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  2. Bolliger and Mabillard

    Re-rides on Nemmy are the best! ❤️
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  4. Park Music

    Have to disagree with you on X - previously rides on X would be a bit of a "gamble", some rides you'd have a great track to ride along with, other times a not so great one, would really make a difference to the ride - it was always abit inconsistent, along with that the lights now syncing up with the music means you'll get the same experience no matter when you ride. And its the same for all rides, they all have their own themes which are exactly the same every ride and as long as the musics good i dont see an issue with that sort of consistency. I think changing the Colossus music was always going to split opinion - ive not noticed it to be repetitive but again things like this are all down to personal taste.
  5. General Discussion

    Hocus Pocus is definitely not red/blue. I think they're chroma-depth. ?
  6. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    How much do the charity evening tickets cost?
  7. Park Music

    See, I disagree with that. Playing the same tune or segment multiple times on several attractions and areas does not excuse for a longer track. If anything, a longer track should provide an opportunity for the composer to create lots of new, original, innovative and unique audio, which we have thankfully for the most part been seeing over the last few months across the park. But at the same time, that does not mean the same 30-40 seconds should be used at least 4 times for Lost City, 5 times for The Jungle, endless repeating for X, constantly for Shark Hotel and several times for the others. It doesn't matter whether a guest has visited the park once or 10 times in a year, there should be a strong sense of variety and originality across all areas for them to appreciate and enjoy, but this move is straying away from that objective slightly. It seems to me that whilst this new audio is finally giving the park an identity, it is in return causing each attraction to begin losing their individual one at the same time. By the way, if this is all coming across as though I hate all the new audio, it isn't. In fact, I think the majority of it sounds excellent in comparison to what it was before, especially for the entrance, dome and Jungle areas of the park! But I believe it's important to point out and hope the park do not lose sight and forget the importance of each ride/area standing out from the rest with it's own character and identity. Seeing Lost City and Colossus merge together back in August with the same audio was when it started to become a problem and I fear The Jungle's track at some point will replace Inferno next given they share similar themes and proximity to each other.
  8. Park Music

    To the every day guest who visits once or twice a year it will be subtle, many of the tracks are alot longer than the previous ones too (The Lost City track for example) which previously played a portion of the Colossus music which cant have been no longer than 5 minutes, the new one must be at least 15 minutes, if anything making it if anything less repetitive. Same works for X, the music lasts about as long as your ride will be on it, most visitors to the park will ride it no more than 3/4 times a year (total guess at the numbers here!).
  9. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    Yep I did it last year and got on most, but arrive at 5 to make use of the evening as they shut at 9 sharp. I worked out that I got £130 worth of rides in the time I was there including three on Munich Looping. Wristbands are sent in the post so no faffing in a long queue to collect them. I am booking with my friend on weds morning when the tickets go on sale.
  10. Future Of Chessington

    Yep, I think at one stage it was going to be called 'Tiger Falls'. Plus a name change wouldn't part of the plans for the council etc
  11. General Discussion

    As far as I'm aware there are H/V polarised (IMAX), Circularly Polarised (Real D), Differential Colour (Dolby Cinema), alternative shutter (NVIDIA) plus the red/blue 3D glasses. Get the right type and they'll work. Been ages since I went into Hocus Pocus so I can't remember what type they used. Pretty shoddy though.
  12. Park Music

    By all means, establishing an identity for the park with this new tune is great and it's good to see it finally get one just like Alton and Chessington do and I fully support the idea. But the problem is at the present stage, it is being used too much across their attractions and is in some ways detracting originality and character from each area/ride whilst simultaneously making it more repetitive to listen to, especially compared to what was played previously for each of them. The way Alton and Chessington do it is the right approach. Most of the time they place their themes amongst the rest of the track in a subtle way that is not too noticeable for listeners but it's still there regardless. That way, each area still retains it's character and originality without another melody dominating or overshadowing the rest of the music. This is why the entrance is the perfect place to use it several times since most people only pass through the gates once at the start/end of the day and don't queue potentially hours listening to the same track over and over again. For Thorpe however, not only is their version played countless times at the entrance, but X now uses it as it's main theme, Colossus now shares the same audio with all of Lost City, Shark Hotel I swear is nothing but this tune and The Jungle's audio features it at least 5 times on the same loop I'm sure over and over again. When you are standing or queuing in these areas for a while hearing this everywhere you go across the park in the same day, it can get quite repetitive. Sure, all the new audio tracks might be statistically longer in length and sound better, but does that mean they are all less repetitive as a result? In the case for Lost City and Colossus, it clearly isn't. If each attraction/area which has undergone changes this year only plays the tune on loop at very most just once or maybe twice very similarly to how Galactica, Spinball and Smiler do it and fill the rest of the loop with new and original audio, that would've worked much better. Make it's use subtle, not obvious.
  13. Fright Nights 2017

