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  3. Disneyland Paris is closing from the end of tomorrow due to government advice, hoping to reopen during the Christmas period (when they’re at their busiest) but then closing again for January and February. Sad for the staff and cast members working there.
  4. Following the 28,000 job cuts across US Disney resorts, yesterday large amount of entertainment cast members have now been let go from Disney World. Just to name a few this includes Festival of fantasy Parade, the castle show, Hoop de doo revue, majority of the entertainment around EPCOT, Indianna Jones Stunt show, any main street entertainers, Beauty and the Beat stage Show, Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo at Animal Kingdom. Of course there's far more under the radar entertainment cut across the resorts such as the Grand Floridian band.
  5. Got one fright night ticket for Wednesday 28th October 2020 available, unfortunately can't make it due to last min plans anyone interested?
  6. Honestly I think people should know its not for kids right? Chessington is down the road.. No matter how you brand it, people still won't listen.. As a scare actor I have seen infants and even babies in a sling come through the mazes, its not the brands fault, but the people who are foolish. Most scare events do not have age restrictions. Even Alton Towers don't seem to properly enforce their 15+ restriction, I went through Sub Species when I was 13 for example. What could of they done? Ask for ID? The only ID you could have that age is a passport, and some people don't even h
  7. In my opinion Fright nights needs a rebrand. Seeing to many posts on that MAP group about how their kids were scared and how to put up a cross to not be interacted with. For me seeing families / kids running around is a complete atmosphere killer as how the hell can this be scary. I think theres only one way to do it, and I don't see it happening. Close the park at 4 and have an event going from 5 til 11, 13+ only and no ways of preventing a scare.
  8. We visited the island like no other on Monday 19th October, so here goes a little review. The park was quiet - almost too quiet as us oldies can't handle doing all the park's coasters in 30 minutes with no queue, where as at Towers - you have the walk to the next coaster to give you some respite Ride count: Swarm x2 Stealth x5 Inferno x2 Colossus x1 Rapids x2 Depth Charge x2 Rush x1 Think that was everything - we didn't do Saw as we were shattered haha. Have to say - Stealth is still as good as ever, and there's no
  9. I mean it's not like MAP holders can possibly EVER revisit on another day is it?
  10. New documentary incoming: https://www.facebook.com/180942845798477/posts/773516373207785/?d=n
  11. It would be disappointing if they bounce you back though.
  12. As they don't even bother to check if you're pre-booked to visit, do we know if they are even bothering to cap the numbers. They say they are but they also say you need to pre-book to visit.
  13. Not that I recommend doing so, but I have been to 3 Fright Nights so far this season and haven't been checked for a pre book once. These were quieter days so they may now be more hot on it now its half term.
  14. If he doesn’t get in on a full day ticket, all pass holders can get in from 2 o’clock onwards. He will just have to pre book.
  15. Admittedly checking of tickets at Thorpe has been rare, despite Towers actively checking. However with it being what they expect to be the busiest part of Fright Nights they may well check tickets. Its a 50/50 gamble really TBH.
  16. My son (17 Y.O) is going to Thorpe Park next week with a couple of friends who have pre booked (All Merlin annual premium pass holders ) and another now wants to go but can't book online with his premium annual pass as there is no availability. He is thinking of winging it on the day and going with them - do you reckon they will let him in? Otherwise he will be stuck for hours waiting for his friends. I reckon they may just let him in. We went as a family recently and only had to scan our cards not show any tickets.
  17. Went through Creepy Caves: Resurgence as my first indoor maze the other day. Wow! Will post a full review in a spoiler tag, but I thought it was excellent, very intense, very loud, and the ending is something I have never seen or heard of before in a maze.
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  19. Went to fun nights. It was fun not scary. My first interaction with the crows was them filming a ticktok over at Amity high, fun, not scary, might take the kid next time.
  20. Considering they opened it for the last few days of last season I wouldn’t rule it out Until next year, but I must admit it isn’t looking hopeful. It had queues of up to 50/60 mins this summer which is absolutely crazy! Even though the cycle was a lot tamer this season, I really hope quantum is back up and running ASAP
  21. Seems like Quantum has closed again and has been taken off the app. Is it likely that it will be closed for the rest of the season now? I’m glad that it’s had a better season reliability wise anyway, hopefully this problem isn’t too major.
  22. I went to Towers the first Friday and Sunday of scarefest. It was really noticeable how much more security there was on the Sunday compared to the Sunday, and even groups of police doing patrols around the park. They were prepared. From previous Sundays I've done at Thorpe where there has been trouble I've never noticed an increase in presence of security etc.. Unsure what it was like this year though. Unsure if alcohol free days will make a real difference at Thorpe, as they seem to be young groups. Not sure if they're even old enough to get alcohol. It does seem to wo
  23. Plenty of travellers at Towers last Friday and no real problems. Thorpe would be wise to do non alcohol days since it appears to work elsewhere.
  24. Reopened last week Matt. Odd I know.
  25. Can see Fish and Chips closing come next season, or at least be sparsely operated which is already happening (was closed yesterday). Remarking parks seem to be restructuring F&B once again some beans re-emerging and others disappearing altogether. Chessington’s Fish & Chips still remains closed and Towers have not had them for years so it’s possible.
  26. That's hilarious! Not the image I had seen so my mistake there. I don't really know what else to say there!
  27. It's half and half. Personally I don't like the new look.
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