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  2. The only issue is that I think The Crows of Mawkin Meadow will probably return this year again as another scare zone as it was so well received last year (it even won an award iirc), so I can't really see them converting that into a maze/scare experience space. The fact that they are marketing something completely seperate as a 'Scare Experience' alongisde the mazes and scare zones to me suggests something bigger, but hey I could also be completely wrong. I think if we were betting safely - the space next to Trailers could be converted into a new scare maze space (although take into consideration my comments above re the proximity of the space to Trailers and the footfall of people queuing for two different scare attractions directly next to eachother) and Containment could make another return as the 'Scare Experience' escape room, similar to how it was when it initially debuted. I know that the promotional material doesn't say much as it is literally just a set at the end of the day, but I just feel like one thing that nobody would expect to happen would be an attraction at the farm. The length of the attraction alone - taking into consideration the length of the walk from the park to the farm, the experience itself actually on the farm, and the journey back to the park - would certainly give more than enough space for it to be considered a 'Scare Experience' rather than a 'Scare Maze' or 'Scare Zone' based on its sheer length alone. Is it probable? Probably not. Do I think it would be beneficial and free up loads of space to make a truly world-class scare experience? Absolutely. But if anyone lives close to Thorpe, someone should definitely take a peek at the farm and let us know if anything's going on over there 👀
  3. I really really can't see them using the farm, especially with Exodus as pointed out. I say this, and then in a few weeks time, someone can quote this post and gloat in my wrong-ness! I don't think the SAW Alive boat is usable, but that whole area (where the scare zone was last year) including the abandoned SAW Alive queue line is pretty damn big. I mean, you could even stick a tent over the queue as is, switch some fences around and make it a true "maze" of sorts. DBGT being used for FNs - I'd love it, and it would potentially be one of the best things they'd ever done purely because of the grandness of the hanging carriage, tube trains etc. - but I just can't see this happening myself.
  4. Not too sure another route to get there other than old Canada creek railway route, but I’d be suprised for them to use it. Just incase project exodus work starts…
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  6. My first thought was that the farm would be too far a walk from the main park, but really it’s no further than you’d walk elsewhere, even at Towers, and it would spread the crowds nicely. Is there any evidence so far suggesting that the farm could be on the cards? Hopefully whatever it is, it’s indoors.
  7. Due to a medical issue, I won't able to go now. Hope everyone has fun, and see you at the next one!
  8. But again if it is something major but was happening on Thorpe Farm... we wouldn't really see anything anyway as it's so out of the way... so who knows!
  9. As its a skyline issue I think somewhere between 100-150ft is where the colour change needs to happen. Something that varies from park to park since Towers obviously is anything above tree height that needs to be a darker colour.
  10. Got one of those discovery passes anyone know if I can pay to get in?
  11. The new scare experience could be really good (especially if it’s not an escape room and something more original) I’m just concerned if it was a major experience, we would have seen something physical by now. No planned AP preview but 20% individual mazes between 3-6pm during the off peak parts of the evening. Considering they are indoor mazes, shouldn’t make a difference though.
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  13. Actual building-wise we're very limited. Obviously there's the conference hall next to Depth Charge, but I can't imagine them wanting to retire that entire building for the duration of the event. The Black Mirror building is also potentially on the cards I suppose considering it used to be home to Walking Dead (can't remember if it was Do Or Die or Living Nightmare now for some reason) but can't really see this being an option either as I would imagine they would have needed to close the attraction by now to convert it, so that's off the cards too. As I mentioned above, converting Derren Brown into a Fright Nights attraction would be amazing... but much the same with Black Mirror, they'd have to have closed the attraction by now to carry out the works. That really just leaves us with the Containment container, and the plot of land next to Trailers. There has been clearance work taking place there apparently... however I'm not entirely sure if logistically the park would want two scare attractions directly next to eachother... I'd imagine that would cause one hell of a bottleneck when it comes to crowd control. I really do think our only option at this point is having the old Containment attraction re-themed and re-opened and having the scare experience on the farm.
  14. Thank you! Yes, that's a strategy we often lean towards; you don't want riding time going to waste! To make things even more efficient, we also take packed lunch to save both money and time queueing at a park food outlet.
