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  2. Great to see this park receiving a massive expansion plan for the next few years, should be great to see these new additions being built. Anyone know if the former Vertigo site is still left unoccupied? Given how unsuccessful and disastrous that coaster was.
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  4. New saw movies coming out simultaneously to fright nights... just saying
  5. Recently, The Ghost Train has rarely opened in the morning, It often opens pretty late afternoon about 3-4pm But if it does open early , I would advise that you do head to it , because the queue will build up pretty quickly.
  6. Thanks for all the tips, one last thing, should I head for the ghost train first thing in the morning due to its low throughputs and popularity?
  7. I agree with everyone above, we went before a few years ago when they implemented a rule about if you were under 16 you had to be accompanied by an adult but it was just a group of school friends and we were refused entry to the ride, especially now that there's only rumba and tidal wave left (as decent water rides), it feels unfair to tar all teenagers with the same brush just because of a few stupid people who choose to ignore the safety advice given.
  8. Enjoy your visit. The queue for SWARM is always lowest about 1.30p.m., as said by Stuntman, people must eat at lunchtime, take advantage of it. If a ride is closed and you want to ride it, keep an eye on it from a distance, as normally three empty test runs are carried out prior to re-opening. Have a good day.
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  10. A vast improvement over the old one. Good to see improvements even if it is just the website.
  11. I agree - I think 18 is a bit much when you consider during holidays you get groups of friends under this age visiting the park - particularly in summer where water rides are popular. Just because someone is over the age of 18 doesn't make it a certainty that they won't tit about and put their own safety at risk
  12. ...or, for all we know, giving it the same godawful paintjob as Timber and Lumber. ("Old Town! Making our guests want to gouge their eyes out since 2017!!")
  13. Blackpool Pleasure Beach launched a new website earlier this week, looks great and very easy to navigate!
  14. Shame that there has to be rules like this and yet another example of the minority ruining it for the majority.
  15. Lets just hope nobody has their hands up at that point
  16. Usually Sundays are quieter than Saturdays so if you don't manage to get on anything on the Saturday, you should have better luck on the Sunday. Another tip I can give is don't eat lunch between 12 and 1pm. You'll waste more time in long queues to buy food and it is the perfect time to try and get on the popular rides while everyone else is eating. Usually we have lunch after 1pm when we go. Finally, if you see a ride has just re-opened after stopping for a while, run to that queue or as quickly as you can manage. Once the line fills up again, the queue time usually won't be that low again for the rest of the day. Enjoy the island!
  17. It's great to hear Walibi Belgium investing in €100million across the park including 10 new rides and 8 themed areas. I only went when it was still Six Flags Belgium and at the time it felt a bit lack-lustre. Most recently, Pulsar grabbed my attention over this park again by how much of a popular ride it's been.
  18. Who remembers when they did the 'anyone over the age of 12 must be accompanying someone under the age of 12' rule a few years back?
  19. Since it's a weekend and with it being Summer I would expect it to be relatively busy with max queue times being about 60 mins possibly more for big rides.
  20. This is rather pathetic. As a 15 year old, who always holds on in rapids and doesn't mess around, I can't ride anymore with my friends. I've done Congo river rapids twice by myself before so this decision is awful!
  21. Thorpe Park Central on Facebook
  22. Credit?
  23. Hey everyone, I'm visiting Thorpe Park for the very first time on saturday 8th July. As I'm travelling such a long way I want to make sure I get everythimg done so I'm curious of how long the queue times will approximately be for that time of year and how I should make my way around the park to avoid long queues. Any other tips would be much appreciated aswell, thank you. :-)
  24. looooooooooooooooooooooooool
  25. There are some new rules on Rumba Rapids most likely due the incident at Drayton Manor. Credit to Thorpe Park Central
  26. We all know what the redevelopment is, its letting the ride rot for 2 years 😉
  27. The thing with Merlin, they only care about immediate spikes in attendence year by year. They literally have no reason to do anything with Loggers, until tits knocked down and replaced as a (hopefully) new water ride.
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