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  2. Walt Disney World intend to open Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom on July 11th and Epcot - Hollywood Studios on July 15th. They've announced today that fastpass+ and dining reservations will not be in operation as well. So for the first time in over twenty years the Florida resort will be free for all. People who hate to plan things will have a grand old time.
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  4. Merlin Annual Passes to be extended past winter season: https://attractioncentral.co.uk/2020/05/28/merlin-will-extend-annual-passes-over-theme-park-winter-season/
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  6. Is it too much to expect the same park to be as good as it was 20-30 years ago, especially for such a basic investment as a small childrens area retheme? Especially when prices have generally gone up
  7. That is true, however the park have also removed a noticeable amount of attractions including the shopping area in the park. When I visited last June, the park was remarkably quiet despite some school groups. Ride staff even pleaded us to re-ride at the end of the day it was that deserted. Even if they are owned by a “bigger” organisation, I’m still pessimistic for the park’s survival especially given current situations.
  8. You'd think so however Livingstone Leisure Limited who own the park made a gross profit of over 7 million last year.
  9. Not good on any accords but not surprising either. Given the imminent fine will likely be in the six (maybe even seven) figure amount, I can see the park going bankrupt anyday now.
  10. Over a year on and Lightwater Valley are getting prosecuted for the incident: https://attractioncentral.co.uk/2020/05/27/lightwater-valley-to-be-prosecuted-after-7-year-old-was-ejected-from-rollercoaster/
  11. Alright, so I am kind of angry. Back when this pandemic was flaring up we were all instructed to stay at home. The NHS must be protected. We can save lives. The vast majority of us did this, arguably too late to save thousands of lives but we did it. I'm one of the lucky ones. I don't live alone, I'm an essential worker so I've still been going to work and serving to help the country. I'm definitely in a fortunate position. Outside of that, I haven't seen any friends, family, have not socialised, have shopped alone to ensure I follow all guidelines. My friends have done the same. My mum and dad who are both high risk have not had human contact with the exception of my brother for two months. It absolute galls me what this unelected advisor has done and the hoops jumped through to protect him. It actually sickens me that we left the EU because of apparent unelected officials and yet this person gets away with this. We didn't vote for him, we can't get rid of him, he just exists. How many extra deaths have occurred because of his negligence? How many people will now die because members of this population will say 'well he can do it, why can't I?' Earlier, Pluk said it's just easy to blame the Tories for everything. This isn't a left or right issue. This is about honesty, decency and integrity. How can we trust this government when they declare its legal to drive 30 miles if you're worried about your eye-sight, that their initial instructions were advisory and open to interpretation and that ministers are falling over themselves to protect someone who is completely undermining their own health messaging. How can we trust this government when they call Durham police liars or completely dismiss concerns from the church? At some point this country needs to find its moral centre because it's heading into this dangerous area where the people who are supposed to look after us do not care and the ones that I find myself siding with now are Piers Morgan and the bloody Daily Mail. It's ridiculous.
  12. Glitch

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Issue is the attraction wouldn't open as intended, if the attraction has any water / bubble based effects these won't be turned on.
  13. JoshC.

    Thorpe Park 2020

    In fairness, I expect that any IP will be understanding of the situation and not expect an attraction to open if it's not safe to do so. It may means some renegotiations are had when it comes to money and that, but that'd all depend on the fine wording of the contract.
  14. You are right, and thats the sad fact, as a park (and merlin as a chain) expectations have fallen. They used to be top tier parks in the UK (with Drayton, American Adventure, and Camelot being second - and maybe Pleasurewood hills, Flamingoland etc as forth tier Now there feel third tier - and the presentation isn't any better than something Crealy could do! - a Shame
  15. MarkC