  15. 8th August 2022: Alton Towers Day 2 We had our second day at the park today! Staying in the hotel naturally gave us an advantage, and I had a particular advantage this morning as I headed in alone at about 9:15, therefore I had plenty of time to get to my first ride of the day. That hotel entrance remained a phenomenal secret weapon as it had been the previous day: If you’ve read many of my Alton Towers trip reports before, you’ll know that a common strategy of mine when greeted with a pre-opening Alton Towers is to start in Dark Forest and ride Rita first thing. It’s at the back of the park, but also has low capacity and often holds a substantial queue later on, so getting it done early eliminates a substantial amount of waiting. I attempted to implement this strategy once again, but sadly, Rita was experiencing difficulties, and I was informed by the ride host that it would be opening late: With this in mind, I instead decided to get in a pre-opening queue nearby: This queue was for… Thirteen Thirteen’s pre-opening queue appeared quite long, but I thought I might as well join it seeing as I was in Dark Forest and it was the only other ride I could start on in that area. Thankfully, this queue was not nearly as long as it initially appeared, only taking around 15 minutes. So, how was Thirteen? Well, I was seated in row 4, and it was really good fun just as it had been yesterday; in fact, it seemed a bit more fun today, with a little bit more airtime in the outdoor section: After Thirteen, I retried the other coaster in the area… Rita Rita was on an advertised 10 minute queue, so I decided to give it a ride while in the area. Rita was the only one of the big 7 I hadn’t ridden yesterday, so I was looking forward to giving it a go. So, how was the ride? Well, it was pretty good fun; perhaps controversially, I do really enjoy Rita! I was seated in the back row today, and while it had a little bit of a rattle, this was certainly not a deal breaker, and the ride sensations themselves seemed awesome today; the airtime over the first twisted hill was unbelievable, and the pacing was absolutely turbocharged throughout! Overall, Rita was good fun today, and I’m definitely glad I gave it a ride: After Rita, we headed over to another coaster elsewhere that had a short queue… Oblivion Oblivion had an advertised queue time of 0 minutes, and we thought that this was an opportunity far too good to pass up! As promised, the queue was very short indeed, and strong operations on 2 stations meant that we were on the ride in very little time at all! So, how was the ride? Well, I thought it was absolutely cracking; the speed was exceptional, the ride was smooth, and a loose OTSR made for some excellent airtime! I do love Oblivion, and today’s ride was very fun indeed: After Oblivion, I split off from my parents and tried the other coaster in the area… The Smiler Even though The Smiler was on an advertised 100 minute queue and I’m not its biggest fan, I decided to give it a go for one reason; that single rider queue! I know I’ve talked about it a lot lately, but the SRQ really is a game changer on this ride, and I’m far more tempted to give Smiler a go if I can get on it in very little time. I must say that “how much queueing time can I shave off by using Smiler’s SRQ?” is becoming an increasingly fun game, and it was one that very much worked in my favour today, as I only waited around 15 minutes in spite of the 100 minute advertised queue time! So, how was the ride? Well, I’ll afraid to say it wasn’t that pleasant for me at all; I was seated in row 3, and I’m afraid it seemed to give me an incredibly thorough bashing today compared to yesterday’s ride. I came off with an incredibly sore neck and a definite headache: After Smiler, we headed towards the lakeside. Me and my mum had drinks and ice cream while my dad attempted to get a hole in one on the £1000 golf challenge… he sadly couldn’t win £1000 on this occasion. After that, we initially headed to Wicker Man, but the queue time had risen to 80 minutes by the time we got there, so this plan was quickly foiled. We instead decided to head over and ride… Galactica Galactica was on only a 20 minute advertised queue, so we thought we’d have a ride. I’m not sure the queue even took that long, to be honest; it was very quick, which is a definite bonus! So, how was the ride? Well, I was seated in row 5, and it was actually quite similar to yesterday’s; not my favourite ride on park, but smooth and actually not too bad at all, all things considered: After Galactica, we decided to try the other coaster in the area… Nemesis Nemesis was on an advertised 30 minute queue time, so we decided to give it a ride. The queue was stretching a fair amount into the extensions, so I did wonder if this was a bit understated, and it did ultimately take about 45 minutes. But how was the ride? Well, I was seated in row 5, and it was pretty good, although it seemed a little bit rougher than it did yesterday: After Nemesis, we headed back to a ride we’d tried to do earlier… Wicker Man Wicker Man was on an advertised 45 minute queue time, so we decided to take advantage of the substantial drop compared to earlier. I initially thought that this was somewhat overstated, as it only took us 30 minutes to reach the baggage hold and the waiting area for the pre-show, but the advertised time turned out to be fairly accurate, as it somehow took us 15 minutes to get through the pre-show area and queue through the station. Anyway, how was the ride? Well, I was seated in row 6, and it was phenomenal; fast, airtime-filled, and overall very fun and rerideable! As I said yesterday, Wicker Man always delivers for me, and is definitely a coaster that I like an awful lot more than I think I probably should: After Wicker Man, we had time for one final ride… Runaway Mine Train Runaway Mine Train was on an advertised 30 minute queue, and we hadn’t ridden it yet this trip, so we decided to have a go on it. The queue initially didn’t look too long, but looks were a bit deceiving here, as I later ascertained that the entire queue was open, and it ended up taking 45 minutes. Anyway; how was the ride? Well, we were seated in row 16, and it was good fun; even though it’s on the less intense end of the spectrum, RMT is a good bit of light hearted fun that never fails to put a smile on my face! It’s a definite guilty pleasure of mine; the intensity of that helix into the tunnel never fails to surprise me: After our ride on Runaway Mine Train, it was past 3pm, so we thought it was a good time to head back home. So, that concludes our 2 day trip to Alton Towers! I had a great time; even though my last visit was a mere 2 months ago, I do always enjoy a trip there, and it was great to get back on some of my favourites! It was also nice to stay in the Alton Towers Hotel again; I do always enjoy it there! Thanks for reading! I’m not sure where I’ll be reporting from next, but I know that a new trip report from me shouldn’t be too far away!
