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    Nemesis Inferno
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    Thorpe Park

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    I have alot of interesting interests, and Theme Parks is one of them.

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  1. AHW


    How about an Fastrack Annual Pass?
  2. Yeah because they meant to be reducing the amount of paper wastage, and litter.15p sounds reasonable ...
  3. AHW

    Sugar in Tea

    I am quite naugthy. I just pour the sugar in from the jar for about 5 seconds then stop and stir then taste, if more needed, more will be added lol. My tea's taste like hot fizzy drinks (the sugar), care to taste ?
  4. I remember when I queued up 3 hours to get on Dragon's Fury. The queue was running along down towards Tomb Blaster. This is because it was a end of year school trip, where the park was packed out with schools, and Vampire was closed until 3pm, wherea I had to go by then.Ash
  5. It was operating finely all last week with 2 trains wasn't it? But Stealth seems to run better operating with 1 train, rather than 2, which is good. But the queue time is just too slow for my liking.Ash
  6. Not quite. Only 1 train in operation again as I believe, 1 train outside the workshop and 1 train inside the workshop in pieces. Hopefully Stealth will be able to operate 2 trains without any inconvience in the furture.Ash
  7. AHW

    Your Thorpe Park

    I'd also add another tower for Detonator, and add Fastrack to it *hint*.
  8. AHW


    Nothing question, I am going to be buying it for me, no one else. Will they still sell it to me (1 person, 1 row of Nemesis Inferno = 4 seats for 1 person???) or will they add groups of twos to the row?
  9. AHW


    Comes to think of it, that its worth about ?30. And do you get a wristband, or a pass? (Which colour is the wristband... )
  10. AHW


    Thought so, seeing as the capacity is only 12 (as I may of said). Just imagine 5 Fastrack holders for 3 goes in a row, that will just reach Stealth's capacity (21). But Detonator is one of those reride rides.
  11. AHW


    And has Detonator ever had, going to have Fastrack?
  12. AHW


    Welcome to the Fastrack topic. Discuss anything relating to Fastrack here...To start of, Will Rush, Slammer and Samurai be having Fastrack this season? And will Unlimited Fastrack be on sale?
  13. Lucky for me, I don't have school tomorrow, neither I'll be going to Thorpe though. Without Rush or Detonator, it still seems as if I was back at Thorpe during February Half Term
  14. AHW


    It was a pure guess
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