my visits to Phantasialand, the park seems to be dead very quickly after opening. So maybe the Europeans see and understand a, say, 8pm close as 'everything is closed by 8pm'. I do think we in the UK are a bit spoilt by our closing times in that respect, as it's only queues that close at park close, and many snack places and shops remain open later too. Just a shame park close in generally quite early..
  12. Since it's announcement, Star Trek: Operation Enterprise, the brand new Mack shuttle launch coaster at Movie Park Germany has been hot on my radar and we decided to tie in some other new creds and a special event at Phantasialand at the same time. Day 1 Read Mark's recent post in the rant thread to some up how our day started, Gatwick you heartless bastards. Arrived at Amsterdam airport at about 10:30 and went to the hire car people. As you may know by now we don't get on with the hire car industry. This time we chanced our luck with Hertz, as of yet they haven't screwed us over with after rental changes but I will keep you posted. We ordered a Ford Fiesta (or similar) and got a hybrid baby Toyota, despite their being 6 Fiestas in the rental bays, spite. Slagharen https://rcdb.com/4842.htm After about an hour and a half we arrived at Slagharen, the second most visited theme park in the Netherlands, I assume they use their holiday park resort stuff to boost their numbers to claim that fame because the park itself on a sunny Saturday in the school holidays was very manageable. Gold Rush https://rcdb.com/14011.htm We went straight away to the brand new Gerts shuttle launch infinity coaster, Gold Rush. The colour scheme is beautiful, crimson track and black supports, a scheme I use far too often on RCT2. Coaster itself is very good fun. Soothing first launch to get you started, exciting backwards launch with silly hangtime in the back as you go half way up the dive loop and then a thrilling final launch to send you into the full layout. A layout that has intense moments of airtime (oh yes) and lovely flowing inversions. To cap it all off the coaster uses extended Karnan trains, which means lapbars and loads of freedom, sadly it also means the seats try to cut your legs off but that's a small price to pay. Great little coaster this, Gerts have done it again, more of these please. Mine Train https://rcdb.com/1031.htm + 1 Much to Benin's dismay, after 2 laps on Gold Rush and 1 lap on the stupid Vekoma Junior and a cheese toastie, we hit the dusty trail. There was literally nothing else of interest (to me at least) in the park. Gold Rush is a damn solid coaster, it's such a shame they don't have much else for the thrill seekers. As a park though, it was nice enough, friendly staff and everything looked clean and in good shape, nice to see. Phantasialand - You've probably heard of this park, I won't bother posting the RCDB... The reason we threw this little trip together so fast was to get to experience the midnight closure, special 50th Birthday event at Phantasialand, I wish we hadn't bothered and instead just hit more new stuff on the German/Netherlands border. I wasn't really a fan of Phantasialand "as a park" from my last visit and this time further enforced my opinions of the park not being what many call "the best park in the World". I proudly repped my Liseberg shirt while on park and looking back I couldn't stand by that statement more. After about 2 hours of driving, we arrived at Phantasialand at about 5:30, to a rather aggressive parking man screaming "NEIN" at the customers trying to park, friendly! We tried to enter entrance 2 as the only new rides we needed at the park were Feng Ju Palace and River Quest, which are at the back of the park. But no, wasn't allowed, this isn't a great start. Walked a million miles to the wrong end of the park to finally enter, the 2 staff women manning the gates not even caring were fantastic. We now learned for the fireworks, "selected attractions and pathways are closed before the 11:30 show", spite... Feng Ju Palace This attraction was closed on my last visit so we made sure to experience it first on this trip. It's a very good madhouse attraction, it's just a shame the story kind of doesn't get resolved, if the pretty Chinese girl still isn't united with her lover, let it be known I'm very much willing. River Quest River Quest was also closed on my last trip and I was gutted by that, I'm so glad I got to experience this torture device. This ride is actually scary, in both the silly amounts of water it dumps on you and the stupid things it does in order to dump that water on you. We actually had to save a man's life, as he was stupid enough to stand up between the 2nd and 3rd drops, we screamed at him to sit back down and he survived, idiot. I loved this ride so much, easily more fun than Chiapas in my opinion. With the 2 new rides out of the way, it was time to ride Taron until we bled. We now ventured over to read 2 awful things on the queue screen. 110 minute queue, CHRIST! Queue closes 9:30, are you serious?!?! They were closing the queue of Taron at half 9 in order to clear the area for the fireworks at half 11. I don't care if you disagree with me here, but the fact this wasn't mentioned on the website when I ordered tickets frankly insults me. To close the queue of your major new attraction 2 and half hours before park closing, without informing the masses on your website is stupid. What choice do we have then, 2 hour queue for Taron it is! During this 2 hour queue, everyone and I mean everyone was smoking or vaping around us, it was disgusting. At no point did the staff attempt to stop anyone. Taron I'm glad to say we managed to get on the ride without serious lung damage. I'm disappointed to say either the coaster isn't as intense as I remember it or being 200 coasters up since I last rode it has weakened it. Regardless it's still fantastic and easily one of the best coasters in the World. It isn't Helix though. Knowing in order to get 1 more go on Taron we'd have to almost instantly rejoin the queue, we opted to have almost pizza from the almost pizza place near Taron, the man on the bar next to this eatery, when I ordered a Sprite in English, was a idiot. The Taron queue was now full and extended back into the area, so we opted for the single rider queue, big mistake. We queued with a fellow ride geek, I know this because she had Helix as the background on her phone, at 1 point she looked visibly upset, probably knowing Taron isn't as good as Helix and if we were at Liseberg we could of ridden Helix 12 times in 2 hours. Just over an hour into the single rider queue, I needed to bail in order to use the toilet. While in the stall, I hear knocking on the door and a German women shouting, these things can't be rushed sweetheart. 10 minutes later I emerge and more German shouting happens, to which I reply "I'm sorry my German isn't good". She replies "you must leave!", "why?", more German shouting where I'm able to make out they were closing the Taron toilets, Christ. Knowing I'm not able to rejoin the now fully bolted up Taron single rider queue, I ditch my friend and go for a walk. German shouting and hand signals informs me I can't go that way out of the Taron area, ffs. Over the next hour I walk around the park getting increasingly more uncomfortable, as they are closing paths left, right and centre and the remaining ones are stupidly busy. I opt to wait for my friend and calm down in the Asia area of the park, when it doubt, go Asian. Black Mamba Now reunited we powered to Black Mamba to see if we could get in a ride before 11:45 close. We did and I'm pleased to say the experience we had was so good, it stops me for fully resenting the time I spent in the park. The staff were fantastic and being completely over the top and excitable. Pitch black Black Mamba is one thing but the fireworks show starting as you go up the lift then on every inversion you catching the show upside down is wonderful. Add this to the coaster finally delivering the experience everyone raves about and I was very happy. We got another lap straight away without getting off, staff still going bonkers, the fireworks getting even more intense and the coaster hauling even more ass. OK Mark, I'm finally a Black Mamba fan. We caught the end of the fireworks as we tried to make our way to exit, they seemed quite well done. Cue thousands of people leaving the park all at once and an hour to leave the car park.... So yeah, once again, I'm let down by Phantasialand, nothing big and awful happened, just small issues that all add up to take you out of the moment. Best park in the World it is not. Next time, one of the supposed worst parks in the World ends up being more enjoyable than Phantasialand, stay tuned!
  13. Rant

