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  2. I personally think it's the end of it, but when Jack asked in his behind the scenes video Russ didn't say yes or no. Almost as if he wasn't 100% sure. Maybe they haven't completely decided yet. If it does close it will be interesting to see what replaces in time or if it will house a new FN maze.
  3. I went to the park 2 days ago and noticed the Jungle escape sign was no longer in place I dont think, and some wooden fencing was in place as if to completely divert attention to the building. All but the infamous exit doors were covered up. Anyone else reckon this is finally it for I'm a celeb/jungle escape? I personally think the park have finally realised this escape room has no future at the park anymore...
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  5. No idea what is up with storm surge but it’s certainly had closed season work so can’t see it being removed this soon!
  6. This was certainly the case back end of last season, thankfully it didn't make too much of a noticeable difference, but interesting it has supposedly stayed that way. I wasn't even aware that Storm Surge was not reopening so interesting. Anyone else know anything??? This is Thorpe however so don't expect it to get "removed". It'll add to it's collection of SBNO so it can have a worlds first title of "worlds first park with x amount of SBNO rides".
  7. It appears Detonator no longer gets pushed down (doesn't have the mechanism that pushes it down idk what it's called) and instead is a normal freefall tower (I believe this was the same in 2020 so this has been true for 2 seasons now). On another note, much bigger note, all traces of Storm Surge has been removed from the app (bar the image of the ride) which is very interesting. Perhaps they're finally removing that eye sore in line with all the other fresh changes across the park and putting it where the tree were cut down around Loggers Leap?
  8. So I wanted to add a list of under-rated rides I have ridden- for those rides that do not get appreciated enough. Eurosat- Europa Park In a park full of loads of things to talk about- food, shows, theming. And their big 3, plus Arthur. Euro-Mir's wackyness and its forceful ending. Eurosat seems to not get talked about much. Which is odd considering it is in a huge white dome. The coaster itself is one of the best indoor coasters IMO, ever since the re-track the ride is butter smooth. Has some good laterals, and is a fairly long ride. It is a family coaster, but it does have a
  9. I'm not all that familiar with the rules, but I believe much of it is set by the manufacturers rather than the parks. The reason that anyone who is non-ambulant would not be allowed on a coaster, for example, is in case of an evacuation. The park is responsible for getting everyone off safely, and that is extremely difficult to do with someone who is unable to walk. Manufacturers are the ones responsible for designing the rides and for thinking of these things, and if they design it so that 'anyone who cannot walk must be evacuated by another person', then few parks are going to take on that r
  10. There is no easy answer other than everyone gets the same virtual queues.... and we all know how successful version 1 was ....
  11. Reducing RAP to only wheelchair users would eliminate most RAP queues altogether, the system is already not that inclusive: if you are unable to walk or stand then you are considered a 'non-ambulant' user which severely restricts the rides you can go on (no rollercoasters or dark rides, only outdoor flat rides). I'm not sure what other parks do around the world but I'm sure they're more inclusive than this, although Chessington isn't helped by the age of many of their rides.
  12. If I recall they already state that RAP does not mean instant access anyway. But restricting it to wheelchair users only like you suggested is a fair more discriminatory system that the current one. Especially when there are immediate steps the parks can take to attempt to resolve some of the issues.
  13. Have the Bose cannons been replaced with these? Noticed new speakers in there last season but the cannons were still in place. I agree aside from Swarm's extended queue where the audio was either extremely quiet or didn't work at all last season, maybe there was an issue and they decided to replace the whole lot to bring it in line with the rest of the park? Or could have just been that it's zoned and someone had messed with the levels. As Marc said, Swarm is currently very quiet so they must still be making adjustments. There'd be no point investing in all that new
  14. I get the point you're trying to make, but the way your posts read here is that because the park are failing to deliver a suitable accessible system, it should be removed for non-wheelchair users who do need it. Which...isn't right.
  15. I'd suggest promising them RAP access and them then having to wait an hour on a crowded path not even designed for queueing is more unfair, in all honesty.
  16. That's not very fair on those who are disabled but don't necessarily require a wheelchair. You cannot force all disabled guests under one thing because it's essentially discrimination and removing independence (a very important factor for many who suffer from disabilities). In the same vein that's why I'm unsure if a Blue Badge requirement at minimum would be problematic in that not everyone who qualifies for RAP can qualify for a Blue Badge or PIP. Disability stuff is hellish to get through these days. As I say it appears to not be under anywhere near the level of abus
  17. The park looks better, in a 'better than nothing' sort of way, some parts of Mexicana and Blue Barnacle look great refreshed but other parts so cheap and tacky. Why the heck they bought all those naff cheap pirates and cowboy props you see in game arcades and small tacky seafronts??
  18. It's great I think if more people are being diagnosed correctly, however, I feel that the current RAP queueing situation is worse for everyone. One fast moving queue would surely be better for those whom currently use RAP, as well as guests using the main queues.
  19. See that is the thing, back in the day it would of been a case of parents taking you in queue lines to learn skills such as patience, you want to go on that ride, well you are going to have to wait patiently for 30 mins. Nowadays diagnosis is much more common and perhaps that's just the way we are going as a society.
  20. Ah the nineties and early 00s, how I miss you more and more! Agreed. Maybe the most extreme of other cases could be part of it, but majority of RAP cases are not 'cannot queue cases'.
  21. Yes, the sound yesterday was noticably better! Walking up to Colossus was epic!
  22. All jokes aside this could well be a possibility. They have tested some of the painting on Tuk Tuk Turmoil. Taken only yesterday...
  23. I have to be honest, that looks like absolute hell on earth to visit and not fun for anyone. Genuinely, I think that one fast moving queue-line with RAP access for wheelchair users only would provide a better experience for everyone; both those who would have otherwise been using RAP, and guests in the main queue.
  24. Professor Burps Bubbleworks is also due to open in time for the summer months you will be glad to know. Then next year Hocus Pocus Hall will return along with Beanoland
  25. Vampire allocates 4 rows for RAP alone. A significant amount were being let on monkey swinger too. Don't know about others TBH.
  26. @Matt Creek I cannot believe that Forbidden Tomb has returned!! I am delighted in fact ecstatic.I told you all to believe me and that Abdab would resurrect. From now on can you ALL take my word. Roll on the 17th of May when hopefully someone will vlog from inside Forbidden Tomb and we’ll see Abdab again.
  27. Operationally though, wouldn't this create an issue in itself. I thought you were only allowed 1 RAP group per train due to evacuation procedure etc. Doesn't this mean they will all just get merged at the merger point of the queue and no longer seen by station staff as a RAP guest.
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