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  1. why did you say same?

  2. The Bling is an amazing ride but I do agree ^ they should get a top scan as it gives lots of thrills and its great for spectators too! Top Scans are amazing rides!!
  3. Is happy to be a part of these forums!

  4. Except Air! But it will be a B&M prototype (hopefully) http://www.bolliger-mabillard.com/products/floorless_en.aspx This is what we dont have in the UK!!!! It would just have to be very high and lots of airtime and inversions and also well themed!!
  5. Leam

    The Smiler

    What ideas do you have for Alton Towers' next 2 Secrect Wepons?I think for SW7 should be in 2012 and it should be a cross valley coaster.SW8 should be something added to the dark forest like a huge new flat ride. A drop tower maybe..
  6. I really hope LC12 will not be something that the towers has done before because people will choose Thorpe over Alton. LC12 should be a new prototype from either Inatmin or Vekoma something that the UK needs and something that will really blow peoples mind!
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