    I believe that last night was the night were there was a large number of certain visitors in the park. They cause more trouble and it does affect the operations a lot. For some staff (especially if they're newer / haven't experienced that behaviour in large quantities before), it can be intimidating, difficult to control and a bit 'rabbit in headlights' for some. And the security team will always be stretched regardless of how many staff they get in. That's certainly not to give staff / the park a bye for the operations / handling of some things, but perhaps it's easier to be a bit more forgiving given the circumstances.
  14. Fright Nights 2017

    I visited last night and overall the mazes and the acting quality is by far some of the best I've seen at the park for years. Most mazes seemed to have a decent amount of actors, and Platform was swarming with actors in some sections.. The operations though were god-awful, Big Top e-stopped three times within a hour, young kids were running over the ropes and kept running into maze past the groups and The staff look puzzled to what do.. Shocking..
  15. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    The first deliveries are allowed to arrive on the 31st October. Although the first day is usually mainly fences, flooring panels & toilets with the odd food units & some ride loads arriving. The first week of November expect to see the main portion of rides & attractions arriving. Keep an eye on HPWW Unofficial’s Facebook page, there are daily updates of the pull on there.
  16. Fright Nights 2017

    Dont be concerned - are you spending the whole day there? If so you'll be fine to get all the rides in, the gates open at dead on 10, Swarm is usually where a lot of people head early, in previous trips ive gone over to Stealth first thing got that done and then Inferno straight after with minimal queues. After that if you have the TP App it has the queue times on, check out if Saw / Colossus or Swarm are busy and head to the quieter. The park will be busy but you'll have no issue getting in everything you want to, especially if your not planning to do the mazes - although If you get chance would recommend giving them a go - especially Big Top!
  17. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    Has anyone here ever down the WW charity preview night where you get an unlimited wristband for all the rides? I'm tempted to do it this year, just wondering if it's actually any good.
  18. Enthusiasts who are a bit too patriotic to there home park You see this worst in America with Disney against Universal Orlando. Good example was recently when they opened there latest ride and water park (they basically replaced the normal queue with reserve n ride ) but as soon as that happened the Disney fans accused universal of "copying Disney" because Disney had a fast pass system. It happens with fans of every park when people cant find fault with there home park or say something in another park is better (no theme park is perfect) Also people trying to enter swarm or stealth via the sunken garden. lovely place that garden but unfortunately be a while before that would connect to swarm if at all But to be fair if you never visited Thorpe before your likely to get lost a few sign posts would help
  19. Fright Nights 2017

    I went this Saturday and also had UFT.... 1. Yes (but still expect to queue around 15mins) 2. 0-15 - (Saw, walked on: TWDLN, 15mins in tunnel: Sanctum, walked on: BT, 15mins due to maze "breaking down": P15, 15mins due to some idiot hitting an actor and waiting for security) 3. 100% yes IMO. Yes, for that kind of money I agree you should walk on, but I would rather queue 15mins than 2 hours. Going again this Sat with same pass, so will see how we get on...
  20. Fright Nights 2017

    This forum is making me really concerned for my visit on the 30th OCT. How is the park on a weekday in october ( day before halloween) I'm not fussed about going in the mazes but seeing as this will be my first visit to Thorpe park in 3 years I would love to be able to get on all the rides I want
  21. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    Has construction started yet?
  22. General Discussion

    Someone send this to CWoA http://www.ebay.com/itm/222325740174
  23. Fright Nights 2017

    Thank you
  24. Fright Nights 2017

    I wouldn't expect to instantly walk on things but you should easily be able to do everything you want to do with the ultimate fastracks - enjoy!
  25. Bolliger and Mabillard

    Nemesis being so far away from the entrance helps as well. It's always where people get to last and the first area to empty out near ride closure. I simply love how the best ride at Towers has the shortest queue, makes re-rides so easy.
  26. Park Music

    The whole point of the 'Island Theme' is that it is supposed to be identifiable, it was designed to be used across the resort. It has grown on me a lot, I was skeptical at first. If you go to CWoA, you will hear in most areas, their own identifiable hook if you will. Alton also has one, and was probably the first out of the three to do this, but they used In The Hall of The Mountain Kings, which is not original, but it works for them.
  27. Fright Nights 2017

    I'd have asked those questions before buying it to be honest. I don't think £125 on a fastrack package can ever be worth the money, regardless of how many rides or mazes you get to do.
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