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  2. Also visited the other week. Have to say I agree about the polish queue jumpers. Certainly runner up in that field only to Port Aventura for me! But such a great atmosphere in the park it didnt ruin it for us. Shame about Hyperion. I only rode on the inner seats as if heard it can be rattly and found it extremely smooth. It think il only ever ride the inside now. What was wrong with the chicken place? I found my family bucket I had almost to myself rather tasty.
  3. Had a banger of a visit to Energylandia last Tuesday + Wednesday, park was busy, all the coasters open on 1 train but a second is added within half an hour of park opening. Not once did I ever see Zadra stack a train in the breakrun. average queue time was around 15 minutes because of rapid operations, much improved over my last visit where everything was 1 train. Some highlights: Zadra is a monster of a coaster. Abysuss is very fun Park is always clean Lovely vibe with music everywhere. Food is genreally pretty good (avoid the 'chick' place in the dragon area though. Park hours were extended on both days. Lowlights: Polish queue jumpers. Oh so many. Hyperion was no longer enjoyable for me. the rattle is awful and it feels very potholey-
  4. Some constructiony updates via Everything Fright Nights... The Crows of Mawkin Meadow is receiving some hay Creek Freak Massacre is going through tech rehearsals: Work is going on round Old Town for Creek Freaks Unchained: Somewhat tacky addition to the Platform 15 entrance: Saving the most interesting one for last: There's been some work towards the side / back of the building for Trailers. This has recently been themed, and very much seems like this will be the entrance of the maze. That would make it the first time the entrance for an attraction in that building wasn't by the main corner by the pathway.
  5. Last week
  6. Went to Oktoberfest yesterday and had a good day. Great weather, great operations, great atmosphere and low crowds. Was my first time on Black Mirror, which was different. It was better than I thought it was going to be, but now I've done it once I can't see myself going back on it anytime soon. Surprisingly quite a lot of actors for an off peak weekday. Normally not my kind of thing, but I actually thought they did a great job of making a good atmosphere in the Oktoberfest area whilst having a pint, without being too cringe or annoying. Samurai is running awfully slow since its reopened since its downtime. A shame as it had been running really well, but its almost pointless running it in its current state. Just buy a new one or replace with a different flat please. On the whole, audio is still sounding great around the park. Makes a real difference. Must say, I've enjoyed my visits to Thorpe a lot more this year. Hopefully we have a much better Fright Nights this year, and PLEASE bring back 10pm closes.
  7. A passholder preview event has been set for Thursday 7th October with all attractions available. All passholders get free entry (regardless of exclusions) and 50% off mazes (presumably make the trio ticket £12):
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  9. Tbh, I think the hands on shoulders mazes offered something else that now cant be matched. and until covid is no longer an issue I cant see them returning due to proximity. all the reactions of the people in the group or hearing them was simply brilliant. Although there is no better experience than a unofficial brave it alone on Asylum when its empty and they called out staff member before letting me in (2008) I think. yes there are pro’s and cons for both types of maze. But lets not forget the scare ability of the likes of some of the earlier mazes surpasses that of the more recent additions.
  10. I’m kind of just realising that FN’s 10th anniversary (& Exp10’s opening year) being 10 years ago, which means that half of FN’s history has taken place since then….. I realise that is is obvious, but wow I’m getting so old! 😳 Exp10 opening feels so recent to me. I completely agree with all that’s been said about looking back at the past mazes fondly - I don’t think perhaps the likes of Asylum would be quite as well received today as it was at the time. Really Asylum was little more than a chain-link strobe maze with a lit-up sign out the front and a great theme tune. But wow was it scary. I seem to remember scare mazes making me (and everyone else queueing) genuinely nervous. They, especially Asylum, seemed to have a legendary reputation which I think just added to it. I think as well the hands-on-shoulders thing, and the bizarre group photo (with all the random strangers in your run through) and briefing on the ‘stage’ in front of the queue before going through the iconic blue door added to it too - it felt like such an event! I think we expect a lot more from a scare maze these days, unlike a few years ago when really we didn’t expect much more than simply to be scared. Now we seem to expect a full story to be told and for it to be well themed throughout - the bar has been raised massively, and quite rightly so since they now charge for a runthrough. I think that’s why Experiment 10 and Cabin In The Woods (and the towers mazes) impressed so much at the time, because it added so much more to what most people were used to seeing from a maze, including the likes of Tulley’s at the time. I think expectations are just extremely different now. Mazes have stories and are generally really well themed. Big Top was a little different for me because it almost felt like a slight step back to how mazes used to be - it was more simple in what it was trying to do. Even the beloved Big Top though was a far cry from how mazes used to be a few years before. The way the BT’s soundtrack evolved throughout the maze, and the work that went in to the set designs, it was nothing like the old mazes at all - it was so much more, and clearly had a much bigger budget. I don’t think there’s any going back to how it was, not without people calling it lazy. I think scare mazes are having a bit of an identity crisis at the moment. Most mazes aren’t built simply to be “scary” anymore - they’re really more of a scenic theatrical experience aren’t they? (I’m not complaining about that - just kind of rambling/realising) A good point was made earlier about the “10th birthday” being celebrated by a plastic cake being wheeled about on a trolley and a maze with “10” written on it - and that was great back then! Now everyone expects a lot more. ———— Tl;dr - I think the unwritten ‘definition of a scare maze’ has changed too much for Asylum and co to be as well received as they used to be. People expect more now. (sorry for my rambling post 🙄) Thanks for coming to my ted talk.
