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  2. Efteling

    Is it under-rated though? I'd probably say not, just not so many people visited Efteling goon wise so perhaps not had a wider hit of people waxing lyrical over it... Plus it's not perfect, given that the touch screens are kinda pointless and the distinct lack of progressing storyline kinda makes a little bit fall flat (same could be said of Dreamflight though really, but as that doesn't present itself to have a storyline, it does get away with it)...
  3. Efteling

    Symbolica was super clever! The scenes were really nice and I loved the interactive aspect to it. One point, we were at a musical section and we could control the instruments playing. The pre-show and entrance was spectacular and the queue line is stupidly well themed. I was completely immersed. I would have liked the dancing scene at the end to have gone on a bit longer though. Maybe a bit more spinning, but I understand it’s a ride for everyone, incl. young children.
  4. Efteling

    I do think Symbolica is perhaps one of the most underrated dark rides out there. Never before have I seen an attraction packed out with so much intricate details. The set pieces, animatronics and effects are top notch. It’s packed with both magic and mystery yet remains re-rideable. It is definitely up there as one of (if not) the best european dark ride to date.
  5. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Hearing how badly Blackpool have been doing at the start of the year is hardly surprising. Not only is their biggest new attraction for years not only open yet, but the weather has been poor and their PR team leaving a lot to be desired (it seems). One just needs to look at the number of times the park has shut much earlier without notice, which means a noticeable amount of visitors will probably leave with a sour taste in their mouth with no intention on returning. Icon needs fo be a success, otherwise I will be concerned as to what future the park has. These midweek closures are really bad and just show how poor things really are right now.
  6. It was definitely lights on a stick.
  7. Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    Blair Witch will return. I'm calling it now.
  8. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

  9. Dymchurch Has A Cred!

    £2.40 makes me cry... It's probably still a nicer place than Hemsby...
  10. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    I think it's pretty clear they are having a dreadful year attendance wise so far this season, and that is almost certainly due to people holding out for Icon. It is bloody obvious that would be the case, but it seems mid season opening was the plan all along for some reason. Ride closures are not ideal, and just gives people more reason not to visit so I question the overall wisdom of it, but it is certainly preferable to randomly closing hours early without warning. A shame they can't half day split twice the amount of rides, which would give a similar saving but alow guests the opportunity to ride everything on any given day. As has been said, an independent family run park has to be far more careful with their spend. I bet from the moment Icon is open the park will be heaving and they finally start running the place properly again. They need to start the hype though, down south there has been nothing I've seen to promote Icon.
  11. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    It’s not great, but at least the rides will be still open during the weekend when it is usually the most popular time to visit.
  12. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    It’s not great, but at least the rides will be still open during the weekend when it is usually the most popular time to visit.
  13. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    It’s not great, but at least the rides will be still open during the weekend when it is usually the most popular time to visit.
  14. Efteling

    What did you think of Symbolica? That ride is a genuine masterpiece in how it looks and flows, but feels criminally overlooked at the moment with so much other exciting stuff going on in the industry..
  15. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    It could be that Big Dipper, Pleasure Beach Express and Grand Prix need to be closed due to ICON work? They are all in that area of the park right? (I don't know the layout that well)
  16. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    It’s easy to say they are terrible etc - but parks don’t make cuts like it for the fun of it, they know it’s not ideal, they know it will affect people’s days, but only they truly know what the state of finances are and what they need to do to help balance the books - that said it’s quite extreme closing rides rather than staggering the opening abit! Can only assume they are massively struggling this year which is a shame - but smaller company’s can’t absorb costs as easy as say Merlin can if needed.
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  18. Duel!

    I actually do understand what you mean, especially with the screaming heads scene. You can see the one of the heads and the mechanism before it even swings into action, although on some of the heads the effect has been greatly improved. But overall, I think the TLC still makes for a fresher experience that was better than what it was like before.
  19. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Positive news about Icon aside, this has just come to light on the Blackpool Pleasure Beach website; Please note: Big Dipper ride will be closed Monday – Friday during April and May excluding bank holidays. Please note: Carousel, Veteran Carousel, Alpine Rallye, Pleasure Beach Express, Grand Prix rides will be closed Monday – Friday during April and May excluding bank holidays. Please note: Bikini Bottom Bus and Dora’s World Voyage rides will be closed Monday – Friday during April and May excluding bank holidays. Words absolutely and utterly fail me. First they demolish the Wild Mouse and handle it terribly, then they close the park 1 (or on some occasions, 2) hours earlier than the advertised "earliest ride closing time", now this. It's clear that BPB have zero concept of customer service. A park which treats its customers with such contempt is never going to be a success, even with a new coaster opening. Just for reference... BPB might have good rides, but as an organisation they're absolutely terrible.
  20. Dymchurch Has A Cred!

