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  2. Temple is no great loss right now as it has like 10 balls throughout the whole attraction anyway.
  3. The old Temple is 24 years old nowadays (originally living at the Millennium Dome). If they hadn't decided to build that daft Glamping/Go Ape behind it would've been perfect for a half decent coaster.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Very different layout indeed, still fairly short but a much more traditional hyper layout. I do like the layout we got as its very unique, but one thing I like about that other one is the low to the ground final airtime hills. Hyperia is great and I'm happy with what we got, but to think what it could have been if they didn't have trims and a bit more at the end of the layout.
  6. Apparently no other investment can be put forward until they have an answer to the water park so literally all decisions including Scorpion Express are supposedly on hold. It is all very strange as there still isn't a decision and planning went in late June/early July last year (13 months ago)
  7. The idea is that the crypt is next to a train station. Perhaps could be communicated clearer, but I guess it's not too farfetched an idea. This is something I felt a bit on my most recent ride. Maybe not so much the crypt feeling like tube tunnels. But the transition from train station to crypt is very clunky, and that certainly feels like just a random tunnel (maybe that's what you were more getting at earlier) My memory is hazy on this, but I think that Angelis Mortis is meant to appear on the TV screens at the end of ride. Although I might be confusing that with the fake shop scene; I cannot remember. The delay patterns are effectively just listing off the station stops or just generally being creepy / causing chaos, depending on what point of the story the delay occurs.
  8. Attraction Source had a presentation and Q&A from Mack Rides at their recent event; it has been uploaded to YouTube: I haven't watched it all, but there is a look at the first layout that Mack designed (spoilers: it's very different)
  9. Hi, I rode this attraction lately and I enjoyed it although it does have a few issues. why does the backways of a train station lead to a crypt and the crypt still feels like the tube tunnels. It should really be rethemed into a tube tunnel, maybe they dug through plague pits or something. Also, does anybody know if the TV screens still work or do they simply stay black? EDIT: Also does anybody know what the delay patterns are?
  10. Tiger Rock has re-opened today. Glad they've managed to get it open much quicker than expected.
  11. Temple of Mayhem has now updated to be closed for the remainder of the season. Not a big loss but still a strange decision to close an attraction before peak season. The fact that they started closing this on off peak days before closure makes me believe this is another cut, rather than something wrong with the attraction/building. Wonder if they’re ever going to make an announcement/update on Scorpion Express 😂
  12. I've noticed different hosts have different ways of batching too which really influence the single rider wait time. For example, if the back row needs filling and the next group in the main queue is a group of 4, some hosts will just stick 2 single riders on the back row, where as some will call down the queue for the next group of 2.
  13. Last week
  14. Single rider can vary due to a number of factors, but generally I have found on 4/5 attempts it has been between 20 and 30 mins from about 2/3 of the final straight towards the stairs, but on one occasion that same amount was over 40 mins. It seems to have been quiet pre 12 on my visits before getting longer.
  15. Wow well done Matt, that’s fantastic!! Congratulations! 🍻 Well done for sticking at it and achieving that First - amazing.
  16. On a slight side tangent, what is the Single Rider Queue like on Hyperia? Does it tend to offer a notable advantage over the main queue, or is any significant advantage potential negated by it being quite busy? Does it get busy, or is it usually quite quiet? I’m going next month, and I was pondering whether I could potentially use it for a reride if my parents and grandad allow me to reride and they don’t want to go back on. I wouldn’t want to only have 1 ride on Hyperia if possible, but I obviously wouldn’t like to bet on what queue times will be like during August.
  17. Hopefully they do something with that area over closed season. Although there is the massive possibility that since the viewing platform has been scrapped Thorpe think that there is no need tidying the lake area up as no one is really going to see it/pay too much attention to it due to the 7ft fence in the way…
  18. All of these good reviews of Hyperia make me excited to ride it, and gutted that I was unable to back in June! I’m now going next month, so I hope it plays ball until then… As for the splashdown area; that does look like a key disappointment of mine. The effect appears to be a complete damp squib, being hard to photograph from in the area, and I’m also not a fan of the presentation of the surrounding lake based on how it looks in POVs. I’d have hoped that they’d at least tidy up the weeds in it.
  19. My apologies for bumping this thread, but as I posted in it with university woes at an earlier stage, I feel I should offer an update… I’ve had my final degree award confirmed this morning… and I got a First Class Honours, with my final award mark being 82.85/100! That means I am now a degree graduate, with a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Gloucestershire! My journey through university has not been plain sailing, but I’m happy I did it, and I’m pleased and relieved to finally have a degree!
  20. Someone allegedly took a poo in the Hyperia queue Is this true lol
  21. Got to say I also think the next big investment will align with Thorpes 50th. Coasterwise RMC is the no brainer, we all want it, and I’m sure JB would love to be involved in one, with Thorpe the only obvious choice. Also to top Hyperia will be difficult for the park, but an RMC has the ability to do so. However. I actually think the park is CRYING OUT for a multi launch coaster. Quite flexible with the type tbh. Intamin make great ones, Mack extreme spinner or even a Mack Stryker. As it wouldn’t need a massive height to achieve a great ride experience it could be situated towards the front of the park aka outside the dome leaving the island behind swarm and potentially rumba area all free for a future expansion. Just my 2p worth
  22. Having done the ride in the front, back and middle, it is without a doubt a stunning ride. Operations seemed very good yesterday. It’s a shame the splashdown looks messy at the moment, but hopefully this is something that can be sorted sometime. The moments of floater, ejector and hang time on this ride are simply immense IMO.
  23. The lake looks fine, it's a natural body of water just modified in size. It's the condition of the splashdown part of track that's rank. Regardless it's still amazing! https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGet5KCgG/
  24. Is it just me or does the lake surrounding the ride area for Hyperia look rank XD
  25. Sadly a young lady was injured at Canada's Wonderland on Thursday having fallen from "Swing of the Century". It seems she may have suffered from a medical issue. The press, as usual, have started to stir things with "The incident marks the latest in a number of amusement park-related incidents in recent months" but fail to add that the majority are due to guests actions. Stay safe folks, and that means, avoid the press. Hope that the young lady recovers.
  26. Oh dear what a nightmare for anyone visiting over the busy summer 😬 It’s bad enough for queues when everything working. The more time that goes on, the more bizarre the Mandril decision seems to get - what an absolutely dreadful decision it was to go with that ride type given the capacity issues that have plagued the park for years.
  27. Possibly, but the way they've butchered capacity on it, maybe not. Tbf they've done this a few times with rides, giving an exact date for reopening. Rarely has it been right. Tomb Blaster had about 3 reopening dates advertised before it opened this season, and even then they opened it on a date not advertised. Regardless of the cause, it's a massive hit against the park to have their main water ride (and in practicality, pretty much their only water ride) closed for summer. Highlights the need for another one.
  28. If something has broken on it that's right rotten luck. Though that it has an exact reopening date on it is suspect.
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