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  2. Whilst we all wait impatiently for the park season to begin (whenever that may well be), an eager fan sets up shop ready for opening.
  3. Yes and no I guess. The Stealth incarnation of 'a launch coaster at Thorpe' had been in the works since around late 2002, to my knowledge. Maybe earlier even, depending on the sort of relationship that was had with Intamin at the time and the confidence that was had in Xcelerator (which opened in summer 2002). The Hulk style coaster from Premier was the first time Thorpe had plans for a launch coaster. And that idea probably stretches all the way back to the late 90s shortly after Tussauds took over and planned to turn it into a thrill park. Plans were submitted and I t
  4. Was that the Hulk style steel coaster originally planned for Colossus that you mean? I think Rita was literally such a last minute project, I remember watching a Q&A with one of the project people saying it was unusually fast to go from being told to open a new ride to building it. I think gives an idea of the different expectations DIC had on Tussauds at that time which probably played a big part in Stealth too. Then again it's on the 2003 development plan so not the same rush, and Stealth suited Thorpe so much better than Rita suited Ug land/ Alton Towers.
  5. The valley wooden coaster did have plans submitted in early 2003, but were withdrawn. I think there were loads of potential problems which meant the plans probably would have been rejected. Presumably they would have at one point intended to to tweak and resubmit the plans, but that never happened. I'd say Rita was a replacement for that coaster in the sense of they wanted a new thrill ride for 2005, and it opened in lieu of the wooden roller coaster, which was the first plan. A launch 'icon' coaster had long been the plan for Thorpe. Presumably that simply fit in with
  6. As far as I know Rita was a pre-existing Intamin design that Alton Towers just bought, that had been planned for another park and was pretty much able to go anywhere flat. No application went through for the Alton wooden coaster (or was it withdrawn by the park?) after an initial survey found it wasn't possible. Rita wasn't so much a replacement for that coaster but a badly rushed addition to boost numbers directed by Tussauds new owners DIC Presumably they then wanted the same for Thorpe Park. So I wouldnt be surprised if there just wasn't the time and money for anything other
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  8. Ahhh, this old chestnut. The story is quite simple, but a sort of Chinese-whispers effect has led to some confusion over the years. That image is from the MTDP from around 2003. The MTDPs only show loose ideas that the park have at the time. That drawing, for example, shows the top hat being the other side of the Stealth area. The layouts mean nothing; they're just there as a rough indication of size. When Thorpe were drawing up ideas for Stealth, they wanted a longer ride, more akin to Xcelerator (hence why the MTDP shows that). Ultimately, it never happened, for a va
  9. Many people often wonder what Stealth's layout was originally intended to be citing that "Stealth and Rita" were going to be 1 coaster (or at the very least Rita's layout would have extended Stealth's current layout (similar to Xcelerator at KBF). In their (very old) MTDP planning permission you can see the full Stealth track layout as was originally proposed by the park (as it's an MTDP made by Thorpe certain parts of potential rides tend to be modified to hide the layout they actually build as was obviously the case in this example).
  10. Look forward to it. Well done to Nick for creating something for the enthusiasts community to look forward too in these uncertain times.
  11. Legendary composer Alan Menken donated 100 dollars to this according to the comments. I want this to be true. I think its a great thing to bring people together for a charity too help others. The pandemic has been hard on all of us, the effects of this may be seen for years and anything people can do to bring joy should be applauded, not derided.
  12. Have removed a couple of posts from here - Regardless on your opinions on Nick’s music - fair play to him for organising this - just looked and I saw he’s raised almost £600 to donate to a mental health charity and no one deserves to be berated for that - that’s significant amount especially during these times from such a niche market. Whilst I get it may not be everyone’s cup of tea I think it’s great people when people l come together and do things like this which will ultimately benefit others more in need, especially in times like this!
  13. Good to hear about Aroma!! Hopefully those watching online will be able to smell it from wherever they may be watching!!
  14. TheIslandLikeNoOther is due to open on 27th March... I'm quietly optimistic that will happen. Just without DBGTROTD, TWDTR and Black Mirror Labyrinth...!
  15. Hi Everyone, For those of you who don't know the incredibly talented Nick Hutson has been working on developing his renowned track, Theme Park Fan, into a full blown musical! The musical has been created with contributions from notable UK enthusiasts, including myself. John Wardley is also involved 😉 We are also raising money for the charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), you can donate here if you wish. Finally, we have teamed up with AromaPrime Scents to create an original scent that compliments the show. It'll be premiering on Satu
  16. So Disneyland Paris has now officially extended their closure, with reopening now scheduled for the 2nd April. Source- park social media. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this pushed further to May or June given circumstances. Delayed closure/reopening of other European and U.K. parks is unfortunately imminent.
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  18. I just hope it isn’t like their burgers!
  19. Dreadful name for a ride built in a dreadful place, ruining the views of that lovely green lake! Truly dreadful! Just hope the ride is decent!
  20. I’m definitely getting Eurovision fire saga vibes from this 😂 That aside I actually really like it, it has quite a euphoric feel to it (whether the ride will actually be like that, we’ll see).
  21. Tbh I’ll be happy to ride almost any coaster this year given the state of everything right now! That name is certainly quite a spin (pun intended) on your typical coaster name.
  22. I don't think I'll be very happy after riding it [/obviousjoke] I initially thought it would be another Studio 100 show but it... Isn't? Like. I'm so confused by this. Why are they doing a Walibi?
  23. Happy Christmas, this message is sponsored by Derren Brown's Ghost Train.
  24. Soooooo, The Ride to Happiness, presented by Tomorrowland, anyone?
  25. Trappers Trail (3) Dino Bumper Boats(3) Mrs hippos fungle safari/ drive in the country (3) Chief rangers Carousel (3) Magic Mill/ tropical travels (3) Wicked witches Haunt/ Phantom Phantasia (3) Dare Devil Drivers (3) Viking Rowers (3) Bronko Bikes (3) Canada Creek Railway(3) Treasure Island train(3) Loggers Leap(3) Calgary stampede(3) Hudson river Rafters (3) Crazy golf(3) water buses (3) The Farm (3) Roller Rink (0) Space station Zero (3) cine 180 (3) Octopus garden (3) carousel Kingdom (
  26. Well spotted. It looks to run a bit better than the zamperla. Specs state it has a theoretical capacity of 42 people, 650pph, and the height of it is 11m. Although you'd have to be pretty crammed in to get 42 on that boat. The product guide can be downloaded on this page.. https://www.metallbau-emmeln.de/en/attractions/#s2_2
  27. Chessington Buzz has reported it to be manufactured by ‘Metallbau Emmeln‘ Here is a video of a ship also manufactured by them which looks to be very similar, with the same looking supports also. Luckily it swings pretty good.
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