    Dymchurch reminds me of my holidays to the caravan in Kent when I was a wee boy. I got stuck on the ghost train there and had to be escorted off. Good times. Good read.
  21. While online searching for a new best friend, I stumbled on something much more important, Dymchurch has a cred! Immediately I put plans in motion to ride this beast... This Sunday just gone was the day of reckoning and it began with having a Mc10:35, I'll admit I don't see the appeal or even understand the logic but for about 2 minutes I felt one with the youth of today and that's priceless. From said McDonalds it was a one and a half hour drive to Dymchurch, which is in the arse end of Kent if you didn't know and as always, this drive was quite a memorable one. On the M20, I was viciously tailgated by no less than 3 Belgium registered 4X4s, all 3 of them with damage front and rear, implying I was not their first victim. Now I know Plopsa and Bobbejaanland are God awful and I've made my opinions on them very public but Christ, is murder really the answer? On the up side, if I did die at least I wouldn't have to get a mortgage... I left the safety (or lack thereof) of the motorway at Ashford and from there on was at the mercy of the sat nav. As previously mentioned my sat nav hates me, so of course things went to hell quite quickly. For the last 15 MILES of the journey, I was driving on single track dirt roads, shouting so loudly at the sat nav I may have disturbed the sheep in the adjacent field. For the last 6 MILES of the journey, I had 10 women in bright pink shirts cycling infront of me, taking up the whole dirt road, refusing to pull over and let me pass. For the last 4 MILES of the journey, the women were still refusing to allow me to pass and now a white van was tailgating (I didn't see if he was Belgium), honking and shouting abuse, if Mr Garmin isn't already dead, he's just made my list. To end it's reign of terribleness, I wasn't taken to the car park I asked for and was instead taken to a dead end housing estate, where the locals stared in disgust as I did a 3 point turn on a man's driveway and wheel spun away, still shouting at the sat nav. None of that mattered though, as I finally found my way to that car park, paid for parking, avoided the sketchy man scratching his balls in public and went out to explore the great town of Dymchurch. It turns out, Dymchurch might be the most deprived place I've ever visited. This is all I managed to find on my walk to the amusements, 3 charity shops, a sweet shop, the smallest Tesco's in the World, a pub and a restaurant. I don't know what I was expecting really but my plans of "going round town" after getting the cred were now spited. Undeterred I walked into the amusement park with my head held high. Much like Dymchurch the place, the "park" was absolutely tiny and had nothing else of interest to me apart from the cred, they used to have a really screwed up looking tiny log flume that looked worth a go but sadly that's long gone. I paid my £2.40 (I've got your back Benin) and went to experience Dymchurch's first ever cred and what a beast she was. A brand new wacky worm, with a tyre driven lift AND station (no more push starts!). It would be fair to say it wasn't running as well as some other wacky worms I've ridden but I'll put that down to it still bedding in. After this I visited the smallest Tesco's ever before getting back on the road and heading to Thorpe. Thanks for reading.
  22. Phantasialand

    I haven’t done Helix! But I’ve heard amazing things. Taron doesn’t need inversions and I beg to differ about the ejector airtime tbh I love you too
  23. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    I think the real problem is Merlin and their greed for pure profit. Yes they suffered a loss from The Smiler disaster, but that was back in 2015.. The park made cuts back in 2016 which is fair enough, but you really think they would of sorted their sh** out by now? I think the difference is that Blackpool's rides usually don't get much of a queue anyway.. I went Easter Holidays last year on a "peak day" and everything was pretty much 10-30 minutes or in some cases.. Completely walk on. Okay staggered openings suck, but if the park's dead anyway.. It doesn't really affect my day. The Towers also lack the support rides that Blackpool has, okay you have Duel or Hex, other than that the lineup besides the coasters is very thin.
  24. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    I'm not blaming the parks independently as much, as I fully appreciate that they put a lot of effort in with the budgets they're given. The underlying issue is, IMO, under-funding and a lack of care from Merlin in relation to Towers, Thorpe and Chessington. Nemesis is looking great at Alton (albeit missing its blood waterfall, the station is stunning) but it's an exception to an otherwise very poorly operated park IMO. Wicker Man is truly an outstanding coaster for the UK, but the operations elsewhere leave a lot to be desired. Regarding staggered openings, they're operated differently to BPB - whilst Pleasure Beach doesn't open the majority of rides until 10:30, there are only two (Valhalla and Grand National) which open at 11am - different to having four major coasters across different areas opening at 11am IMO, plus it's something that never used to happen at Alton apart from for the water rides. A huge budget cut. Whilst Thorpe may have improved some things, ride availability was atrocious the afternoon and evening of the pass-holder event, nearly every ride we approached was either down or going down as we got to it. Loggers and Slammer are both still sat there festering. The opening times are indeed looking great throughout the summer, a huge improvement. I can't comment on Chessington this year as the ride operations and standard of service experienced on our one visit last year means that a return visit is totally out of the question at present.
  25. Unpopular Opinions

    It's probably the awful company I keep, but I'm going to have to disagree with you there...
  26. The Small Parks Thread

    The Zacspin ruined my excitement.
  27. Phantasialand

    Except intense ejector air time and phenomenal inversions but otherwise, it's alright. #TeamHelix Mamba's very good but Nemesis is in a different league. Agreed. I love you.
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