  11. Oh if only 2020 had been a great year for the UK .... and the world!
  12. I know right!! Who on EARTH puts Fury 325 and millie over SteVe for worlds best coaster!!!?? I do find Valhalla continuously getting that award to be a bit off given the condition its been in over the last few years prior to its "revamp"......and surely Chiapas could have won the award at some point!! Goes to show the people picking the awards more likely than not have not ridden Valhalla over the last few years and are solely giving these awards on reputation.
  13. Just shows how meaningless - and perhaps farcical - the Golden Ticket Awards are.
  14. Good; this poster. Bizarre; Valhalla winning this year's Golden Ticket award when it has; a) been closed for almost 2 years. b) not deserved to win best water ride for at least 5 years. Plus side though - I do really like this promo image.
  15. Hey there. Here's the locations of all of the photo points: Stealth: At start of launch Swarm: Just after the billboard Saw: Just after airtime hill Colossus: After 5th inversion (double corkscrew); it's near the queue line entrance so you should be able to see it Nemesis Inferno: Just after the final inversion (corkscrew); again, you should see when in the queue as well Rumba Rapids: Near the water tower at the end (though currently the flash isn't working on that) Tidal Wave: Bottom of drop Walking Dead The Ride: Spoilered just in case you don't know about this surprise Flying Fish: Turn into the first helix (you can't miss it)
  16. Hey! I'm traveling to thorpe park for a couple days next week and me and my friends wanted to do some funny poses for the photo ops, Was wondering if anyone knows the locations or rough locations of the cameras of the main 5 rides (or others)? The only one I think I know is that stealth is pretty much straight on Launch but the rest I haven't a clue! Thanks for any help also if anyone has any good poses we could do let me know
  17. Registration days were optional, you could still pick it up on the first visit (as I used to do).
  18. As of yesterday, construction and preparation has turned up a notch for Fright Nights: Seemingly the Saw Alive pathway will be the location of the Crows scare zone: Old Town is being partially shut off for Creek Freaks Unchained: I am also under the impression that much of Trailers is complete now, which is a good sign of course.
  19. It is basically the same voice as heard on Detonator which says something along the lines of "Bavarian Bingo has been activated..." (along with other stuff). It then plays the Chicken Dance song, which goes into one of the Bavarian versions of the Thorpe Park tune. The actual tune of the Chicken Dance song into that Bavarian version is cool in itself, but the randomness I'm less a fan of, especially when it can be very jarring with the music and announcements of the ride itself. Would rather musical overlays or nothing new, not an awkward blend of both.
  20. What is the 'Bavarian Bingo' which takes over the rides? I didn't spot this on any of my visits last year
  21. Went to the Oktoberfest event this weekend. Marked improvement over last year's event. The main area from last year remains and is more or less the same. The tented picnic area in Lost City is also an Oktoberfest tent, with beer and entertainment. There's live music and actors around these areas from 12pm, along with the food offerings available. There's themed music around the rides again, along with the random 'Bavarian Bingo' which takes over rides randomly. Not a fan of that; would prefer something a bit more streamlined, but I guess it's cool all the same. I think Rumba (sorry, Oompah) Rapids has new audio over last year which is better. Detonator audio is the same as last year and I still don't like it. The main problem I have is that the actors the park have speak with terrible German accents. In the sense that they're meant to be terrible. They act as caricatures of Germans. It's "'Allo! 'Allo!" level of humour, and is extremely cringey. It's really, really not my thing. Maybe it's something the masses react positively, but it simply doesn't work for me. But yeah, as I say, a marked improvement from last year. Some good entertainment. Just drop the cringey accents please.
  22. It’s honestly a stunning ride and did a great job at trying to steal the crown off Steel Vengeance. Only real fault is the ridiculously long queue, which feels like you’ve completed 10,000 steps each time you ride it!
  23. Great deal. Might actually consider one for next year seeing as I thoroughly enjoyed my visits this year! Great to see that it can all be finally done online. Didn't you have to go to registration days before, which seemed awfully faffy for us southerners?!
  24. 2022 season pass prices are out; New pass - £99 Renewal - £90 Offer runs throughout September. https://www.blackpoolpleasurebeach.com/season-pass/
  25. Still detest is even though we got the back more at EnergyLandia more than we ever have at any theme park?? 😂
  26. Three injured, one critically, in ride incident at Fudstock in Barrow. https://www.lancs.live/news/local-news/three-injured-one-critically-ride-21429453 Reports on Twitter are suggesting that the ride involved is a Waltzer; potentially a restraint failure by the sounds of one report although that is purely speculation at this stage. Hope everyone makes a full recovery.
  27. Erm. The third train wouldn't get to the brakes if there was a train there as it'd stop on the second lift. Used to be that the system might panic or due to having to do a standing start the train might not have made it to the right point in the brakes and would stop dead. Given the speed it enters that brake run I don't think any collision would be considered minor. They stopped running 3 trains long before Smiler happened (before it even opened in fact). The 20 second time frame to load the trains didn't really suit the park's then direction of guest interaction at the deficit of throughput (I am once again raging about your staff asking me to "flap my wings like a dragon" rather than dispatching the actual car). Vampire could probably do with another upgrade tbh. Especially with Vekoma being in a better place.
  28. Following on from incidents, I cant remember pre or post smiler, they wont run 3 trains anymore, I believe its block related and possible for a minor bump between trains if all 3 end up in station/waiting/ brake run due to a delay. there was talk of up grading the brake system a while back to prevent the 3rd train meeting the waiting block. However it didnt materialise due to cost/ other reasons. as such merlin wont risk an incident like that however minor again, resulting in 2 train ops. there is no longer any rush/effort to load quickly, more slowly and safely
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