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Wonder if the IP will have any say in when the attraction can open. If already commissioned they may expect it to be opened when the park reopens.
  16. I guess it comes down to expectations. What have Merlin done over the past 10 years to make anyone think that their attractions should be classed as world class? Even moreso over the past 5 years. Merlin's investments do the job. They're better than quite a few parks, and at an individual park level their larger investments are more regular than quite a lot of other parks (although it has stretched out further admittedly). "It's fine" sums it up quite nicely. We can want Merlin parks to do fantastic things. We can want every park in the world to do fantastic things. But honestly, Merlin don't hit the fantastic mark often, so it just feels unrealistic to expect that. You could argue it's a pessimistic outlook, but equally it's quite realistic imo
  17. Walibi Holland reopened for the first time yesterday. Here's a run down of what they've done: There's an indoor area near their entrance (similar to the Dome at Thorpe, but smaller), which is now divided into two; each side is a one way system. There's similar markings on some pathways There's lots of hand sanitising points everywhere Barriers have been set up outside food places and restaurants to encourage social distancing, and create clear entrances and exits. Their train is only stopping at one of its three stations People are only let into toilets one household (ie group) at a time. After they leave, the toilet block is cleaned. This means there's a staff member constantly in every toilet, and they effectively batch you in. Nice branded signs though Three attractions are closed: Neurogen (VR experience), their dodgems and their Skydiver upcharge attraction. Furthermore, their enterprise and frog hopper rides, which are part of a rethemed area, are not built back up yet. On that topic, here's a look at the newly themed Speed Zone, which looks decent: As for queueing for rides, the park have opted for a virtual queue system. You reserve on your phone, and book a slot, and wait the queue time virtually. Presumably not all rides you have to do this, since some will constantly have no queue. Walibi's QuickPass system utilises virtual queueing (with options of waiting 10%, 50% or 90% of the queue), so it's nothing new to them. Once you wait the entire queue length virtually, you go to the entrance of a ride, a member of staff (stood behind a screen) scans your phone, then you're in and wait very little time. Reports I read said the longest virtual wait was 40mins for Untamed, but the queue once you get in is less than 5. The park also have a small number of phones people can hire for the day, with a €100 deposit. Any cattlepens have had large barriers put in place to allow people to walk through: Goliath Lost Gravity All photos from Looopings It's an interesting set up, especially with the virtual queueing, and some stark differences to Efteling (especially the toilet thing).
  18. Max and Moritz will open on June 20th, with annual pass previews taking place from June 2nd... Also this shows how much of a horrid cattlepen queue this is going to have. Eurgh.
  19. But even just as that, the area was better before. Well before Toadies got so worn out. The new ending to Toadies is pathetic and dull. Even Berry Bouncers was arguably better, because now you just awkwardly face the back side from the main path where it's most visible. The whole thing is really poor quality. The log flume is 'better than nothing' but still extremely cheaply done for kids
  20. Because it is a 'live experience'. Black Mirror is somewhat of a tale we have all heard before. IAC- Basically phased out of the park. Probably down to not being popular and draining staff. Also a live experience maze-esque BS Saw Alive- Different case. But live attraction that just wasn't popular enough after a couple of years Sub Terra- Technically a ride. But had huge emphasis on its story and the actors. Was neutered before being murdered for good. DBGT- its a ride okay. But like Sub Terrible, big focus on its flashy bells and whistles. Seems to be on the decline on popularity TLDR: Live attractions don't end well in parks. People want fun rides, not a bunch of bells and whistles disguised as a ride. I would rather Chessington receive a mini log flume with bad theming than receive a tryhard attraction that burns out in 3 years time..
  21. How can you comment that you would take this over Black Mirror when you haven't experienced it yet.
  22. Exactly this. When other parks are exceeding expectations - 'does the job' I.e. 'meets expectation' - doesn't pass muster I'm afraid! Is this really what the 'best' theme parks in the UK can come up with And its not simply a budgetary issue - many small attractions win at adding little details, or quirky elements, or little 'in jokes' for parents to spot, or employing local artists to create a unique piece etc etc - I mean add some fog machines ffs or fibre optic twinkles - something! also nothing moves! not even that dark ride section at the end! if this was flamingo land, Crealy, or even Drayton Manor then fair enough - would be a good fit! But this is Chessington and considering it's Pedigree - is another flat note! An example of what can be done - take a look at the K2 coaster/dark ride (and other developments) at karls erlebnis-dorf in Germany!
  23. As much as I bash the sh** out of Merlin, I honestly think this area is fine. Its a very small kids area, its not really meant to be immersive or high budget. Its a fresh lick of paint on two old kids rides, and a new kids ride that fits the park's audience perfectly with a small bit of theming. Nothing more, nothing less. I would take this over Black Mirror any day of the bloody week.
  24. This literally sums up merlins view for everything. They shouldn't be aiming for 'just fine' if they want to be a classed as a world class attraction provider.
  25. I disagree. The area for sure is nothing to write home about, but they didn't exactly have much space or much to work with in the first place. It is a really small area, honestly I did not mind the lack of theming considering the area is two rethemes and a mini log flume. I experienced River Rafts back in March with the nephews and it was a good addition, its good for the children who aren't tall enough for Tiger Rock. Its not elaborate, but it does the job just fine.
  26. After watching POVs of the new rides and area all I can say is 'awful' - so cheap and static. ok it's clean and neat (for now) but the lack of budget is so apparent Theming is garden centre standard, and so......dull, boring enough for children, painful for parents!
  27. You just don't love your family enough to break lockdown, that's all Benin.
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