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  1. You still haven't given the answers and results for the past two quizzes. Without sounding rude, can we have them, maybe it might get more interest in again.Anyway....

    1) He is the 'owner' of the Merlin parks; they are are leased to him (par Chessington).2) Steel Hawg is in America.3) Steel Hawg is an S&S El Loco roller coaster. It has a 111 degree drop (second steepest in the world), thus making it steeper than SAW (but as it has a breaking fin on the drop; it isn't a free fall drop).4) In 2001, the park advertised Vortex as open during their start-of-season campaign. However, only the four supports has been laid.5) The park was known as Blue Sky Park.

    Sorry Josh , I thought James would do it as he took the quiz over while I was away, I will update the answers for the last 3 quizzes at the weeked with this weeks reaults
  2. this quiz has turned into a disaster - I will do it for one more week - if I do not get sugnificant entries the quiz will have to stop! questions 1) Who is nick Leslau2)Where (country) is still Hawg3) what relevance does this ride have to a certain ride4)What ride did Watchdog uncover for false advertising5) In episode 9 of Primeva what name was the park givenGET YOUR ENTRIES IN !

  3. Quiz starting 18th november and answers posted this sunday1)when was space station zero opened2)what log flume took loggers leaps record in 19933) What was the big wheel called 4) when was it removed5)TOUGHY name 8 food outlets around the park

  4. James6 - 7/10TPDan - 10/10 ( hope you are not looking answers up!)Paul - 5/5 (you can still catch up!)Magrathea - 5/10Josh C - 9/10ANYONE WHO FORGET TO ENTER, IT DOESN'T MATTER. JUST COMPETE IN THE NEXT QUIZ AND YOU CAN CATCH UP EASILY!

  5. Questions for round starting 15/11/09 - entries close next Sunday 3 o clock1) who manufactures vortex2) Name two thinds which feature on the carousel which are related to a ride (e.g old teacup)3)Saw holds the title of the steepest _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ drop (fill in the blanks)4)What was the name of the FN maze which opened in 2002 and closed in 2004, and what was it replaced by in 2005 5)What to rides opened in 1995Good Luck

  6. well it is now almost 4 o clock so I will post the answers!Josh C - I will not post where I found the answers as there might be other questions I would like to use from that sight. and I wouldn't lie as it has no benefit to me!

  7. seen as my internet connection was down for a week and Paul didn't do anything I will make a new quiz nowanswers and scores will be posted on SundayTHE COMPETITION PROPER STARTS THIS WEEK and remember to use spoilers!1)What was rumba rapids two former names?2)when was it built (year)3)on what date was stealth opened ( date, month, year)4)who maufactures Samurai5)what is the maximum speed of x:nwo ( I will give a 2mph each way of answer) please post the answers by Sunday

  8. great idea, I mean this weeks quiz was quite easy anyway and was only a trial but I will give out points.JUST, this week ,ONLY. post on here with spoilers but next week could everyone send the answers to paul as my connection is down.Hopefully on sunday Paul will take responsibilty update the table and put new questions up

  9. right ive decided to give it a trial runHere are this weeks 5 questions open to anyonedeadline for answers is Sunday. but as I am moving home I would ask paul to see who has the most correct answers. this weeks questions are:Please no one look up the answers , please be honest and use your own knowledge1)http://i828.photobucket.com/albums/zz203/IloveDiversity/DunolaronParkLondonZooThorpePark088.jpg - When taking this picture what ride is behind me?2) Who are the makers of Nemesis Inferno 3)Vortex is a .. seater(looking for a number)4)Name the two S&S rides at Thorpe5) (Hard) Where in the park can you find something related to wicked witches ( not at FN)

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