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  1. http://www.dujo.co.uk/uploads/opening.jpgPhill, where did you get this from? I am still waiting for an answer if you haven't notice that I have asked you the question from a pervious post on this topic.
  2. Thorpe have a job to do. There going to have to repaint the Rumba Rapids logo onto the boats as the Ribeana are attatch to the logo. I'll also imagine the paints getting repainted again.
  3. Yes. I take alot of notice to people's post. Anyway was this uncorrect information because I wonder why you said. " Oh. Dear. God ...".
  4. It should be raining in the morning anyway. That might make you happy . I really hope they still play WWTP Radio around the Tidal Wave area.Can't believe Nemesis Inferno is closed (I think). Thats my favorite.
  5. Yes, so do I. But it seems nessary to share it with the rest of the group (TPM).
  6. Oh...I was looking forward to Rush. Why can't Thorpe be ready when there surposed to . Will it be closed until the offical season (March 17th) then?
  7. Yes I know, if it wasn't than it would be rather annoying. Now you just deleted alot of post before the 'joke'. Someone mentioned that that was a Photoshop edited map, it isn't the offical. So yes, predict more...Will anyone know if Rush will be open?
  8. It has just been confirmed that some rides will be opening along with the Zoo for the half term.They are;Truckers, Skyway and Carousel (the only rides opening).
  9. Gold and purple I'd say.Anyway I need to know what discounts you get if you own an Annual Pass?
  10. I'm not even sure it will even be closed for Saturday. I got the information from South Parks.
  11. (Sorry for double posting).It has been confirmed (I think) that Nemesis Inferno will definalty will not be open on Saturday.Also Flying Fish and all the water rides (expect Depth Charge) will be unavaible until March 17th (offical season).
  12. Well I have been planning to create a topic about Closed Rides for Thorpe Park within a couple of days before the season begins (Saturday 10th Febuary 2007). Here you can discuss about;-Ride avaibility.-Ride reliaibity.-Your prediction of ride avaibility and reliaibity.-Which rides have been been mentioned on the Thorpe Park Offical Website (TPOF) will be unavaible for a certain amount of day(s).-Your feelings about what rides were closed on the day you went (or the day your planning to go).-Other relating discussion and comments.Please note that I will be recording everyday of the season, which rides have been mentioned on the website that will be unavaible from when I get back from Saturday speically for Thorpe Park Mania users to check what rides are/could be unavaible for the day you visit.(The records will be kept in this thread, and posted on this post around Saturday night (once the season has began).You may now post...
  13. I hate School aswell, it takes up my life.
  14. Agreed! Thats why Alton Towers maintain a purple logo. .
  15. Ash


    Never mind. Am sure they will eventually paint it. It really doesn't fit in with Lost City, thats all.
  16. If there wasn't no school. Am sure Tussands wouldn't extist, or even the home you are living in right now.
  17. Ash


    I really want Zodiac to be painted the way it was. Does anyone know or think that Thorpe will?
  18. Didn't even hear of 'Fun Passes'. Until now of course.
  19. For some reason. The yellow one makes me want to eat it (mustard). Even though I don't like yellow that much. Anyway. I sworn I have seen a red one. I don't know if it was a Chessington Annual Pass, or what ???
  20. This is the first time I'll get my Annual Pass. So whats the Yellow one about, and what other colours are there (and what do they mean). Or is it all different kind of colours randomly given.(I also could of sworn I have seen a Red one before).
  21. Well how many times are you planning to visit this season. If you work the cost for all your visits. You might seem an Annual Pass profitable for you benefit needs. Also this includes other attractions aswell (CWoA et). Even if you pay full price to visit Thorpe Park more than 3 times, you'll see. . Am sure there will be plenty of discounts once the season is rock and rolling. (Around March I'd say). Just keep your eyes out for the newspapers that are giving them out.
  22. Will you be owning a Annual Pass for this season? Will your magic never end?Well for me. I'll have one before the season starts. Well actually, I am getting mine on Saturday . (And this will be my first one).What about you?(Also you may discuss everything about Annual Passes here).(Request, can you move the "I already have one" at the top of the poll instead of the bottem, you'll see why).
  23. Thats very small compare to others. But I agree, I didn't know it was going be that big. Maybe because of the height of the buildng was taller then expected (I thought more wider than taller). Looks good though. Does anyone know the opening dates (et) of the hotel.(PS: Thanks for the pictures)
  24. Art, simply because I love it.
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