  16. The third scare maze is said to be an Indoor maze, would definitely include the farm building under that description. However, it would mean it wouldn’t use the land to and around the farm. scare experience seems more likely in this location. However why tease the scare experience. You’d think it would be a nod to a new maze. For an indoor maze though, unless you joined shipping containers together. Where else in Thorpe could they house the scare maze?
  17. I don't know why but I've got such an intense vibe that something will be happening at Thorpe Farm this year. The teaser trailer doesn't look like it's filmed inside of Containment and looks veeeeeery similar to the location where the teaser for Creek Freak Massacre was filmed last year (pictures below for comparison). Thorpe Farm is just used for storage at the moment and obviously is still connected to the main Thorpe Park - so my prediction is that you walk over to Thorpe Farm and this is either where the new scare experience is or is the third maze. Personally, I think there's more weight behind this being the location of the scare experience, as I have to agree that I think Containment will be making a return for the third maze this year.
  18. The first of many fright nights teasers has been posted. Any thoughts?
  19. Everybody always talks about Thorpe mazes (such as Trailers and Creek) being intense, but personally I've never really gotten that vibe from any maze I've done at Thorpe. I suppose because they work with such little space in all of their mazes, it ends up making the scares really predictable. It seemed like I was in the minority last year when I said that I think Trailers was personally the weakest of the three mazes they had going. Yeah, sure Trailers has really good scenery... but because they tried to pack so much into that space, you could see everything in each room well ahead of time which totally ruined the scare factor for me. A small, really intense maze (like in the Containment space) would be amazing. Thorpe Park are a park catering for 'thrillseekers' after all, so having that option there would be amazing.
  20. So yeah, a new maze (serving effectively as a replacement for Platform), and a new experience. Plus maybe some refreshed scare zones. The new experience is intriguing. There's no real details yet, and you can't book anything specific yet. But, currently, the price for the "Fearsome Four" add on works out as £37 on top of the entrance ticket. Last year, the Trio ticket for the 3 mazes worked out as £27, and I can't imagine the park will price the mazes as more expensive than £10, or £9per maze when booked as the trio. So that could suggest it's a 'step up' experience compared to the other mazes. Something similar to Containment wouldn't be a surprise; an interactive scare experience, even if not an escape room. Personally I'd love something a bit more extreme / designed as a solo experience, but I don't think that quite matches with what the wider audience wants. So wishful thinking there.
  21. Definitely a containment rehash or similar….
  22. Tickets for 2022 Fright Nights are now on sale - promotional material mentions scare zones, three scare mazes and a scare experience. Creek Freak is all but 100% confirmed and you can bet everything you own that Trailers will re-open as well, but what do we think the other maze is going to be? And what are we thinking is this 'Scare Experience'? Clearly something new as isn't being lumped in with 'Scare Zones'. What I'm hoping for (albeit very naievely) is them actually reimagining DBGT for Fright Nights. Such an insanely themed area and show building, a very good ride system that could potentially be utlised in some way or another (hopefully without the VR), not to mention that the space is huge. I've always said they're missing a trick by not doing something with it for Fright Nights... I mean, it is literally a year-round scare attraction, so why not?! Although this would be my dream scenario and I would pay through the arse to see it come to fruition, I think with all of the 'key' branding we've been seeing this year, odds are much higher for it to be an upcharged live-action escape room of sorts, personally. Let's discuss.
  23. I can’t imagine a Mack Powered Coaster with Scorpion Express’ layout would be at all expensive to replace and maintain parts on, in fairness. Even if it did need replacing, I imagine they could give it the Nemesis treatment and replace the whole lot for very little (possibly even less than £1m?). But we don’t know that it is being removed currently by any means. The current closure could just be due to some slightly lengthier maintenance work following whatever happened the other day.
  24. I'd imagine there's probably a reason why Stealth is painted the way it is, so I presume the transition point will be very similar to that of Stealth's. Pure assumption, mind. I could be completely wrong.
  25. If parks like Tivoli Gardens can replace their old powered coasters with ‘flashy’ new versions which are superior, then Chessington definitely can too. However they choose not too, so Scorpion will go when it’s literally an operational write off. Which maybe it already is. Even in the DIC years, Flying Fish got a new train.
  26. Great write up Matt. My kids have been brought up to "eat in the queue, don't lose ride time" and I am pleased that my grandson is being educated the same way.
  27. Considering the age of everything at Chessie I'd imagine such a list would essentially cover everything in the park. Probably as always didn't want to fork out the necessary budget for giving it a proper lease of life when converting it to Scorpion Express on the first place. Mack are still opening new Powered coasters so the ride hardware just needs updating if they really want to keep it.
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