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  1. Think... A Woodie at Thorpe neeeever going to happen do you know how much one of those is let alone the Maintenance. Woodies require special attention daily checks of screws and bolts etc and lot of care and attention.. Merlin will not waste valuable money or time on a outdated coaster... again issues with sound and height restrictions apply.. Classic Example is Alton Towers Mr JW was hinting a woodie for ages but won't ever happen I'm afraid... Like I said Loggars will be replaced with what I do not know at the moment
  2. So long long time since I have been around but decided to pop myself back into the game.. Some of you may remember me from the Guidesforum days which got renamed SouthParks... wow must be 8 years ago since then.. but anyway my reason for being back is recently back in the Merlin company was working with back in the Tussuads days at Thorpe Park 2007.. On topic now I've been hearing a lot of chit chat regarding Loggars Leap scrapped for good reasons stateing Maintenance costs too high and general health and safety concerns for unstable grounds.. The railway I believe will be dug up and completely dismantled its obsolete now to be honest and the Rocky Express to be relocated to Chessington or sold.. No exact news on the re theme project but with closures of Loggars leaves Canada Creek aka Old Town now is tired and run down.. I believe rumours have been suggested that Minisitry of Sound has been noted as a sponsor for a new area like Angry Birds did or even Lionsgate expanding on the Saw Island Loggars though I know will not return it's pretty much confirmed But anyway discuss ahead I look forward to seeing your replies
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