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  2. I managed to ride Flight Of The Skylion yesterday. It’s certainly a truly unique attraction to the park and the U.K, a bit like a cross between a simulator and a 4D movie but I guess that’s what a flying theatre is. The pre-show was simple but funny enough, mostly explaining the process. The actual ride however was surprisingly impressive and the setting works out remarkably well. The ceiling was the only potential setback, but I personally consider this one of the best additions at the park to date. One could say it’s Lego’s take on Flight Of Passage, but I personal
  3. Zeus’s renovations are fascinating. I must confess touring my 2019 visit, the attraction was enjoyable and pleasant enough but was certainly missing that “wow” factor somewhere, compared to say Troy or Wodan. I haven’t done a proper GG woodie yet, but this all looks promising. The concept art for Toutatis looks splendid and should hopefully match the greatness of other lovely additions in the park.
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  5. *blows dust off topic* Huzzah, some updates! Well, update. Ish. A 'Construction Site. Keep Out' sign has appeared at Creek Freak Massacre. A sign that work is happening in there and the park hope to re-open it this year? I know the park were considering a few different ideas given the uncertainty around Covid. But with things looking a bit more promising, presumably indoor mazes will be a thing again this year. In more rumour-y things, I saw a group of people with Hi-Vis jackets going into the compound next to Jungle Escape. Some of
  6. Popped to Thorpe briefly to check out ParkVibes. It's nice to see a new event with stuff happening all over the park. It's pretty simple stuff, but it shouldn't be understated the importance of spreading the event around the park (issues which Fright Nights has had in the past, for example). But honestly, it's not for me. I wasn't a fan of any of the music overlays, from the entrance remix done by IMA Score, to all the rap / festival themed ones that have appeared on certain rides. Probably the best one is the rap that occurs round Rumba RAPids, and even then, I found i
  7. Whoops, I lie. It is just a 90º corner turn thing. Not sure how it's unique in Europe, when I'm fairly certain it exists on other rides, but oh well... There is also some updates about Toutatis, the Intamin multi launch. Some concept art: And some reminders about the statistics: Sources: https://www.facebook.com/ParcsActus https://www.dimensionparcs.fr/france/parc-asterix/parc-asterix-2023-toutatis/
  8. Should have went millennium flyers tbbh
  9. The sole Gravity Group woodie I've done (Wood Express at Parc Saint Paul) was hampered in part by the restraints, so I remain cautious over them. I wasn't particularly impressed with Zeus on my rides last year and I know it's certainly split opinion as it's gotten older. Hopefully this brings it back to more universal praise. Also, for confirmation: the first bullet point suggests a 90º degree first drop.
  10. The Gravity Group restraints (those trains look like GG ones) are really good. At least on their smaller ones... on Zeus....... This could be interesting. I love Zeus though the last time I rode it was particularly rough. Hopefully it still maintains the fabness.
  11. Tonnerre de Zeus is being renovated for next year, and renamed to Tonnerre 2 Zeus: -Unique to Europe 90º bump -2 high speed turns -2 new 'bumps' -14 airtime moments -New trains (with "inverted seats" on the last car - maybe backward facing car?) -A tunnel with special effects Interesting scenario, but not sure I'm a fan of the new restraints...
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  13. Well it would make this video relevant again: Gosh, 2010 Thorpe really was the time when Stranger Things happened...
  14. The Sex Education ride would have an unforgettable climax.
  15. I personally would get Merlin to either sell Thorpe, which won't happen or reinvent the theme park into a Netflix exclusive IP attractions. IP's work to make money in merch sales etc, perhaps to the enthusiasts hatred, but I'm just wondering when Netflix will truly get into the Themepark space to compete with Disney or Universal, seems like the next step for them. With a solid budget I'm sure something cool could happen to reinvent Thorpe. Although this will never happen, I'm just dreaming.
  16. Not a fan of the new Swarm audio, would just prefer an extended loop of the Swarm song.
  17. The loop reminds me of that on Junker, looks like a fun ride, Lech is one of my favourite coasters so this could be a fun one too
  18. Looks good. Now make Cobra look pretty.
  19. The station building for next year's new Zierer Force coaster, Farmyard Flyer, is complete: This is a small family coaster which serves as an extension to the Tornado Springs area.
  20. I think the audio is to make it more upbeat for the Park Vibes event. They'll probably change it back after the event or for FN but for what it's worth I prefer the new soundtrack. I also think that for the type of park Thorpe is it's much more suited to its target audience and the park as opposed to say Universal or Disney where you're going for 100% immersion into the theme of the area. Honestly the ride could be themed to Toy Story and the target audience wouldn't give more than a minutes thought to the theme. People visit for the ride, not the theme so 100% cohesive theming isn'
  21. Very nice. Many similarities between this and Lech at Legendia, which is a fantastic ride. More of this please.
  22. Farup have announced their latest from the Vekoma catalogue in Fønix. https://www.faarupsommerland.dk/da/foenix/ Interesting feature is a "Stall Loop". Which looks as weird as it sounds. There's also a 360 degree POV. Positive start to 2022.
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  24. It can’t get much worse than that cheesy American dispatch audio. I see the new “Radio” style is inspired by Amity and livens up the area with music but has been done at the cost of losing the atmospheric background audio for the area. Not sure what to make of it myself until I visit again.
  25. hmmm! Don't like it, would rather they change it back! But that said it's not as bad as I was expecting TBH.
  26. So the audio now plays out like a radio station? I mean, stuff like that can work (see: Amity Cove / WWTP), but I'm not sure it fits here. But heyho, whatever. Maybe people will like it. tbh I would have been happy if they literally just used the Swarm Invasion loop from last year. An evolution of the old soundtrack that worked. Not a fan of shoehorning everything around the area into the audio. It feels desperate / awkward, rather than just letting everything flow. For the obvious comparison, it's not like WWTP Radio tries to shoehorn in all the theming features around
  27. This story is also sort of now laid out by the new audio, as seen here: Although I think this time the church is supposed to be in the 'village of Thorpe', so at least that's explained. And also the Swarm itself apparently came from a research facility. The audio is very, very strange. 'The world is literally ending around us, quick, organise an interview with the reverend of the church, and in the meantime, play You Me At Six!' At least the Swarm Invasion audio is back in parts.
  28. In general the Swarm is a badly themed area I think, just not entertaining. I really have no idea why enthusiasts loved it so so much, maybe because it was an attempt at a 'big' theme when we'd gone so long without something new like that in 2012. The queueline TVs were annoying and boring, I'm quite glad theyre gone. The area looked like a mash of old vehicles on a pavement. The water skims etc just added on randomly. The name "The Swarm" was never particularly catchy or conjured up anything exciting, neither did the grey, bleak colours and the boxy church. It's whole identity just doesnt
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