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  1. It's most likley going ot be a B'n'M. Personally I would like a Vekoma, but I think B'n'M would be better for a prototype (or even a very recent design of rollercoaster) because they do generally make good rides wich are smooth, reliable, safe, and have a very low down-time.

    Except Air! But it will be a B&M prototype (hopefully) http://www.bolliger-mabillard.com/products/floorless_en.aspx This is what we dont have in the UK!!!! It would just have to be very high and lots of airtime and inversions and also well themed!!
  2. What ideas do you have for Alton Towers' next 2 Secrect Wepons?I think for SW7 should be in 2012 and it should be a cross valley coaster.SW8 should be something added to the dark forest like a huge new flat ride. A drop tower maybe..

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