    I love watching people running to catch the Jubilee line at Stratford. I especially love it when they miss the train. I'm a horrible person.
  14. Fright Nights 2017

    Roanoake seems to be one of the stronger seasons, it looks way better than the crap we got from Hotel and Freak-Show. Though yes if we did get AHS, it would make more sense for it to be inside- as if you look at most of the AHS settings, most of them are inside a building of some kind.. Whether that be a house, a Insane Asylum, a Circus Tent, or a Hotel.. I still have some doubt though we would see AHS at Fright Nights, but that might just be the inner cynicism in me taking over
  15. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    Good, I hope they actually make some effort! Towers actually did really well last year, I hope they follow a HOM style maze, themed, fun, not too scary... I'm just doubtful
  16. The Big Bad Movie Topic

    It Comes At Night was soooooo disappointing.
  17. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    This might not be the entrance. If it is, I doubt that's it.
  18. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    I was imagining the other day if Lift 1 was completely enclosed, that would make the station incredibly dark, and that opens up so much potential for a good experience within said enclosed lift. But this is Chessington.
  19. The Big Bad Movie Topic

    The VVitch is one of the most over-rated pieces of boring tosh I've had the misfortune to see... Can someone who loves it please actually go into some actual depth of their own opinion as to why it's so good?
  20. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    I could, and probably will, theme my front door, for Halloween, better than they've attempted to theme this new maze entrance... That's embarrassing
  21. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    It's a bit grim and nonsensical really... Think a lot of parks forget that adding stuff just for the sake of adding stuff isn't always the best solution to something... Though that has made me imagine a what if the Vampire lift hill was completely enclosed, you'd be deaf by lift 2 sure, but would probably have some potential...
  22. Fright Nights 2017

    What is this I don't even?
  23. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    The old way looked a lot nicer. Now your eyes are drawn to the unecessary ugly wall.
  24. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    You can sort of see it here. Yeah it's cheap, and quite easy, but it's better than this. I see no problem with it at all. EDIT Plus it looks like those trees have been trimmed, and isn't there a back of house area over there as well as the road? Maybe you could see through and they wanted to cover it up.
  25. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    There a pic of this? Sounds like the old Great Wall tarp they put up on Dragon Falls a few years back...
  26. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    Haha that's exactly the kind of thing we mean though... In fact, much like this Halloween "theming", that print-out looks like it was recycled from the local primary school play. I used to love as a child looking around and pulling at the trees from the Vampire lifts, they really made you feel in the thick of the woods (even though you were meters from the main road), by boxing you in with this cheap homogenous banner, they're just boring you buy not giving anything real to look at. Not being mean or unnecessarily cynical, but stuff like this just cheapens the product... A cartoon-style printout looks bad glued to the side of the lift, surely anyone can see that? To theme a lift Hill and have it not look bad and tokenistic is quite a big thing to try and do. They obviously don't have the budget for something like that; so yes, in this instance, doing nothing really would have been better. Much like StevenVig said, if you're not going to do it properly, don't do it at all.
  27. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    This is the issue with the entire park though, when they do most things it's always a half-arsed job, theres no passion or effort put into what they do.
  28. Rant

    Most tend to have a sort of 'queue jump' system nowadays where if it does reject you you get led directly to a person... I love the plane rush because it's SO ridiculous, though it only been down to the allowing actual luggage on the flights and people MUST have it in the overheads... People watching is so fun when travelling anywhere though really...
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